Terrorists You Don’t Hear About In The Media

Here is a list of suspected Terrorists you have most likely not heard about in the Media.

NOTE: Some of the people convicted (or pending trial) are NOT terrorists but linked up their stories because some were caught with explosives or are suspected of carrying out terrorism, or have done things and are described by the media as “militias/extremists” for their acts.

PS: This page will be constantly be updated with new info.

291. LINK – “Irvine Man Charged With Hate Crimes After ‘Kill Lists’ of Jewish Community Members, Anti-Semitic Literature Found in His Home”. NAME:Nicholas Wesley Rose. 19th April 2018

290. LINK – “Warrant: Wisconsin man with guns, bombs, white supremacist literature blows self up”. (“Christian“) NAME of suspect: Benjamin Morrow. 10th April 2018

289. LINK – “‘Activists’ Are Mum On Rape, Mutilation & Murder Of 8-Year-Old Girl, Is It Not The Season Of Outrage?”. 8-year-old Muslim girl, Asifa Bano was repeatedly raped by a gang of Hindu men in a Hindu Temple before she was mutilated and murdered in India,

“An eight-year-old girl, belonging to a nomadic tribe, was held captive, sedated, mutilated and brutally raped for several days at a temple, before she was murdered at Rassanna village in Kathua district in Jammu and Kashmir on January 10. Her mutilated body was recovered on January 17. Medical examination has established that she was raped, and was alive for at least three or four days after she went missing. During that time, the accused kept and raped her in a large prayer room in the village.” 12th April 2018

288. LINK – “Germany van attacker had ties to far-right – reports”. NAME: JENS R. 8th March 2018

287. LINK – “White man stabs a Muslim nurse and calls her a ‘sand n**ger’ during hate-filled attack in Houston”. 6th April 2018

286. LINK – “Welwyn Garden City man who bought chemicals and guide on how to make a bomb convicted for terror offences”. NAME: Warren Snedden. 28th March 2018

285. LINK – “National Action: Alleged neo-Nazi terrorist appears in court charged with plotting to murder Labour MP with machete”. Brief information,

“An alleged neo-Nazi has appeared in court charged with plotting to murder a Labour MP with a machete. The 22-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been charged with preparing an act of terrorism by allegedly buying a “Gladius Machete” – a type of weapon used by Celtic tribes and Roman legions – for the purpose of murdering Rosie Cooper.” 26th March 2018

284. LINK – “Inside the Bedminster home of bombmaker Reeco Fernandez where he kept 250 IEDs, arrows and chemicals”. Reeco Fernandez. 23rd March 2018

283. LINK – “In a First, Jharkhand Court Convicts 11 ‘Gau Rakshaks’ of Murder in Lynching Case”. Brief information,

“Alimuddin alias Asgar Ansari was lynched to death by a mob in Ramgarh on June 29, reportedly based on suspicions that he was carrying beef. His lynching happened the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to finally break his silence around the issue of cow vigilantism.” 16th March 2018

282. – LINK – “Ford Co. men charged with mosque bombing, having machine guns”. Suspects names: Michael B. Hari, Joe Morris, Michael McWhorter,  Ellis Mack. (Trump Wall) 14th March 2018

281. LINK – “Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt was part of Christian survivalist group that discussed ‘dangerous’ chemicals”. 22nd March 2018

280. LINK – “‘Neo-Nazi’ plotted terrorist attacks from Banff home”. Name: Connor Ward. Brief information,

“A neo-Nazi who acquired components for potential bombs and kept a list of Scottish mosque addresses is behind bars after being convicted of planning terror attacks…. The court heard how in the title page of the book, the accused had written a dedication which read: “This book is dedicated to all that follow Mohammed and the Islamic faith.”  “You will all soon suffer your demise.” This prompted the police to fear that Ward was set to launch terrorism attacks.” 14th March 2018

279. LINK – “National Action: British soldier ‘was collecting weapons and planning all-white strongholds for race war'”. NAME: Mikko Vehvilainen. 13th March 2018

278. LINK – “Austin police search for bombing motive, say explosives made with ‘skill and sophistication’”. (RACISM) . Victims Names: Anthony Stephan House and Draylen Mason. 13th March 2018

277. LINK – “How many murders can a police informer get away with?”. (UVF) Suspect’s Name: Gary Haggarty. Brief information,

“In the dock, Gary Haggarty sat and listened for almost an hour and a half as the judge explained the sentence he was about to receive, for offences to which he had already pleaded guilty. It took so long because there were so many crimes to be considered: 201 of them, in fact. They included five murders; five attempted murders; one count of aiding and abetting murder; 23 conspiracies to murder; four kidnappings; six charges of false imprisonment; a handful of arson attacks, including burning down a pub; five hijackings; 66 offences of possession of firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life (the weapons included two Sten submachine guns, an Uzi, 12 Taurus pistols and two AK47s); 10 counts of possession of explosives; 18 of wounding with intent and two charges of aggravated burglary. There was also criminal damage: just the one charge, although this covered the destruction of several houses during a six-month period.” 8th March 2018

276. LINK – “Sri Lanka Declares State of Emergency After Mob Attacks on Muslims“. 6th March 2018

275. LINK – “Goons of ‘Bajrang Dal’ brutally attack Muslim family in Gujarat”. Brief information,

“According to reports published in Times Of India, the victims were identified as 52-year-old Roshanbiwi Syed had her thumb, index finger and middle finger mercilessly chopped off. Her 32-year-old son Farzan suffered fractures on his hands and skull.” 6th March 2018

274. LINK – “Driver, 21, laughed as he tried to run over and kill a Muslim woman and a 12-year-old schoolgirl“. Brief information: Paul Moore was found guilty of Leicester hate crime car attack. Court evidence,

“I don’t think he knew what he was saying or doing. But he did tell me that he had ran over a ‘Paki’,” said Mr Welsh.

