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EU Hijab Ban Clear Religious Discrimination

DTT: Forcing Muslim women to remove their Hijab (headscarf) is no less oppressive than forcing women to wear the Hijab. Why are these ignorant people so afraid to give women the right to self-determination? Sadly, this hijab ban is going to cause all sorts of problems for Muslim women who work in Europe. Employers now… Read More ›

EU Hijab Ban In Work | Oppression Against Muslim Women

Employers are allowed/permitted to ban staff from wearing visible religious symbols, the European Union’s top court ruled on Tuesday morning. This is the first decision on the issue of women wearing Hijabs at work. In words, a Hijabi woman can be very simply banned/sacked from work in Europe if the company decides to do so. The… Read More ›

Tafsir On Surah 24:31-32

Background Madinan verse (Mawdudi, Dr. Muhammad Asad and Ibn Kathir) Analysing Verses “And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment… Read More ›

Hijabi Victim Forgives Attacker In Court – “My Religion Teaches Me To Forgive”

“A believer knows that to let go, to forgive is for their own benefit. It is not easy. It takes courage, it takes strength and it requires the conviction in one’s knowledge that God loves and elevates those of us who are able to forgive those who have wronged us.” In October of 2015, Jodie Burchard-Risch… Read More ›

Christmas Bully Smashed Bottle Over Muslim Woman’s Back

Here is the video footage of the 33-year-old Australian Muslim, mum of four who had a beer bottle smashed over her back in an unprovoked attack outside of a Perth Coles, in Australia, on Friday night. Islamophobia Register Australia facilitated this case so it can be appropriately reported in the media. It is really important… Read More ›

The Hate Lindsay Lohan Received For Reading The Quran (Video)

Lindsay Lohan discussing the backlash she received over studying the Quran and being culturally appreciative of the Turkish headscarf (Hijab). The hate she received made her afraid, left America and went back to London. Lindsay Lohan discussing the backlash she received over studying the Quran + being culturally appreciative of the Turkish headscarf pic.twitter.com/qbZyc8iLQT —… Read More ›

Assault On Niqab Wearing Women Shows The Male Violence Many Suffer

We received a report today about an assault on a Niqab wearing female which took place yesterday at around 7 pm on the 2nd of December 2015. The witness to the assault was on the 333 bus from Tooting and she was travelling towards Elephant and Castle when a white male aged between 50-60 years… Read More ›

Assault On Muslim Female In Manchester Shows Paris Impact

We have received a case in the Greater Manchester area where a couple were targeted for anti-Muslim abuse that specifically referred to terrorism, which can be linked to the recent Paris murders. A couple who had completed their shopping were accosted in a car park by a white female who launched into an anti-Muslim tirade… Read More ›

Muslim Girl Punched In face In Birmingham For ‘Wearing A Hijab’

DTT: Disgusting and cowardly act! Typical behaviour from Neo-Nazi scum who only attack those who are most vulnerable in society. Never seen these cowards do these to men their size. They always go for the weakest to feel good about themselves. A man punched a young 18-year-old woman for being a Muslim. A young Muslim… Read More ›

Racist Women Urinated In Front Of Praying Muslim Family

If a guy were to do what they had done, urinating front of kids he would have automatically been added to the sex offenders register list. And he would have been sent to jail. I find it saddening that these two Anti-Muslim bigots who traumatized a family would get off from being sent to jail…. Read More ›