The links below contains information from newspapers on grooming gangs & rapists mainly in the UK.

[Guilty and NOT Guilty cases i.e., cases still in court]:

Grooming Gangs [Groups]:

1. LINK – “Sex case trio jailed”. NAMES: Michael Smith-Cox, Susan Smith-Cox, and Kenneth Mortimer. 27th January 2005

2. LINK – “Paedos filmed rapes of children“. NAMES: Allan Tunney, and John Hatch, John Brady, and Paul Harrison. 10th August 2005

3. LINK – “Six jailed for sex acts with girl”. Brief info,

“The six had treated the girl like a sex object without any thought for her, the judge at Mold Crown Court said.
The court heard the police investigation into the abuse is still going on, and the girl has told officers that she has sex with about 50 men in all, organised by Lawlor, who advertised in the magazine Loot.” NAMES: Frederick Lawlor, Richard White, Eric Craven, Ronald Farrington, James McCoy, Ronald Roche, and David Forshaw. 28th February 2006

4. LINK – “Train ad paedophile gang jailed”. NAMES: Trevor Haddock, John Farmer, Derek Moody, and Ian Jones. 23rd May 2006

5. LINK – “Paedophile ring jailed” – “Scotlands worst paedophile ring“. NAMES: Caroline Dunsmore, John O’Flaherty, Morris Petch, Billy King, Thomas Fowley, Peter King, Mary King, Williams Dunsmore, George Jaimison, and Robert Heath (10 perpetrators). June 2007

6. LINK – “Three jailed for abusing children”. NAMES:Steven Horton, Archibald Wood and Monica McCanch. 13th September 2007

7. LINK – “Paedophile gang jailed over abuse”. NAMES: Peter Melling, Paul Bures, Derek Marshall and Graeme Marshall. 23rd May 2008

8. LINK – “Blackburn men jailed for sex offences with girls, 14″. NAMES: Ian Richard Hindle, and Andrew Paul Wells. 21st November 2008

9. 22. LINK – A TRIO of vile paedophiles — including a nursery worker — who met on Facebook today admitted a horrifying catalogue of child abuse. Twisted Vanessa George, 39, and her sick pals Angela Allen, 39, and Colin Blanchard, 39, never actually met in person — but sent texts and emails gloating and goading each other on to perform more disgusting acts with youngsters. December 2009

10. LINK – “Girl, 13, abused after couple lured her in”. NAMES: Michael Kinnear, and Nicola Kinnear. 17th March 2010

11. LINK – “Men jailed for over 30 years of child sex abuse”. NAMES: Mark Stevens, Tim Stevens, Jeff Goodby, and Keith Yates. 20th April 2010

12. LINK – “Judge brands Bournemouth paedophiles ‘repulsive criminals’”. NAMES: Robert Marti, Kevin Carpenter, Luke James and David Coxhead. 29th May 2010

13. LINK – “Police smash Cornwall paedophile ring as six men jailed for abuse“. NAMES: James Machin, John Wrey, Derek Shepherd, Alan Wills, and Mark Cox and John Barrett. 26th November 2010

14. LINKFive found guilty in sex cult trial“. NAMES: Colin Batley, Elaine Batley, Shelly Millar, Jackie Marling,  Peter Murphy, Vincent Barden. 9th March 2011

15. LINK – Four men in court after police smash global paedophile ring. NAMES: Ian Frost, Paul Rowlands, Frost’s brother Paul, and Ian Sambridge. 6th May 2011

16. LINK – Portsmouth paedophile ring members sentenced – NAMES: Daniel Bell, Mark Day and John Maddox, Stephen Fraser, Melissa Noon, Simon Hilton, Lee Parson, Robert Hathaway. 13 January 2012

17. LINK – “Woman, 19, lured 16-year-old girl to house where she was plied with drink and drugs and gang-raped at knifepoint”. NAMES: Amber Roderick AKA ‘Bridget Ann Mcginley’ , Joseph Lawrence, and Patrick Maughan. 19th January 2012

18. LINK – “Paedophiles guilty of targeting young, vulnerable girls for sex by offering drugs, money and even cuddly toys”. NAMES: Anthony Lambert, Stefan Godfrey, John Shaw, and Mark Adaoui. 13th July 2012