“He tried to put it down to the London 7/7 bombings. He said he was proud of himself. He was rambling. He was doing the country a favour.” 2nd March 2018

273. LINK – “Czech man attacked trains, blamed it on Islamic militants”. Brief information,

“The prosecutor says the Czech citizen also distributed pamphlets with threats of terror attacks planned on Czech territory. Bily said the man’s motivation was to incite fear of Muslims and terror attacks among Czechs. A court ruled last week that the man will be held in detention.” 28th February 2018


271. LINK – “Florida School Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Was Creepy and Weird,’ Survivors Say”. Brief info,

“Cruz always had his hair short and had a penchant for wearing patriotic shirts that “seemed really extreme, like hating on” Islam, Parodie said. The suspected gunman would also deride Muslims as “terrorists and bombers.” 14th February 2018

270. LINK – “A white Christian extremist was just busted planning a major terror attack”. Perpetrator’s name Luke Wiersma: 10th February 2018


269. LINK – “Ethan Stables: Neo-Nazi guilty of plotting gay pride machete attack”. Brief information on the story,

“A 20-year-old self-confessed neo-Nazi sympathiser hiding a secret about his own identity has been convicted of preparing a terrorist attack against a pub that was hosting a gay pride night.” 5th February 2018

268. LINK – “Police: Extreme-right gunman shoots 6 Africans in Italy”. Perpetrator: Luca Traini. 3rd February 2018

267. LINK – “Graphic Photos Of The 7 Fulani (Muslim) Travelers Burnt In Benue State”. 1st February 2018

266. LINK – “Colombia bomb attack kills at least five police, wounds dozens”. 27th January 2018

265. LINK – “Ethan Stables trial: Neo-Nazi ‘planned Pride event machete attack'” 23rd January 2018

264. LINK – “Alleged white supremacist accused of terrorism in Amtrak incident”. Brief info,

“An armed Missouri man arrested for pulling the emergency brake on an Amtrak train in rural western Nebraska is allegedly a white supremacist who now faces a terrorism charge, according to newly unsealed court papers. Taylor Michael Wilson, 26, belongs to a neo-Nazi group, traveled to Charlottesville for alt-right rallies, and talked about “killing black people,” his cousin told FBI agents, according to the affidavit filed in federal court.” 5th January 2018

263. LINK – “Six held in far-right group National Action investigation”. Brief information:

“Police said the suspects, aged between 21 and 37, were detained under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act as part of a planned operation. They were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism, namely on suspicion of being a member of a proscribed organisation, National Action.” 3rd January 2018

262. LINK – “Colorado shooting: Four police officers injured, one dead”. Suspect’s name: “Matthew Riehl. Brief info,

“The man who opened fire on sheriff’s deputies in Colorado on New Year’s Eve, killing one and injuring four others, repeatedly shared far-right memes on his Facebook page and ranted on YouTube about local law enforcement officials.” 31st December 2017

261. LINK – “Year ender 2017: When vigilantism ruled and cows mattered more than humans”. Brief info,

“Since 2014, the country has witnessed brutal killings of mostly Muslims and Dalits in the name of cow protection, allegedly organised by right-wing groups. The violence in the name of cow vigilantism increased particularly after the Centre’s ban on sale of cattle for slaughter.” 30th December 2017

260 – LINK – “Yazidi fighters in Iraq killed 52 civilians in revenge attack: HRW”. 27th December 2017

259. LINK – “Police investigate Swedish mosque attack as hate crime”. Brief comment on this incident,

“Police are investigating an attack on a mosque with a homemade bomb as a hate crime, officers said Monday. The attack on the Islamic Cultural Center in Saffle, a town 45 kilometers (28 miles) southwest of Karsltad, left ball-bearings lodged in the walls of the center’s prayer room. Broadcaster SVT reported that police had completed a preliminary investigation and were treating the attack as a hate crime. “Windows were broken and the walls were hit by explosives reinforced with BB pellets,” center Chairman Abdihakem Adan said.” 26th December 2017

258. LINK – “Couple killed after warning daughter of boyfriend’s suspected neo-Nazi views”. 25th December 2017

257. LINK – “Brooklyn man charged in deli clerk’s murder cursed ‘Arabs, Muslims and terrorists’””. Name of suspect, Mark Thomas. 15th December 2017

256. LINK – “Jewish extremist jailed for arson at historic church in northern Israel”. (Suspect: Yinon Reuveni) 13th December 2017

255. LINK – “German soldier accused of planning to kill politicians, frame refugees”. Brief info on Franco Hans A.,

“The Office of the German Federal Public Prosecutor General has charged 1st Lt. Franco A. with plotting to kill senior politicians and blame the attack on refugees, the prosecutors’ office said in a Tuesday statement.”  And it continues, “They say his targets included Justice Minister Heiko Maas and that he had stockpiled four firearms including an assault rifle, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition and more than 50 explosive devices, some stolen from military stores.” 12th December 2017

254. LINK – “Rohingya Muslims: Rape of persecuted minority by Burma’s soldiers ‘methodical’, investigation finds“. 11th December 2017

253. LINK – “Muslim hacked to death then set on fire by Hindu in religious attack in India“. (Rajastan) 8th December 2017

252. LINK – “Jacksonville officers: Man planned mass shooting at Islamic center”. Brief information in regards to this incident,

Sheriff Mike Williams said Bernandino Bolatete’s plan came to law enforcement’s attention from a tip in late October. An undercover officer contacted him and the two met on several occasions at local gun ranges. Williams said Bolatete confirmed to the undercover detective in secretly recorded conversations that he hated Muslims and outlined his idea to carry out a mass shooting.
“The investigation confirmed the suspect was planning on carrying out a mass shooting and he already had the weaponry necessary to carry out the attack,” Williams said. 4th December 2017

251. LINK – “Police: Man charged in LCC threat had AR-15, a dozen loaded magazines when arrested”. Brief info on the suspect,Damian Douglas Walker,

“LANSING – A 19-year-old Delta Township man arraigned on a terrorism charge Thursday was in possession of an AR-15 rifle, 12 loaded magazines, another rifle and a can full of loose ammunition at the time of his arrest, court records show.” 30th November 2017

250. LINK – “Mayor Andreas Hollstein was stabbed in the neck after a man attacked him for being pro-refugee.” Brief info,

