Northern Ireland: Muslim Woman Racially Abused And Assaulted By Motorist

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A Muslim woman was minding her own business walking on a road when a female started horning her car and hurling racist abuse at her, at the same time she started getting out of the car.

Once the attacker came out, she started hitting the Muslim woman and hurled many racists remarks against the victim for no reason.

It’s so sad that Muslim women cannot walk down the road in broad daylight without being assaulted.

Belfast Live reports:

A young Muslim woman was racially abused and assaulted as she was walking along a Portadown road, police have said.

The victim was alone when the incident happened on Saturday afternoon.

The perpetrator was said to be travelling in a white car.

Police said a woman got out of the vehicle before launching an attack on the victim whose family have lived in the area for the past two decades.

A PSNI officer said: “Earlier this afternoon, around 4.30pm, a young Muslim woman was walking alone along the Gilford Road in Portadown, just going about her own business.

“A passing white car began to beep the horn at her and the female passenger started shouting racial abuse at her.

“The car then stopped and the female passenger got out and assaulted her, using racist language throughout.

“The victim was understandably distressed by this but thankfully reported the matter to police.

Read the entire article here…

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