19. LINK – “Manchester paedophile ring jailed”. NAMES: John Hall, Carlos Figueiredo, Mark North, and Geoffrey Greatbanks. January 2013

20. LINK – “Warrington couple jailed for role in ‘sick’ child sex ring“. NAMES: Joanne Gale, John Connolly, Nicholas Cordery, Simon Wyn-Davies, Fiona Parsons-Davies, Anthony Flack and Peter Malpas. 22nd February 2013

21. LINK – Sadists Christopher Zeb and Poppy Knight jailed after sex session with schoolgirl they groomed online, 8 April 2013

22. LINK – “Evil sex trio jailed”. NAMES: Adam Thompson, 42, Kim Carrie, 36 and Tara Bowen. 26th April 2013

23. LINK – “OAP from Craven Arms jailed for sexual abuse”. Brief info,

“Reuben Evans, 71, claimed to be the leader of a group he called Eternity and told the victim she was “a chosen one”, a court heard. A 42-year-old woman and a 49-year-old man were also jailed for their involvement in the sexual abuse.” NAMES: Reuben Evans, Milinia Eden, and Paul Evans. 12th February 2014

24. LINK – Vulnerable children ‘sold as prostitutes and plied with drugs and alcohol’ by 22-year-old woman who ‘pretended they were her sisters’. NAMES: Amanda Spencer, John MacLachlan, Lee Unwin. 26th February 2014

25. LINK – “Anglesey: Jail for three men over historic sex abuse of girl, 8″. (Victim was abused and groomed in 1980s) NAMES: Owen Hefin Williams, Robert Hughes, and William David Darbyshire. 13th May 2014

26. LINK – Enfield men Shane Wyllie and Linvan Jaisingh jailed for raping teenage girls, 29 May 2014

27. LINK – “Sydenham paedophile ring linked to church choir jailed for years of sex abuse”. NAMES: Philip Tuffill, Timothy Fuller, Robert Lawty, Ian Coulthart, Mark Jales. 1st September 2014

28. LINK – “THREE utterly depraved” paedophiles jailed“. NAMES: Kevin Barnett, Susan Barnett, and Nikita Moore. 19th December 2014

29. LINK – Convicted child rapist jailed for a second time after being found guilty of raping an 11-year-old girl. NAMES: William Sartain and William Lyon. March 2015

30. LINK – Vulnerable Brighton schoolgirl forced into prostitution after running away from home”. NAMES: Christopher Kayla-Joseph, and Stephen Daramola. 28th March 2015

31. LINK – Child sexual abuse survivor speaks out after her foster father & his two sons jailed for 51 years. NAMES: Reginald Dixon, Sean Dixon, 44, and Paul Dixon. 1 April 2015

32. LINK – The investigation into assaults on inmates at Medomsley Detention Centre is now the biggest child abuse inquiry in the UK. And the staggering 1,123 men who have reported being physically or sexually assaulted while at the County Durham institution make up half of all alleged victims in the country, it has been revealed. 7 April 2015

33. LINK – Girl, 13, ‘subjected to horrific rape over several days’ by two men and one woman. NAMES: Marcus Hannon, and Dylan Quantrill, [woman’s name is not named for legal reasons]. 10th April 2015

34. LINK – Two men charged over Southend child prostitution. NAMES: Stephen Castle and Steven Davis. 14 April 2015

35. LINK – Boys abused by ‘predatory‘ paedophile ring at sex parties jury is told. NAMES: George Phoenix, Keith Stokes, Roy Norry, Roger Griffiths, David Lightfoot, and Edward Huxley. 21 April 2015

36. LINK – ‘Vile and depraved’ UK gang raped and abused babies.  Names: John Denham, Matthew Stansfield, Robin Hollyson, Christopher Knight, David Harsley, Matthew Lisk, Adam Toms – 22 April 2015

37. LINK – Child sex abuse: Ten charged in North Staffordshire inquiry. Names: Luke Smith, Simon Doherty, Callum Maughn, John Doherty, John Price, Martin McGinley, Charles Anthony Quinn and Patrick Quinn, 8th May 2015