“The security authorities believe that there was a political motive to this attack,” said Armin Laschet, premier of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The attacker was arrested and state prosecutors in Hagen are investigating attempted murder, media reported.” 29th November 2017

249. LINK – “Why was this man who wanted to kill a Muslim’ and be a ‘martyr’ not called a terrorist?”. 23rd November 2017

249. LINK – “Bachama militia kill 45 Fulani (Muslim) children, women in Adamawa [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]”. (Nigeria) 21st November 2018

248. LINK – “Police make arrest in East Chicago post office pipe bomb explosion“. Name: Eric P. Krieg. 12th November 2017

247. LINK – “Air traffic controller received homemade pipe bomb from roommate, police say”. Brief statement:
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – An air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was one of two men arrested Friday after investigators alleged he was in possession of a weapon of mass destruction.” Name of the alleged suspects: “Paul George Dandan, and Derrick Fells”. 10th November 2017

246. LINK – “Sutherland Springs: Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead”. “the gunman claimed he briefly taught Bible school”. NAME: Devin Kelley. Brief comment: As with previous shootings, Google searches for information about Kelley surfaced unsubstantiated claims, including suggestions he was a member of Antifa, a member of a pro-Bernie Sanders group, a Muslim convert, or named “Samir Al-Hajeeda.” 6th November 2017

245. LINK – “White Supremacists Share Bomb-Making Materials in Online Chats.” 2nd November 2017

244. LINK – “Man accused of ‘neo-Nazi’ terror plot to kill MP Rosie Cooper“. Names of those who have been arrested: Christopher Lythgoe, Garron Helm, Matthew Hankinson, Andrew Clarke, Michael Trubini. 27th October 2017

243. LINK – “‘Kill all Palestinians and Arabs’: US Rabbi Calls For Genocide Of Non-Jews In Israel”. 27th October

242. LINK – “France charges eight over alleged plot targeting politicians and mosques”. Brief statement on these arrests:
“France has charged eight men, including three minors, following an investigation into far right activists allegedly plotting to target politicians and mosques, prosecutors announced on Saturday in Paris. The men, aged between 17 and 29, are accused of being party to a “criminal terrorist conspiracy”, and of links to Logan Alexandre Nisin, a militant who was arrested near Marseille in June.” 22nd October 2017

241. LINK – “Gloucester man charged with terrorism in connection to Williamsburg IED explosion”. Suspect’s name: Stephen Powers. 20th October 2017

241. LINK – “Rajasthan: 200 Muslims flee from their village after Upper Caste ‘terror shadowed”. Rajasthan: Muslims forced to leave village after threats from upper caste Hindus. (BJP) 7th October 2017

240. LINK – “‘Share In Our Pain’: Mosque Releases Video Of Moment Bomb Went Off“. Incident took place outside  Minneapolis, Dar Al Farooq mosque on the 5th August 2017. 17th October 2017

239. LINK – “Daphne Caruana Galizia: Top investigative reporter killed by car bomb in Malta” (Victim’s name, Daphne Caruana Galizia) – Monday 16 October 2017

238. LINK – “Complaint: Airport bomb suspect wanted ‘to fight a war on US soil‘”. Suspect’s name: ” Michael Christopher Estes”. Brief description of this incident,

“In this week’s Hate Report: Three white men have been charged with building bombs recently, the FBI’s much-awaited hate crime stats show an uptick, and a white supremacist campaign helped elect a black town board member. Last month, Michael Christopher Estes planted an ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bomb packed with nails and bullets in the concourse at the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina. Estes openly admitted to authorities that he was “preparing to fight a war on U.S. soil.” 10th October 2017

237. LINK – “Something went ‘incredibly wrong’ with Las Vegas gunman, brother says”. (Mass shooting) Suspects name: Stephen Paddock. 5th October 2017

236. LINK – “Royal Marine with Irish Republican links built bombs used in dissident attacks” NAME: Ciaran Maxwell. 26th July 2017

235. LINK – “Brazilians funneled as “slaves” by US church, ex-members say” (* *) (Word of Faith Fellowship – church in North Carolina) 24th July 2017

234. LINK – “‘Anti-theist’ stabs Christian housemate to death in Germany ‘because he hated religion‘” 1st Febriaury 2017

233. LINK – “Man tries to drive car into crowd in front of French mosque”. 29th June 2017

232. LINK – “John Tomlin Who Threw Acid On Two Muslims Followed Anti-Muslim Facebook Pages”. 29th June 2017

231. LINK – “1 Dead In Mob Lynching On Train, Blood In Coach Shows Extent Of Violence”. Brief info,

“The four victims, identified only by their first names – Junaid, Hasib, Shakir and Mohsin – were abused with religious slurs, according to the FIR or police complaint filed by one of the survivors, Hasib. It was his brother Junaid who died of injuries after being hospitalised. Photographs showed the compartment where the lynching took place drenched in blood, and Junaid, the boy who died, being cradled by his brother.” 23rd June 2017

230. LINK – “Edinburgh mosque – firebomber had 20 previous convictions“. NAME: Thomas Conington. 22nd June 2017

229. LINK – “Finsbury Park attack suspect named as Cardiff resident Darren Osborne”. 20th June, 2017. Brief info,

“Osborne also appears to have a Twitter account, which he has never used to send his own tweets, instead monitoring 32 other users, including Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, the leaders of the far right party Britain First. Its mission statement states: “We will restore Christianity as the bedrock and foundation of our national life as it has been for the last one thousand years.”

And BBC:
“Finsbury Park attack: ‘He was shouting, I want to kill all Muslims'”

228. LINK – “A Muslim Teen (Nabra Hassasen) Was Attacked And Murdered Outside A Virginia Mosque”. 20th June 2017. Brief info,

“A 17 year old girl, Sr. Nabra, was brutally attacked and fatally beaten to death with a baseball bat after leaving ADAMS Center (one of the most prominent masjids in America) and having suhoor with her friends at a local restaurant.”

