Hijabi Victim Forgives Attacker In Court – “My Religion Teaches Me To Forgive”

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“A believer knows that to let go, to forgive is for their own benefit. It is not easy. It takes courage, it takes strength and it requires the conviction in one’s knowledge that God loves and elevates those of us who are able to forgive those who have wronged us.”

In October of 2015, Jodie Burchard-Risch smashed a beer mug in Asma Jama’s face at an Applebee’s, telling her to “speak English.”

Jodie Burchard-Risch approached Jama in an Applebee’s in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, where Asma Jama was dining with friends and conversing in Swahili, and told her to speak English or go back to her country. When Asma Jama told Jodie Burchard-Risch that she is a US citizen and speaks English fluently, Burchard-Risch smashed her beer mug in Jama’s face and ran away. Asma Jama required 17 stitches in her lip.”

On Tuesday, Asma Jama addressed her attacker in court forgiving her.

Watch the video:

Source: WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota


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Victim Asma Jama in court (Screen-grab, credit: WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota

Victim Asma Jama in court (Screen-grab, credit: WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota

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  1. The teaching Quranic commandments the book from Allah (SWT) has elevated mankind to highest level of humanity. Be peace full and not fight. It teaches to forgive the aggressors. We Muslims are proud of our Deen (System of our lives). We are far better people of the world in all respect. I salute to my this sister for forgiving every one. This sister has scored lot of blessing from Allah (SWT) She will be rewarded in this world and in the world after
    Those Muslims who are involved in criminal acts are hypocrites and most dangerous people of the world. Allah (SWT) has already prepared hellfire for them where they will dwell for ever. No forgiveness.


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