38. LINK – 1,400 suspects in politician and celebrity child sex abuse inquiry, 20th May 2015

39. LINK – A PAEDOPHILE ring who worked at a Sevenoaks district children’s home in the 1960s have been found guilty of dozens of sex attacks. Colwyn Baker, David Hennessy and Nigel Putman worked as residential child care officers Child at Swaylands School in Penshurst between the late 1960s and 1993. 21 May 2015

40. LINK – Depraved bank workers sexually abused baby – after one said it would be “cute” to see assault. NAMES: David Harper, and Jennifer Maguire. 25th June 2015

41. LINK – “Five men found guilty of being members of predatory paedophile ring‘”. NAMES: Gary Cook (also known as Mark Grainger), Eddie Huxley, Roger Griffiths, George Phoenix, and Keith Stokes. 3rd July 2015

42. LINK – Ten men from Midlands and London charged (Convicted) with child sex offences.  NAMES: Stephen Kelly, Peter Joynes, Darren Clegg, Peter Lowe, Ronald Potter, Ian Prestleton,  Alan Priest, Ashley Sherrington, Michael Godbold. 20 July 2015

43. LINK – Trio plead in Preston sex case. NAMES: James Ruehle, Kert Birtwistle, and Michael McDougal. 30 July 2015

44. LINK – “Norwich paedophile ring members guilty”. Names: Marie Black, Michael Rogers, Jason Adams and Carol Stadler. September 2015

45. LINK – Couple held teenage boy down and raped him in foursome while their children slept nearby’. NAMES: Jason Schlueter and Laura Bentley. 22nd September 2015

46. LINK – Perverts jailed for exploiting primary school girl. NAMES: Michael Kinnear and Caroline Shaw. 16 October 2015

47. LINK – Woman jailed for grooming girls online before partner sexually abused them. NAMES: Hayley Morgan, and Grant Francis. 12 November 2015

48. LINK – ‘Teenager at centre of 12-man sex ring’, court hears. NAMES: Stephen Kelly, Peter Joynes,
Darren Clegg, Peter Lowe, Ronald Potter, Ian Prestleton, Alan Priest, Ashley Sherrington, Michael Godbold, Kevin Tudor, Robert Bailey. 24 February 2016

49. LINK – Catholic bishops covered up ‘hundreds’ of sexual abuses in Pennsylvania. ( 1st March 2016

50. LINK – Hot dog paedophile trio jailed after luring teenage girls into modelling shoot scam. NAMES: James Ruehle, Kert Birtwistle and Michael McDougall. 14th April 2016

51. LINK – Six Brothers Raped Their Sister For Years While ‘Christian’ Homeschool Parents Did Nothing. 25th May 2016

52. LINK – “Three men jailed after teenage girl sexually exploited and given heroin in Gravesend”. NAMES: Belo Laczko, Alex Kroka and Peter Jarosinec. 27th June 2016


53. LINK – Seven men from High Wycombe, Flackwell Heath, Wooburn Green, Wendover, Maidenhead and London charged over sex crimes against girl. NAMES: (1) Charles Merefield, (2) Alex Foale, (3) Steven Douglas, (4) Ryan Squire, (5)Ryan Henry, (6) Nathan Tilly, (7) Nemanja Meletic. 5th July 2016

54. LINK – 10 men jailed for ‘horrific’ historical sexual offences against two teenage boys. NAMES: Alan Priest, Robert Bailey, Michael Godbold, Peter Joynes, Stephen Kelly, Ian Prestleton, Ashley Sherrington, Kevin Tudor, Ronald Potter. 7th July 2016

55. LINK – Evil cousins jailed after tying vulnerable young girl to table and taking turns to rape her. NAMES: Paul Price, and Andrew Clowes. 10th August 2016

56. LINK – Schoolgirl ‘abused by more than 100 men‘ linked to swingers website. NAMES: William Hanna, Diane Whitehouse and Ian McGlasson. 12th August 2016

57. LINK – “Hundreds of police in England and Wales accused of sexual abuse” 8th December 2016

58. LINK – “Chilling video about teenage girl groomed online before being raped and murdered that every parent should watch”, NAMES: Stephen Beadman, and Luke Harlow. Bruce Cordon. 4th January 2017