227. LINK – “‘Neo-Nazi aimed to hit Turkey Point nuclear plant, Tampa murder suspect tells police”. Brief info,

“TAMPA – Brandon Russell, a National Guardsman and self-described neo-Nazi, had plans to blow up power lines in the Everglades and launch explosives into the Turkey Point nuclear power plant, his roommate Devon Arthurs told police.” (Sentenced: Neo-Nazi leader gets 5 years for having explosive material”) 14th June 2017

226. LINK – “What We Know About The Suspect In GOP Baseball Practice Shooting“. 14th June 2017. Brief info,

“Early on Wednesday, witnesses say, a man armed with a rifle opened fire on a group of Republican members of Congress practicing for a baseball game in Alexandria, Va. Four victims were transferred to the hospital with gunshot injuries: Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., a congressional staffer, a lobbyist and a Capitol Police officer. Another congressman and a second police officer also suffered minor injuries.” One died. GOP Congresman was killed.

225. LINK – “Man in car emblazoned with Nazi symbol plows into refugee demo in Sweden”. (22-year-old) 14th June 2017

224. LINK – “Horror in Ikorodu as pastor beheads, buries 7-year-old boy on altar“. 9th June 2017. Brief info,

“The pastor identified as Adedoyin Oyekan and one Eric were arrested at Odokereke, Odogunyan of Ikorodu on Thursday. The police boss informed newsmen that the suspect was said to have taken the boy to the pastor’s church where they beheaded and buried him between 2am and 4am on Thursday.”

223. LINK – “Police identify Resorts World Manila gunman as Jessie Carlos”. Brief info,

“Jessie Carlos Javier murdered 37 people and there was no mention of his religion.” 5th June 2017

223. LINK – “Massive New IRA bomb bust as 6kg explosive haul is seized in city taxi” 3rd June 2017. Brief info,

“A massive New IRA bomb plot was foiled after gardai seized a staggering 6kg (13.2lb) of explosives in Dublin’s north-inner city. Heavily armed detectives carrying sub-machine guns stopped a seven-seater taxi during a dramatic arrest in Ballybough shortly after 6pm yesterday.”

222. LINK – “Man arrested for machete stabbing, hate crime following standoff”. NAME: Anthony Robert Hammond. 29th May 2017

221. LINK – “Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist”. Brief information, two Muslim women were abused and attacked by Jeremy Christian, when two men intervined to stop Jeremy Christian abusing the Muslim women, their throats were slashed by Jeremy. NAME: Jeremy Christian. 27th May 2017

220. LINK – “The authorities have all failed Somali couple brutally attacked by racist thug David Gallacher”. 27th May 2017. Brief info,

“We need to understand that terrorism in the U.K. comes with a white face too. Pavlo Lapshyn, Thomas Mair, Muhsin Ahmed’s killers and David Gallacher. But the media fails to report this accurately. The deafening silence from the media regarding acts of terrorism by white folk on our streets in the UK is unequivocally deplorable. David Anderson QC reported in the Evening Standard on the 15 Feb 2017 that large number far-right sympathisers were increasing and seeking to target the Muslim community and were a growing threat to everyone.”

219. LINK – “Former PM Lucas Papademos injured in car explosion” –
Lucas Papademos, a former central bank chief, admitted to hospital in Athens after being targeted by explosive device. (“the attack method pointed to domestic far-left group Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei.”) 26th May 2017

218. LINK – “Media Silent As Christians Slaughter Muslims In Africa”.  20th May 2017. Brief info,

“(ANTIMEDIA) Hundreds of civilians are seeking refuge inside a mosque in the Central African Republic (CAR)’s border town of Bangassou, Reuters reports. What may be surprising to the American public is that these civilians are trying to escape ongoing attacks committed by Christian militias that killed at least 30 civilians over the weekend, according to U.N. officials and aid workers.”


217. LINK – “‘The Only Good Muslim Is a Dead Muslim‘”. Brief statement about this incident:

“It turned out that the bureau had been tracking Allen and Wright, as well as a third suspect named Patrick Stein, for months. The three men were the founders of a new anti-Muslim white supremacist group that called itself the Crusaders. As their inaugural act, the FBI said, the men were plotting to carry out a Timothy McVeigh–style bombing in Garden City, Kansas, about an hour north of Liberal. Their plan was to detonate two cargo vans loaded with massive amounts of ammonium nitrate in the parking lots of the Garden Spot Apartments, a sprawling complex straddling both sides of West Mary Street. The drab, one-story units were inhabited primarily by Somalis and other refugees, who had come to Garden City to work at the nearby Tyson meatpacking plant.” 15th May 2017

216. LINK – TW Rape. Horrific event out of India. Her “crime” was saying no to a marriage proposal. 7 men kidnapped her, beat her, tortured her, mutilated her, raped her, and killed her.

“Police were stunned to see the state of the body. The victim had been brutally raped. Body bore several injury marks. Sharp-edged objects had been inserted into the private parts of the victim. Her head had been smashed. A vehicle had been run over her. The perpetrators of the crime tried to disfigure her to hide the identity of the victim. The forensic team that conducted the investigation said that the victim was gang raped and mutilated with sharp-edged weapons. “The victim was tortured and her body was mutilated and tortured after the gang rape. She was killed after being raped involving at least seven people. Her skull was smashed in a way which indicates that she was run over by a vehicle in order to hide her identity,” the forensic team has stated.” 15th May 2017

215. LINK – “Anthony Sawina convicted of shooting Somali-Americans. Anthony Sawina targeted group in Minnesota as they headed to prayers, wounding two, after threatening to ‘kill all’.” A witness said she heard Sawina call the group “f—–g Muslims”. 12th May 2017

214. LINK – “‘Go Back To Your Country’: Egyptian Student ‘Racially Abused’ After Being Struck by Car in Germany”. 28th April 2017

213. LINK – “German soldier posing as a Syrian refugee arrested for planning ‘false flag’ terror attack” 27th April 2017

212. LINK – “Student planted homemade bomb on London tube, court told”. NAME: Damon Smith. 26th April 2017

211. LINK – “Arthur Collins in court over London nightclub ‘acid attack'”. 24th April 2017

2010. LINK – “5 Including 9-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Cow Vigilantes In Jammu And Kashmir” (RSS). 22th April 2017

