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Assault On Niqab Wearing Women Shows The Male Violence Many Suffer

We received a report today about an assault on a Niqab wearing female which took place yesterday at around 7 pm on the 2nd of December 2015. The witness to the assault was on the 333 bus from Tooting and she was travelling towards Elephant and Castle when a white male aged between 50-60 years… Read More ›

Muslim Girl Punched In face In Birmingham For ‘Wearing A Hijab’

DTT: Disgusting and cowardly act! Typical behaviour from Neo-Nazi scum who only attack those who are most vulnerable in society. Never seen these cowards do these to men their size. They always go for the weakest to feel good about themselves. A man punched a young 18-year-old woman for being a Muslim. A young Muslim… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Abused In Tesco Store For Wearing Face Veil Urges Victims To Report Hate Crime

  The Lancashire Telegraph reports on the sentencing of two men for racially aggravated public order offences after one of them subjected a Muslim woman who wears a face veil to verbal abuse in the aisles of a Tesco supermarket in Burnley. The local paper carries an interview with the Muslim victim, Rahela Chowdhury, 32,… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Allegedly Abused In Hospital Maternity Ward

A Facebook post published on Tuesday describes how a Muslim woman in a niqab was allegedly abused by a man while she was working in the maternity ward at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. The post by Zahid Akhtar described how his wife was verbally abused while she was busy working at the hospital. Akhtar claimed that… Read More ›

Glasgow Based Hate Incident Shows Aggression Levels That Are Concerning

Two Glasgow based young female Muslims contacted Tell MAMA today. The young women are aged 16 and 21 years old and with the younger female wearing a Hijab and the older one, a Hijab and a Niqab. On Saturday the 17th of October at 11 pm, the girls were waiting to enjoy some desserts in… Read More ›

The Niqab Is Dominating Canada’s Election

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was floundering in the polls until he turned the niqab into a hot-button issue. Some say he’s distracting voters from his poor management of the economy, his war on the environment and his anti-refugee policy. Correction: Zunera Ishaq won her case in the Federal Court of Appeal, but the Canadian… Read More ›

VIDEO: Pregnant Muslim Woman Verbally Abused On London Bus

A shocking video has emerged of a pregnant Muslim woman being verbally abused on a London bus. The woman – as well as several other Muslim women on the bus – are called “ISIS bitches.” The pregnant woman is also called a “dirty whore” and told to go back to where she came from. The… Read More ›

Man Attacked Muslim Woman And Stabbed Boy In The Face Outside Melbourne State Library

A young Australian Muslim woman was allegedly assaulted by a man outside of Melbourne State Library today. She was allegedly punched twice, tripped over and the man attempted to pull her hijab off her head. A 16 year old Muslim boy, witnessed the incident, intervened and pulled the young girl away from the attacker only… Read More ›

QUIZ: Same Fears, Same Smears: Islamophobia And Other Prejudices

Prejudice against American Jews, Catholics, and now Muslims has looked surprising similar through the decades. Take our “Same Fears, Same Smears” Quiz on Buzzfeed (linked below) to see how rhetoric about religious minorities has compared throughout American history. QUIZ: Same Fears, Same Smears: Islamophobia and Other PrejudicesTo learn more about the similarities between Islamophobia and other forms of prejudice, check out… Read More ›

Waltham Forest Police Release Picture Of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Who Called Women “Terrorists”

  The Waltham Forest Guardian reports on the release of a photo of a ‘neo-Nazi’ wanted in connection with an incident of racially aggravated harassment after he called two Asian women “terrorists” outside Leytonstone tube station last month. The two women were leaving the station on the evening of 20 August when a man is… Read More ›