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Saudi Female Student Attacked On Dublin Bus

  The Journal reports on a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia who was allegedly assaulted on a bus in a racially motivated attack in Dublin, Ireland. Mashael Khayyat, 31, a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, said she now felt unsafe leaving her home after being hit by a man travelling on the number 70… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Verbally Abused In Norwich City Centre

  The Eastern Daily Press reports on an alleged anti-Muslim hate crime against a female victim in Norwich city centre. A Muslim woman dressed in a hijab and niqab was walking in Orford Place last Friday afternoon, when a man on a mountain bike allegedly shouted offensive comments about her clothing before making off down… Read More ›

Alleged ‪RSS‬ Member In ‪Burka‬ Caught Redhanded Throwing ‪Beef‬ Into Hindu Temple

Caught redhanded while throwing ‪#‎Beef‬ into a Hindu Mandir (temple) in Azamgarh, the ‪#Muslim‬ lady tried to escape gathering her long burka round her ankles as she ran. The thought of upsetting peaceful Hindu’s, causing maximum offence and injuring their sentiments with her highly treacherous actions brought a wry smile across her obscured face as… Read More ›

Hijabi Hero Rescues School-girl From Oncoming Train – Video

Police are Looking for a women in head-scarf (hijab) who rescued a little girl of a train track. A School-girl narrowly escaped death after a Muslim woman pulled her of the tracks of an oncoming train. The incident took place as the school-girl dropped what it appears from the video to be a hula hoop… Read More ›

British Muslim Women Say They Were Racially Abused By National Express Driver

  BuzzFeed News reports on a Facebook post describing an alleged incident of racial abuse suffered by a group of young British Muslim women which has gone viral. Yusra Ahmed, a student at the University of Leeds, described how she and a group of friends were left “humiliated and victimised”‘ after a National Express coach… Read More ›

Chinese TV Show “Divas Hit the Road” Censor Actress Wearing A Headscarf (Hijab)

Chinese reality TV show “Divas Hit the Road” went to bizarre lengths to censor an actress who was wearing a headscarf (Hijab). The Chinese government has banned women in the Uighur region from wearing veils in public though Muslims account for almost half of the population. Source: AJ+

Northern Ireland: Muslim Woman Racially Abused And Assaulted By Motorist

A Muslim woman was minding her own business walking on a road when a female started horning her car and hurling racist abuse at her, at the same time she started getting out of the car. Once the attacker came out, she started hitting the Muslim woman and hurled many racists remarks against the victim… Read More ›

Boy, 16, In Court Charged With Murder Of Muslim Woman Who was Stabbed More Than 15 Times

  The Daily Mail reports on a 16-year-old boy who has appeared before Chelmsford Crown Court charged with two murders; that of a Muslim PhD student, Nahid Almanea and a father-of-five, James Attfield, in Colchester last year. Ms Almanea, who wore a hijab, was brutally stabbed to death 16 times with a knife on the morning of June 17 and… Read More ›

America: Muslim Woman Files Lawsuit For Being Forced To Remove Hijab After Arrest

DTT: The Police need train their officers that they are not allowed to ask the removal of a Muslim’s woman’s Hijab. Such orders should be only dealt with women officers. By Samer Hijazi / Arab American News DEARBORN —On Thursday, May 28, the Arab-American Civil Rights League held a press conference regarding a federal complaint… Read More ›

France: Muslim French-Women Discriminated Against Daily

DTT: A day does not go by without hearing horrible stories from France, where Muslim men, women and children are discriminated against and even attacked physically all because of being Muslim. The daily hate spewed by right-wing media outlets, gets innocent Muslims targeted, verbally, and physically. Even though many of the Muslims are born and… Read More ›