Waltham Forest Police Release Picture Of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Who Called Women “Terrorists”

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neo nazi

The Waltham Forest Guardian reports on the release of a photo of a ‘neo-Nazi’ wanted in connection with an incident of racially aggravated harassment after he called two Asian women “terrorists” outside Leytonstone tube station last month.

The two women were leaving the station on the evening of 20 August when a man is said to have approached them making a Nazi, ‘Heil Hitler’ salute and allegedly said “’Hitler did the right thing, he got rid of you lot, you invaded our country, he burnt two million of your lot, go back to your country, you are all terrorists’”.”

One of the women took a photo of the man on her smartphone and handed it to the police. Waltham Forest Police have released the smartphone image in a bid to identify the man.

The local paper notes the increase in racist and religious hate crime in the London Borough citing figures released by the Metropolitan Police Service recently which shows “an increase overall in racist and religious hate crimes, with 407 incidents from July 2014 to July 2015, compared to 365 in the previous 12 months.”

“Hate crime against Muslims has almost quadrupled during that same period with 37 Islamaphobic incidents as opposed to 10 from July 2013 to July 2014”, according to figures collated by the Met.

Source: MEND

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