59. LINK – “Cheshire Teenager (13-year-old) ‘Repeatedly Raped In Back Of Van By Traveller Gang‘”. NAMES: Rocky Evans, James Dean Evans, Jimmy Dean Holden,  Silvester Martin Price, Danny Arthur Roberts and Billy Joe Evans. 10th January 2017

60. LINK – “Five men and a woman have been charged with 53 child sexual offences relating to the alleged sexual exploitation of a number of girls in Sheffield.” NAMES: Christopher Whiteley, Amanda Spencer, Matthew Whiteley, Shane Whiteley, and Andre Francis-Edge. 3rd February 2017

56. LINK – “Soldier paid paedophile £50 to film him raping a young boy”. NAMES: Christopher Thompson and Aaron Hughes. 6th February 2017

57. LINK – “Men who groomed teenage girl to be a prostitute jailed for 11 years“.NAMES: Thomas Entwistle, and Martin Cantle. 22nd February 2017

57. LINK – “Teenage girl ‘gang raped’ after being offered lift home” (Ireland). March 3 2017

58. LINK – “Northampton couple convicted of nearly 100 child sex offences“. NAMES:  Nicholas Taylor and Joan Taylor. 16th March 2017

58. LINK – “Five guilty of Sheffield child sex abuse offences“. NAMES: Amanda Spencer, Christopher Whiteley, Shane Whiteley and Matthew Whiteley. 22nd March 2017

59. LINK – Another case of large-scale child sex abuse by a gang. These allegations are shocking.
Though most of the defendants seem to be of Pakistani origin, the RINGLEADER is a Punjabi (Sikh) man. “Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 34, Huddersfield is charged with 54 offences. He is charged with 21 counts of rape, 14 counts of trafficking, as well as inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, sexual assault, sexual touching, possession of indecent images of a child, racially aggravated assault and inciting a child into prostitution.”

60. LINK – “Predatory paedophile raped girl in Halifax while ‘partner’ took pictures“. NAMES: Michael Peters, and Andrew Bristow. 18th May 2017

61. LINK – “Taunton paedophiles sentenced for series of sexual assaults on teenager”. NAMES: Andrew Davies, and Colin Pearce. 22nd may 2017

62. LINK – “Victim of BBC radio presenters says ‘they groomed and abused me like the paedos they are'”. NAMES: Julie (Mayer) Wadsworth and Tony Wadsworth. 10th June 2017

64. LINK – “Worcester child abuse: William Paskin and David Willmott jailed for child rapes, Jemma Terry for child cruelty”. NAMES: William Paskin, David Willmott, and Louise Mapp. 26th June 2017

65. LINK – “Friends who met in the Army carried out ‘vile’ child abuse together”. NAMES: David Hollyoake and Keith Fricker. 27th June 2017

66. LINK – “Evil monsters and cunning perverts: Somerset’s faces of evil”. NAMES: Kristopher Jane, Dr Peter Cooper, Andrew Margetts, Kevin Ford, Tony Lock, Glyn Davies, Stephen Amos, Mark Lester, Andrew Davies (left) and Colin Pearce, Stephen Boobyer, Peter Kingdon, Brian Younghusband, Peter Carl Martin, Clive Seaman, Leonard Cook, Neil Burns, (and a 17-year-old girl – who cannot be named for legal reasons). 5th July 2017

67. LINK – “Three men jailed for repeatedly raping young girl who became pregnant”. NAMES: Alvin Muschette, Noel Hutton and Robert Hutton. 22nd July 2017

68. LINK – “46 adults watched the live-streamed rape of a six-year-old child. One of them is a primary school teacher”. NAME: Wayne Brookes. 2nd August 2017

69. LINK – “Trio jailed for a total of 45 years for the sexual abuse of three children”.NAMES: Matthew David Thatcher, Emily Thomson and Mandy Wright. 17th August 2017

70. LINK – “Plymouth couple jailed for drugging and sexually abusing child while US paedophile watched on Skype”. NAMES: Sarah Gotham and Craig Forbes. 27th October 2017

71. LINK – “Sick trio kept schoolgirl, 14, captive and forced her into sex with 20 men“. NAMES: Jake Cairns, Brandon Sharples and Jack McInally. 16th November 2017

72. LINK – “Sex trafficking ring trial: Two convicted over roles in exploitation of teenage girls in Surrey and west London”. NAMES: Daniel Pusey, and Diane Chilcott. 21st November 2017