209. LINK – “Dortmund bus terror arrest: German-Russian man ‘carried out bomb attack to make money before blaming Muslims'”. 21st April 2017

208. LINK – “Dortmund attack: Far-right claims responsibility” (Right-Wingers) Germany. 15th April 2017

207. LINK – “San Bernardino Shooter Was A Christian Pastor”. 11th April 2017

206. LINK – “Muslim man tied to tree, beaten to death for being in love with Hindu woman“. 7th April 2017

205. LINK – “North-East Man Accused Of Terrorism After Weapons And Chemical Poisons Manuals Allegedly Found” – “Man to stand trial on terrorism charges”. NAME: Connor Ward. Brief statement: “Connor Ward, 24, is charged with possessing a cache of weapons, manuals, racist flags and videos with the intention of committing acts of terror. … It is alleged that he had in his possession a quantity of neo-Nazi, anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish texts, images, videos, flags and audio files.” 6th April 2017

204. LINK – “Muslim man dies after attack by cow vigilantes in India”. Cow vigilantes murder Muslim man in India. India is on edge after Hindu fascism takes hold and communal tensions heightened over cows. Hindu terror is increasing in India amid concerns that indian government/authorities remain incompetent to deal with mobs. 5th April 2017

204. LINK – “Indian acid attack victims share their stories” 8th April 2017

203. LINK – “Congolese rebels behead 42 police officers in dramatic escalation of conflict“. 26th March 2017

202. LINK – “Three RSS cadres arrested in Kasargod Madrasa teacher murder case”. RSS, Hindu “gang barged into the compound of Muhayuddin Juma Masjid, Choori, and slit his throat (“hacked to death”) in his room.” 24th March 2017

201. LINK – “‘Israeli citizen behind most JCC bomb threat calls’ – (Israel News – Jerusalem Post). 23rd March 2017

200. LINK – “2 RSS workers get life term in Ajmer case”. Brief mention, a number of Hindu RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sagh) members left “explosion in the historic shrine (Muslim) on October 11, 2007, during Ramzan, had left three persons dead and 17 injured.” Newspapers also added, “The NIA court found the three men guilty of conspiracy, planting bombs and inciting religious sentiments”. NAME: Devendra Gupta and Bhavesh Patel. 22nd March 2017

199. LINK – “Greek police find eight more parcel bombs intended for EU officials as anarchist terror campaign continues“. 21st March 2017

198. LINK – “Racist Maryland man who fatally stabbed black New Yorker admits his intent to kill African-American men”. NAME: James Harris Jackson. Meanwhile, another white supremacist terrorist attack in the United States. Yet, Silence from the the media and administration on white supremacy terrorism. Brief statement on this incident:
“The 28-year-old man busted for fatally stabbing a black man in Midtown Tuesday has told cops he came here from Baltimore to kill African-Americans, sources said. The white supremacist and military veteran from Maryland surrendered to cops just after midnight Wednesday, sources said. “You need to arrest me. I have the knife in my coat,” the suspect told police officers after marching into the Times Square substation, sources said. He later told police that he was motivated by rage against black men who get romantically involved with white women, sources said.” – 22nd March 2017

197. LINK – “Letter bomb that exploded at Paris IMF office was sent from Greece”. Greek anarchist group behind Paris parcel bomb explosion: Police. 16th March 2017

196. LINK – “Exclusive: Former members of banned terror group meet at far-right training camp”. 20th March 2017

195. LINK – “Australian Catholic priest stabbed by attacker shouting ‘You are Muslim or Hindu… I will kill you'”. 20th March 2017

194. LINK – “Jewish vigilantes jailed over Paris attack on Gaza fundraising event” – “Six members of Jewish Defence League participated in ‘lynching’ of two men and chanted ‘Death to Arabs’ during 2009 assaults”. “The FBI deemed the league a right-wing terrorist group in their report ‘Terrorism 2000/2001,'”

193. LINK – “Pictured: Huge weapons haul seized by Spanish police“. 14th March 2017

192. LINK – “Bulgarian Vigilantes Patrol Turkey Border to Keep Migrants Out”. 10th of March 2017. Brief states: “Kanev sees BNO Shipka and similar groups as xenophobic nationalists at best, or at worst, violent and racist extremists. In October 2015, an Afghan migrant was shot and killed when he tried to cross into Bulgaria. In November, protests by locals over rumors of disease forced the temporary closure of the country’s largest refugee camp and led to riots. ‘There are ongoing criminal proceedings against a number of these groups,’ Kanev said. Bulgarian vigilantes have detained migrants and tied them up, sometimes beating and humiliating them before forcing them back across the border, he added”. (* *)

191. LINK – “Israeli Jew Who Stabbed Another Jew He Mistook for an Arab Sentenced to 11 Years”. NAME: Shlomo Haim Pinto. Shomo told the court he had a spiritual calling to stab an Arab. A bried statement according to court rulings, what motivated him: “During his courtroom testimony Pinto claimed that he was being controlled by an inner voice and that he felt that he was performing a mitzvah. Later, the defendant explained that the backdrop for his actions was spiritual, as he believed that by attacking an Arab he would weaken “Ishmael’s emissary.” If he weakened the spiritual influence of Ishmael’s nation, he said, “there would be greater mercy for the Jewish people and he would advance the redemption”. 27th February 2017

190. LINK – “Mardi Gras truck crash: Driver had .232 blood-alcohol level, police say”. NAME: Neilson Rizzuto. Brief information on this incident: At least 28 people were injured, including five seriously, after a man rammed his truck into a Mardi Gras parade crowd. But there’s not much attention because he’s not Muslim. News reports are being careful to point out “terrorism is not expected” — Islamophobic codeword for “it wasn’t a Muslim.” The driver may have been drunk. Is the government going to ban alcohol in the name of “national security”? If the driver had a Muslim sounding name and drunk it would be terrorism, right?

