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Waltham Forest Police Release Picture Of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Who Called Women “Terrorists”

  The Waltham Forest Guardian reports on the release of a photo of a ‘neo-Nazi’ wanted in connection with an incident of racially aggravated harassment after he called two Asian women “terrorists” outside Leytonstone tube station last month. The two women were leaving the station on the evening of 20 August when a man is… Read More ›

Huge Rise In The Proportion Of Young Black And Minority Ethnic (BME) Prisoners

  A Guardian analysis of government figures released in April this year has revealed an alarming increase in the proportion of young offenders from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds. The figures, issued by the Youth Justice Board (YJB), show that from 2014-15, 40% of prisoners aged under 18 were from BME backgrounds. The BME population as… Read More ›

Bradford School Refers Member Of Staff’s “Tasteless And Offensive” Facebook Post To Police

  Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus reports on an investigation launched by South Yorkshire police after staff a member at Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College allegedly shared a “tasteless and offensive” post from the far right group, Britain First, on her Facebook page. The post, which shows an image of women in niqab and states “share… Read More ›

Shocking Video: Hindu Extremists Repeatedly Beat Muslim Man

By Janta Ka Reporter Shocking videos of brutalities against a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar have emerged on social media platforms. Videos posted by a website beyondheadlines.in show a Muslim man, called Riyaz, mercilessly being thrashed allegedly by the members of Bajrang Dal. Riyaz, who’s seen bleeding profusely is being paraded by the group of… Read More ›

America: Muslim Woman Files Lawsuit For Being Forced To Remove Hijab After Arrest

DTT: The Police need train their officers that they are not allowed to ask the removal of a Muslim’s woman’s Hijab. Such orders should be only dealt with women officers. By Samer Hijazi / Arab American News DEARBORN —On Thursday, May 28, the Arab-American Civil Rights League held a press conference regarding a federal complaint… Read More ›

Canada: Shocking Case Of Racist Vandalism In Hamilton

DTT: The daily hate spewed about Muslims, manifests itself at the end in violence against innocent Muslims. Mr. Sulaim does not have any problem with anyone. Yet, his care was vandalised smashed to pieces. It is claimed that his car was targeted because of him being Muslim. By CHCH.com It is shocking case of racist… Read More ›

Video: Israeli Police Invade Party And Demand All Non-Whites Produce Their Visas

Africans minding their own business at a party, all of a sudden Israeli Police officers descended on the premises and demanded all non-whites produce their Visas. Yes, you heard it right, “non-whites” only! All the white people that were there weren’t asked to show their Visas. This is the society of Israel, racism is rife…. Read More ›

Heroic Man Punched In The Face For Standing Up For Muslim Women Who Were Abused On Train

DTT: It’s really sad to see this in this day and age! Not every single Muslim you sit or stand or walk past is an extremist. When is this going to stop!? Disgraceful behaviour from this racist/bigoted men for abusing women for being Muslim. Respect to the man for defending those women from the bullies. Tammy Mills… Read More ›

Rape Against Rohingys Muslim Women In Burma

By Gchit Salam / IslamYc “The authority is using the tactic of rape as a weapon against Rohingyas Muslims in the State of Arakan (Burma/Myanmar). This has been going on from 2012 until the people were driven out from their land,” said an aid worker of Maungdaw whose name was not mentioned. Some cases of… Read More ›

4 Suspected Terrorists Arrested Planning To Bomb Muslims And Refugees

DTT: Right-wing terrorists strike again! This time round, thank God nobody got killed. 4 people have been arrested  planning attacks on Mosques and asylum seekers accommodation in Germany. Prosecutor’s stated that the four suspects obtained explosives to carry out terrorist attacks in small groups targeting  mosques, accommodation for asylum seekers, and Salafis. According to prosecutors,… Read More ›