73. LINK – “Pervert given nine life sentences for leading paedophile ring recruited on Grindr”. NAMES: Michael Emerton, Thomas Perry, Simon Wintle, Paul Stevens, Matthew Webby, Robert Lindsay, Simon Wintle, David Overall. 21st December 2017

74. LINK – “Chichester child abuse: How did one small Church of England diocese produce so many paedophile reverends?”. (Sussex) NAMES: Michael Walsh, Christopher Howarth, Gordon Rideout and Michael Mytton. Jonathan Graves, Vickery House, Terence Banks and Peter Ball 24th March 2018

75. LINK – “UK gangs ‘force girls as young as 12 to line-up and have sex with 10 men one after another'”. 8th April 2018

76. LINK – “Telford sex scandal shock as social services chief is one of THREE councillors exposed as paedophiles”. NAMES: Graham Bould, Rev Michael Keen and Graham White. 22nd April 2018

77. LINK – “Ten in court in Coventry child sexual abuse case“. NAMES: Antony Potts, Nathan Potts, Keith Potts, and Julie Potts. 23rd May 2018

78. LINK – “Girl, 12, raped repeatedly in park by grooming gang”. NAMES: Sebastian Baltatu, and Ilie Daniel Baltatu; and cousins Parizian Calin, and Adrian Calin. 24th September, 2019

79. LINK – “Sick rapists jailed for more than 50 years after victim ‘prostituted out’ from age of nine”. NAMES: Paul Cavner, Phillip Taylor, Darren Smith, and Colin Ankers. 24th September 2019

80. LINK – “Children in care in Nottingham ‘abused by predators'” “It said it had received about 350 complaints dating back to the 1960s. In its report, it said this was the biggest number of allegations of child sexual abuse for any of its investigations so far and added the “true scale is likely to be higher”.” (31st July 2019),



1. LINK – London school where teacher abused at least 54 boys threatened with sanctions. NAME: William Vahey. 20th January 2016 (The Guardian)

1. LINK – Jail for ‘predatory’ scout leader who sexually abused girl. NAME: Adrew Barratt. 25 November 2015

1. LINK – ‘Chilling’ paedophile rapist who attacked girls after plying them with booze is jailed for 23 years. NAME: Mark Madrell. 13 NOV 2015

2. LINK – Jared Fogle reveals how he lured kids in secret recordings. (Faith: Torah follower). 31 october 2015

3. LINK – Ajay Jetha, 32, appears at Leicester Magistrates’ Court charged with serious child sex offences. October 19, 2015

4. LINK – Girl, 12, raped twice and friend urinated on after she had passed out drunk at Blackburn house party. NAME: Shay Barnes (Christian Tattoo). 11 September 2015

5. LINK – A top British rabbi exposed as a predatory paedophile was allowed to evade justice after a Jewish “mafia,” refused to call police and instead sent him on a course of therapeutic “healing.” Religious studies teacher Todros Grynhaus, 50, had attacked two girls aged 14 and 15 confiding to a colleague: “you have no idea of what demons were going through me at the time.” 20 May 2015

6. LINK – Rapist who smashed bricks into head of Derby victim during two-hour ordeal is jailed. NAME: Hardeep Sandhu, 20th April 2015

7. LINK – NAME: Lakhvinder Singh, 35, of Hayes, was jailed for eight years for raping and violently beating a woman in her 20s – 23 April 2015

8. LINK – BBC: Man guilty of raping one-day-old baby boy. NAME: Stuart Young – 30 April 2015

9. LINK – Why is Labour Peer Lord Janner not being prosecuted because he has dementia? At least 19 defendants suffering with the disease have been convicted for sex crimes… and TEN were in the past year, 20 April 2015

10. LINK – NAME: Raminder Singh, 28, is accused of sexual assault, rape and attempted murder in July 2012 when he was in the UK, 6th April 2015

11. LINK – NAME: Gurnham Singh Sekhon, 59, of Chandler’s Ford, was jailed for a historic rape of a 15-year-old girl in the 1970s, 19 May 2015