189. LINK – “Why Is This Neo-Nazi With Deadly Poison Not A Security Threat?” NAME: William Christopher Gibbs. 9th February 2017

188. LINK – “Domestic terrorists killed his son. He wants Trump to remember that America makes extremists, too.” NAME: Jerry Kane, Jr., and his son, Joseph Kane (2010 case). 23rd February 2017

187. LINK – “Right-wing extremist jailed following Met investigation“. NAME: Sean Creighton. 23rd February 2017. Brief statement: “A right-wing extremist has been jailed for five years following an investigation by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.” This white-supremacist wrote on his Facebook page to “kill all Muslims” (Neo-Nazi, EDL member)

186. LINK – “Kansas town reels months after foiled mosque bombing: ‘I’m still scared'”. Brief statement: “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim,” said Patrick Stein during a conversation with his alleged co-conspirators, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen, in July 2016.” 22nd February 2017

185. LINK – “Feds: Man made bombs to be placed in Target stores along U.S. East Coast”. NAME: Mark Charles Barnett. 16th February 2017

184. LINK – “FBI arrests man in Myrtle Beach allegedly planning attack ‘in the spirit of Dylann Roof”. NAME: Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell. 16th February 2017

183. LINK – “Neo-Nazi pipe bomb teenager given rehabilitation order”. (Britain) 13th February 2017

182. LINK – “Israeli stabs 2 Palestinian street cleaners in Beersheba”. 12th February 2017

181. LINK – “In Real Bowling Green Massacre, a White Supremacist Planned Attack Against African Americans & Jews”. NAME: Richard Schmidt. 10th February 2017

180. LINK – “Iraq Christian militia threatens to ethnically cleanse Sunni Arabs“. 8th February 2017

179. LINK – “The Terror Trial We’re Really Ignoring“. NAME: Robert Doggart (Christian Minister). 7th February 2017

178. LINK – “‘Hundreds of Rohingyas‘ killed in Myanmar crackdown – Army has carried out mass killings of Muslim minority, UN rights office says, in possible ethnic cleansing.” 3rd February 2017

177. LINK – “Burmese Muslim lawyer and Rohingya advocate murdered at airport”. 29th January 2017

177. LINK – “White supremacist threatened to shoot up Central Coast shopping centre”. Brief info on the suspect Michael James Holt,

“A radicalised white supremacist who was stockpiling homemade guns and weapons across Sydney had expressed an intention to commit a mass shooting at a popular Westfield shopping centre. The disturbing case, uncovered by the Sun Herald, has highlighted the evolving threat posed by violent, right-wing extremism in Australia with experts warning against public complacency.” 28th January 2017

176. LINK – “Man, 26, charged with five terrorism offences”. NAME: Lee Edward Griffiths. 26th January 2017

175. LINK – “Melbourne car deaths: Four killed as driver strikes pedestrians” (“FAKE NEWS). NAME: Dimitrious Gargasoulas. 20th January 2017

174. LINK – “Bradford teen accused of planning terror attack ‘called Jo Cox’s killer a hero’” Brief mention of the accused: ” A teenager accused of making a pipe bomb in preparation for a terrorist act celebrated the killing of MP Jo Cox on the day she died, praising her murderer as a hero, a court has heard.” 17th January 2017

173. LINK – “German police investigating ‘neo-Nazi terror plot’ after bomb branded with swastika discovered”: “Two alleged supporters of a neo-Nazi terrorist group have been arrested after 155kg of explosives were discovered in Germany.” 14th January 2017

172. LINK – “A self-proclaimed survivalist and “patriot” from Clifton who had gunpowder and chemicals at his home has been jailed for four years.” NAME: Roger Smith. 13th January 2017

171. LINK – “Hundreds of Muslim girls being forced into converting to Hinduism in UP (Uttar Pradesh)” 13th January 2017

170. LINK – “Survivors claim Myanmar Army taking away young Rohingya women as sex slaves” 13th January 2017

169. LINK – “Christian Terrorism Does Exist”

168. LINK – “Central African Republic: Mayhem by New GroupMurders, Rapes by 3R Armed Group in Northwest” – “Christian militias in Central African Republic ‘burnt witches at stake‘, says UN report” 20th December 2016

167. LINK – “Christian groups are reviewing their security after a suspected car bomb was set off outside an Australian Christian Lobby office, although police don’t believe it was motivated by religious or political issues.” 22nd December 2016

166. LINK – “White supremacist gets 30 years prison for his plot to kill Muslims and Obama”. NAME: Glendon Scott Crawford. 19th December 2016

165. LINK – “‘This bomb is for the Queen‘: Chilling threat of man who plotted against Her Majesty“. NAME: Donal Billings. 15th December 2016

164. LINK – “Burma’s Rohingya Muslims speak of massacres and rape as government denies genocide” 14th December 2016

163. LINK – “South Sudan faces ‘Rwanda-like’ genocide, UN human rights commission warns” (Both Leaders who started conflict are Christians, Names: Salva Kiir and Riek Machar). 14th December 2016

162. LINK – “Forest Hill Knife Man Shouted ‘Go back to Syria, Death to Muslims'”

161. LINK – “Burmese military killed seven of my children, says Rohingya refugee” 10th December 2016

160. LINK – “Local mayor (Politician) and two journalists in Finland are shot dead by a sniper” 4th December 2016

159. LINK – “32-year-old Islam convert hacked to death in Malappuram” (India). Brief comment: “The police said that Faizal’s conversion to Islam six months ago has been identified as the motive for the murder”. 28th November 2016

158. LINK – “Call Jo Cox’s murder what it was: an act of political terrorism committed by a white fascist” (Jo Cox’s murder was followed by 50,000 tweets celebrating her death)NAME: Thomas Mair.  25th November 2016

157. LINK – “Patriot’ bought gunpowder and crossbows to ‘protect Britain from Lee Rigby style attack” (Anarchist). NAME: Roger Smith. 16th November 2016

156. LINK – “British-Pakistani man left with horrific burns after acid attack in London” (HATE CRIME). Victim’s name: Imran Khan. 17th November 2016