12. LINK – Man convicted of raping woman as she slept. NAME: Kirpal Singh, 11th January 2013

13. LINK – NAME: Sandeep Singh found guilty of raping Cardiff University student, 3rd March 2012

14. LINK – Victims’ bravery brings double rapist to justice. NAME: Hardeep Singh, 26 August 2011

15. LINK – A serial sex attacker was today starting an 11-year jail term after being convicted of two rapes. NAME: Parminder Singh, 19th 2013

16. LINK – An illegal immigrant, believed to be from Nigeria, has been jailed for seven years at the Old Bailey today, 11 March 2013, for the knifepoint rape of a woman in July 2010 in south London. NAME: John Jambu, 11 March 2013

17. LINK – Mental health worker sexually abused elderly patient. NAME: Kuldip Kumar Kauldar, 14 March 2013

18. LINK – Solicitor Vikram Singh (41) of Thorpe Park Road, faces a charge of sexual assault, while Rajwait Singh (42) of Elmore Road is charged with rape.

19. LINK – GP Davinderjit Bains filmed sex assaults with watch, 15 March 2013

20. LINK – West Midlands Police officer denies four rape charges. NAME: Mandeep Uppal, 25 January 2013

21. LINK – Shamed Dr Harmadan Singh was spared jail by a judge, but told he was unlikely to ever practice again. Jurors heard the 67-year-old had touched the patient in a sexual way during a consultation, and had made her undress. 25 March 2013

22. LINK – South Croydon internet predator jailed for eight years, NAME: Umesh Kulasingham, April 01, 2013

23. LINK – Surgeon denies sexually assaulting Leatherhead Hospital patient, 4 April 2013

24. LINK – West Sussex hospital rape accused pleads not guilty to charges. NAME Sajin Kunjappu Panikkassery, 06 April 2013

25. LINK – Thames Valley Police is issuing a photo of a man wanted in connection with a serious sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl in Slough. Harjaskaran (known as Ken) Singh, aged 23, was last seen in the Langley area of Slough between 9.30pm and 10pm on Saturday (13/4). April 15, 2013

26. LINK –  A GP in South Tyneside groped a teenage patient for his own sexual gratification, a hearing heard. Dr Rajith Ramachandran allegedly abused his power, doing “what he wanted” with the 19-year-old while he was working as a GP and partner at the Glen Medical Practice, in Hebburn. 23 April 2013

27. LINK – Santokh Mahal, aged 64, who owns The Ramada Birmingham Oldbury, in Oldbury, pleaded guilty at Sandwell Magistrates Court to six charges of sexual touching without consent. April 24, 2013

28. LINK – Mingzi Wu was arrested during the morning of Tuesday, May 21 following an allegation of sexual assault against a woman on Turner Road earlier that morning. May 22, 2013

29. LINK – A man who raped two woman, including one who was aged 14 at the time of the attack, has been found guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court today, 24 May. May 24, 2013

30. LINK – A sex predator who told a woman ‘shut up, you are being raped’ as he attacked her in an alleyway is facing years behind bars. Roberto Gouveia, 33, pounced on two women in different alleyways within minutes of each other after prowling the streets of north London looking for victims. 24 May 2013

31. LINK – Sex pervert Peter Stafford-Simpson jailed for ‘vile’ crimes. 29th May 2013

32. LINK – A SWINDON doctor faced a judge and jury yesterday after pleading not guilty to three counts of sexual assault on a patient. Narendra Sharma, 55, of The Boulevard, Taw Hill, appeared at Salisbury Crown Court charged with three offences, relating to July 18, 2011, while he was working in the Clover Centre, at the Great Western Hospital. 11 January 2013

33. LINK – Ybrah Haylemaryam, 26, grabbed student off the street and raped her in his flat in 2004. 21 June 2013

34. LINK – Pervert doctor filmed boy, 15, and men taking showers on his iPhone as he prowled sports centre changing rooms. 21 June 2013

35. LINK –  Sexual assault doctor Benjamin Obukofe, suspended for another 12 months for assaults at Spire Hospital, Leicester

36. LINK – Baby almost died after sex abuse by ‘callous’ Leeds teenager. NAME: Paul Ward. 20 September 2013

37. LINK – Gloucester man Frank Collett jailed for grooming teenage girls. ( NAME: Frank Collett, 4th February 2016

38. LINK – Adam Johnson: Read 31 WhatsApp messages heard in Premier League footballer’s child sex trial. NAME: Adam Johnson, 12 February 2016

39. LINK – Oxford-educated pastor raped two teenagers after grooming hundreds of children on Facebook. NAME: Timothy Storey, 18 February 2016

40. LINK – JAILED: ‘Wicked and dangerous‘ sexual predator who raped eight-year-old girls. NAME: Balvinder Kangh. 19th February 2016

41. LINK – Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea deal. NAME: Yoel Malik, 26th February 2016

42. LINK – Assistant primary headteacher suspended after being charged with child grooming offences. NAME: John Kemp. 1st March 2016

43. LINK – Sonoo Yaqoob faces trial over Glasgow rape charges. (Christian)

44. LINK – Couple jailed for 27 years for ‘appalling‘ sexual abuse of 13-month old girl they were babysitting. NAMES: Michael Chase and Lara Chase. 11th March 2016

45. LINK – Face of a monster revealed: ‘Dangerous‘ paedophile Ajay Jetha is every parent’s worst nightmare. Ajay Jetha. 7th April 2016

46. LINK – “Calls for urgent inquiry into sexual abuse of Jewish children in illegal schools”. 8th April 2016

47. LINK – Trainee vicar (pastor) jailed for 15 years for rape of 2 teenage girls.  NAME:Timothy Storey. 15th April 2016

48. LINK – Man of 19 who admitted sex with 12-year-old girl spared jail due to “exceptional circumstances”. NAME: Kieran Dalton, 3rd May 2016

49. LINK – Race hate thug who chanted “Allah is a paedo” is child sex fiend who targeted 13-year-old girl. NAME: Kristopher Allan. 7th May 2016

50. LINK – Prolific Paedophile Raped Babies And Toddlers. Richard Huckle admitted 71 charges – but investigators believe he abused up to 200 victims in poor Christian communities. (Christian) NAME: Richard Huckle, 01 June 2016

51. LINK – Jake Moore jailed after he sexually exploited three children in Rochdale. NAME: Jake Moore, 23rd June 2016

52. LINK – “Prosecutors: Pennsylvania man used ‘cult-like’ status to sexually abuse girls as young as six” (AMISH). NAME: LEE Kaplan.  1 November, 2016

52. LINK – “Disgraced Rabbi Berland Gets Year and Half for Sexual Offenses“. NAME: Eliezer Berland. Brief history: “Berland allegedly carried out sexual acts without consent on women and minors while abusing his position of trust.” 22 November 2016.

53. LINK – “How many more victims of ‘hideous’ sex crimes does this pervert have?” (Rotherham). NAME: Corie Adams. 30th November 2016

54. LINK – “Mother jailed for planning to let paedophile rape her seven-year-old daughter“. NAME: Stuart Bailey. 23rd January 2017

55. LINK – “IPCC to investigate if police missed chance to stop paedophile 20 years ago“. NAME: Michael Dunn. 1st March 2017

56. LINK – “North Carolina church’s brutal control over congregation’s lives exposed”, FEBRUARY 28, 2017

57. LINK – “Rapist abused seven children in the same family over 18 years, claiming it was ‘just a bit of craic'”. NAME: Mickey McCarville. 21st March 2017

58. LINK – “Rochdale rapist who used drugs to groom teenage victim jailed”. NAME: Shaun Freeman. 17th May 2017

59. LINK – “Paedophile from Harrow jailed for 15 years for raping 12-year-old girl”. NAME: Brijeshkumar Barot. 15th June 2017



UN Report Slams Israel’s Response to Child Prostitution (Haaretz and Sputnik News)

Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini involves in abducting, raping teenage Muslim girls: Mushawerat (

Argentinian man arrested after ‘fathering 7 children with his own daughter’ during decades of abuse (The Independent & SunshineCoastdaily & TheChronicle)

Man Married 10 Year Old and said it was Biblically Justified (LoonWatch &

‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered ( 16 March 2011

101 nabbed in undercover sex sting operation with Polk, Lake counties ( 3rd June 2015

Dozens of Disney workers arrested in ‘To Catch A Predator’-style child sex stings ( 15th July 2014

Golding’s goons get it wrong about Rotherham again (Exposing BF)

Frequently asked questions On Rotherham (South Yorkshire Police)