155. LINK – “VIDEO: Myanmar army throw Rohingya children into fire in front of their mothers”. 15th November 2016

154. LINK – “Burmese soldiers accused of raping and killing Rohingya Muslims“, 31 October 2016

153. LINK – “‘A fight of Christ’: Scottish extremist backs armed thugs who hunt down asylum seekers“. 24th October 2016

152. LINK – “North Greenwich Tube ‘bomb’ suspect posted video of himself shooting a gun two weeks ago”. NAME: Damon Smith. 24th October 2016

151. LINK – “Germany police shooting: Four officers injured during raid on far-right ‘Reichsbürger’ in Georgensgmünd” (“NEO-NAZI” – “ANTI-GOVERNMENT“). NAME: Wolfgang P. 19th October 2016

150. LINK – “Feds: Right Wing Militia Plotted Nov. 9 Bomb Attack On Muslim Immigrants In Kansas”. NAMES: Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright and Patrick Eugene Stein. This group called themselves “crusaders” (1, 2, 3). Brief statement on the incident from Talking Points Memo:
“The feds arrested three members of a right wing militia for allegedly planning to detonate explosives at an apartment complex in Garden City, Kansas, with Somali Muslims specifically the target, law enforcement announced at Friday.” – 14th October 2016

149. LINK – “The Rohingya Are At The Brink Of Mass Genocide11th October 2016 (Buddhist)

148. LINK – “BREAKING: Man In Full Hitler Uniform Shoots 9 People In Brutal Attack (DETAILS). NAME: Nathan DeSai. September 26, 2016

147 . LINK – “Christians ‘Hung On A Cross Over Fire’, Steamrollered And Crushed To Death In North Korea”, 23 September 2016

147. LINK – “Christian militias in Central African Republic ‘burnt witches at stake’, says UN report” Brief comment: “Christians in The Central African Republic execute more people every year for witchcraft in the name of Jesus than all the Muslims in the Middle East do according to the UN.” 2015

146. LINK – “German mosque, conference centre attacked with homemade explosives, Sept. 27, 2016

145. LINK – “Crude explosives hurled near mosque in Coimbatore”, October 1, 2016

144. LINK – Houston man arrested in plot to blow up a building. NAME: Cary Lee Ogborn, 19th September 2016

143. LINK – “Indianapolis man arrested, accused of planning act of domestic terrorism“. NAME: Christopher Byrne, 29th August 2016. Brief statement from news reports what he got caught with:
“During a search of his car following the arrest, officers found a Ruger 10-22 rifle with 100 rounds of ammunition. A scope and homemade suppressor were attached to the rifle. In the back seat of the car, water bottles full of bleach and ammonia were found. Although the bleach and ammonia had not been combined at the time of the traffic stop, when they are combined these items form a toxic gas in the open or a destructive device if mixed together in a sealed container, prosecutors say.”

142. LINK – “Massachusetts Man Accused of Stockpiling Weapons to Kill Police, Muslims, and President Obama”, NAME: Joseph Garguilo, 29th August 2016

141. LINK – Sandy Hook truther charged with plotting mass shooting to protect 2nd Amendment from ‘f*ggots’. Brief statement: “Calling himself a ‘Christian warrior,’ Cuellar bragged that he would use his weapons as the Founding Fathers intended, killing,’ gays, faggots, lesbians and satanists.'” “TERROR ATTACK” NAME: Bryce Cuellar 26th August 2016

140. LINK – Royal Marine arrested over suspected Northern Ireland terrorist plot. Brief statement: “An armour-piercing improvised rocket and two anti-personnel mines were among the cache recovered at Capanagh in May. Several pipe bombs, magazines and ammunition for an assault rifle were discovered in barrels in purpose-built holes in woodland. Also found were bomb component parts and command wires.” (Guilty) NAME Ciaran Maxwell 24th August 2016

139. LINK – “Most Boko Haram Members Are Christian – Report” by ‘Daniel Finnan 26th August 2016

138. LINK – German Interior Minister, ‘Evidence That Shooter Converted To Christianity’. David Ali Sonboly, 24th July 2016

137. LINK – From floor to ceiling rubbish in every room to mowing the lawn at 9pm: The disturbing behaviour of ‘Pumpkin Pete’ – who ‘tried to blow up Merrylands police station with a car bomb’. NAME: Peter Zhurawel, 21 July 2016

136. LINK – “Christians Destroy Ancient Indigenous Temple in Mexico”. 28th June 2016

135. LINK – Right-wing militant charged for planting a bomb at BLM building. NAME: William Keebler. 23rd June 2016. UPDATE on Keebler, from Fox News:

“SALT LAKE CITY – Authorities say a Utah militia group leader accused of trying to blow up a federally owned cabin in Arizona also cased mosques and military facilities. FBI agent Steve Daniels testified in Salt Lake City on Wednesday that William Keebler took video of an unidentified mosque before settling on the remote cabin to target.”

134. LINK – “Nazi Family“: Weapons Cache and Bomb-Making Instructions Found at Long Island Home. NAME: Edward Perkowski, 16th June 2016

133. LINK – Thomas Mair Shouted “Britain First”, While Murdering MP Jo Cox.  ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center‘ has also uncovered details that he was “longtime supporter of the neo-Nazi National Alliance” (NA). NAME Thomas Mair (Or known as Tommy Mair). 16th June 2016

132. LINK – LRA rebels step up attacks, abduct children in C.Africa: UN. Brief statement on what the LRA do by Radio Vaticana:
“The Lord’s Resistance Army rebels, who mutilate civilians and kidnap children to use as fighters and sex slaves, stepped-up attacks and abductions in the Central African Republic during the first three months of this year, the United Nations said on Wednesday.” – 13th June 2016

131. LINK – James Howell Arrested With Guns And Explosives Heading To L.A. Gay Pride Festival. NAME: James Howell, 12th June 2016

130. LINK – Small bomb blows up Target bathroom while company faces right-wing wrath for transgender policy. 9th June 2016

129. LINK – A Frenchman was planning mass attacks during Euro 2016 has been arrested. The man, who is reported to have far right links, allegedly had over 100 kg of explosives, rocket launchers and Kalashnikovs. NAME: Gregoire Moutaux, 7th June 2016