MP: Most child abusers are white males (

25% of Norway sex offenders in 2015 have immigrant background – report (

Rotherham Grooming: Inconvenient Facts EXPOSED (1, 1)

“Hidden” Victims Of Child Sexual Exploitation Highlighted By Charity Report (

Child marriage chart reveals girls can wed at 12 in some parts of the US (


Rape, violent crime and sexual offences by ethnicity since 2011‘. (Download file: 648 15 FoI 101874 tables  Ministry Of Justice)

84% Of 12 Million Married Children Under 10 Are Hindus (

A dark trade: Rape videos for sale in India (1,2,)

27% of Europeans say rape may be acceptable in some circumstances” –, 29th November 2016 (1,2,3,4,5, 6,)

Sexual assault in Japan: ‘Every girl was a victim” (* *)

“U.S. Continues To Ignore Massive Pedophilia In Afghanistan”

“The Methodist Church in Britain has apologised for failing to protect children and adults following nearly 2,000 reports of physical and sexual abuse within the institution dating back to the 1950s.” 28 May 2015

“Catholic monks faced child abuse investigation, school admits.” (14 January 2012),

“Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust” 14th November 2016

“FBI rescues 82 children in nationwide sex trafficking sting”. 28th October 2016

“Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a “child-rape assembly line” among sects of fundamentalist Jews. He cleared his throat. “I’m going to be graphic,” he said. (November 12, 2013)

“As an ITV News investigation discovers dozens of new historical allegations of child sexual abuse within the Church of England have been made in the last few months, one survivor speaks out. (7 April 2015)

“100 Britons under investigation over Philippines child sexual abuse”. 15 January 2014

“The overall statistics give the lie to such claims. Greater Manchester Police, in whose area the offences took place, has declared that 95 per cent of the men on its sex offenders register are white. Just five per cent are Asian”. (14 May 2012) (The Independent)


“Police investigate 76 politicians over claims of child sex abuse”. 28 (May 2015),

“Records reveal Minnesota priests raped hundreds of kids for decades — and church buried the evidence. Records reveal Minnesota priests raped hundreds of kids for decades — and church buried the evidence.” 25 November 2015 (Raw Story)

“More than 170 victims of alleged physical and sexual abuse who attended a Yorkshire children’s home are awaiting the outcome of a dispute between Catholic organisations about who is responsible for paying compensation, the supreme court has heard”. (23 July 2012)

“Grooming Gangs: Quilliam & the Myth of the 84 Percent”

“Making a Monster: How The Times Created the Asian ‘Grooming Gang’” (24th February 2018)

“The intelligence is there, it’s just not being used. And we’re not using community intelligence either. The vast majority of victims in this type of sex offending are white girls. There are Asian girl victims too.
When I prosecuted the Rochdale gang, immediately afterwards, I prosecuted the ringleader again for his abuse of a girl of the same ethnicity as him. That didn’t get any publicity and he got 21 years for that. So there are victims from the Asian community but because of issues such as honour, shame, and the fact that very often they’re told by their families that it’s “your fault”, they’re not coming forward.” (“Grooming rings are the biggest recruiter for the far right”: Rochdale and Telford prosecutor, (19th March 2018), )

“The abused boy’s mother told the BBC her son was abused by “different white men” and the abuse was “going on in all races”. “It’s not just  Asian men who are doing it,” she said. “It’s white men, it’s black men”. She added victims were also of different background types. “The girls are white, Indian, black, there’s even Pakistani girls”.” (“Telford abuse: ‘I want to kill my son’s groomers'”, 29th March 2018, )

“He said: “A study on this issue was done by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner which dated back to 2013 and, according to that research, a third of victims were felt to be from a non-white background or black minority ethnic background.” … “We have young people from all different backgrounds, it is not just targeting young girls through working class.”” (“Telford abuse: Victim numbers ‘sensationalised’ says police chief”, 14th March 2018, )

“Majority of Rotherham child exploitation suspects are white, claims new report.” (05 August 2015)

“Councillors and police ‘had sex’ with Rotherham abuse victims” (4th February 2015)

Asian victims:

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  1. And what do these perps all have in common? They are MEN!! How repulsive. Its good that their names were printed. That’s the only good thing about this article.

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