128. LINK – Far-right racist terror surges in Europe as Austrian neo-Nazi who threatened to massacre refugees is arrested. “The 20-year-old suspected Nazi “repeatedly told friends that he wanted to ‘shoot dead all asylum-seekers with his shotgun’ at a refugee center,” Upper Austria police said. He also used neo-Nazi language and sent a friend text messages that included “National Socialist ideology,” they added. Police raided his home and found several weapons and ammunition. They also found wartime Nazi memorabilia.” 1 June 2016

127. LINK – Concert killer was neo-Nazi ‘Blood and Honour‘ member. BRIEF DETAILS: “The gunman who opened fire with a Kalashnikov at a rock concert leaving three people including the attacker dead and 11 hospitalised was a skinhead member of extremist neo-Nazi group “Blood and Honour”. Interesting how the media have not labelled this man a terrorist for killing three people. The media have quickly made an excuse that it is related to “domestic issues”, yes you couldn’t make it up. This crazy mad-man shooting over ten people and killing three was not terrorism related according to the biased and warmongering media. NAME: Gregor S. 24th May 2016

126. LINK – “Top Jewish Terror Suspect Meir Ettinger Freed From Israeli Detention” – Haaretz, 1 June 2016

125. LINK – Pennsylvania twins accused in bombing spree. NAME: Caleb Tate and Daniel Tate. 18th May 2016

124. LINK – Three people have been shot inside 24 hours in West Belfast this week, prompting fears the terror group may be increasing its activities. (NEW IRA – IRA) 11th May 2016

123. LINK – “Racist Trump Fan Arrested With Stockpile Of Pipe Bombs After Threatening Obama”. NAME: John Martin roos. 29th April 2016

122. LINK – Explosion injures 3 at Sikh temple in western Germany. “According to witnesses, a masked assailant threw an explosive device into the Gurdwara Nanaksar Sikh Temple in Essen, Germany.” 16th April 2016

121. LINK – “Muslims Killed by ISIS for Helping Christians Escape al-Qaryatain”. 15th April 2016

120. LINK –  Sydney man charged after car found with explosives, guns in Strathfield South Australia). NAME: Giuseppe Mangolini. 12 April 2016

119. LINK – Michael Piggin case: Loughborough Burleigh College named as ‘planned target‘. NAMES: Michael Piggin, Jacob Crouch and Ryan Towell. 9th April 2016

118. LINK – Christian pastor who shot up the Capitol today screamed “I’m a prophet of God!”

117. LINK – “Trump supporter gets 90-day jail term and probation for plot to bomb Muslims”. NAME: William Celli. 25th March 2016

116. LINK – Radovan Karadzic found guilty of genocide. March 24, 2016

115. LINK – Lord’s Resistance Army Abducted 217 People In Central Africa, Did You Hear About It? 16th March 2016

114. LINK – Tipu Sultan: Extreme views of South Shields killer are revealed as he is jailed. Michael McDougall. 15th March 2016

113. LINK – Sunderland attacker claims God told him to stab Asian stranger in the neck.NAME: Michael Hilton, 21st March 2016

112. LINK – Hindu radicals ‘torture, hang to death’ two Muslim cattle traders in Jharkhand. 18 March 2016

111. LINK – The article mentions the “killer” had material that indicates he was ideologically radicalised by “racism, Nazism, and anti-Muslim sentiment”. NAME: Anton Lundin Pettersson. 8th March 2016

110. LINK – Haul of explosives including hand-made grenades and detonators found at home of Liversedge woman. NAME: Heather Anne Exley. (or John). 7th March 2016

109. LINK – East Belfast: Prison officer injured after bomb explodes under van (BBC.co.uk). 4th March 2016

108. LINK – ‘Racist thug’ gets life for murdering Muslim pensioner
“To cause harm to another human being because of their race, ethnicity, or religious belief is simply beyond reproach, I will never understand how anybody can treat another person in such a callous and inhumane manner.” NAMES: Dale Jones and Damien Hunt. 1st March 2016

107. LINK – Parish council chairman had enough guns to arm nine coach-loads of terrorists.
Officers found the terrifying collection of 463 firearms – including rifles, machine guns and an anti-tank missile along with 200,000 rounds of ammunition – at the home of crane operator James Arnold, 49, in Wyverstone, Suffolk. NAME: James Arnold. 19 February 2016

106. LINK – Masked men, armed with machetes and knives, burst into the house and threatened the family. Screaming ‘We are going to kill you Isis scum’. 4th February 2016

105. LINK – Halal butcher’s shop sprayed with bullets in Corsica, France. 3rd February 2016

104. LINK – Militant member of ‘United States Patriot Army’ busted in Florida with shrapnel-filled bombs. Michael Ramos. 2 February 2016

103. LINK – Someone tried to blow up a refugee shelter in Germany with a hand grenade. “Asylum seekers were asleep in the building at the time and police said it was just ‘luck’ that the grenade did not detonate.” – The Independent 29th January 2016

102. LINK – New Hampshire militant busted after buying grenades to bring back ‘the original Constitution’. NAME: Daniel E, Musso Sr. 29th January 2016

101. LINK – “The Jewish Equivalent of ISIS” – written by Moshe Arens. 27th December 2015 (Haaretz)

100. LINK – ‘Responsible’ Gun-Owning Christian Lady Shoots Woman In Face For Not Believing In God. NAME: Anitra Braxton. 28th December 2015

99. LINK – Israeli Jew Sentenced to 21 Months for Stabbing Arab in Politically Motivated Crime. Oz Segal took a kitchen knife, approached an Arab street cleaner and stabbed him in the back while yelling ‘Death to Arabs!’ NAME: Oz Segal.  Jan 11, 2016 (Haaretz)

98. LINK – ‘Neo-Nazi plot to attack refugee centre with explosives and knives’ foiled by police in Germany. (The Independent) 23 October 2015

97. LINK – Two Israelis Found Guilty Burning Alive of Palestinian Kid. DECEMBER 18, 2015

96. LINK – “Forcibly converted to Christianity, hung by the wrists from a ceiling fan, starved for days and beaten mercilessly for failing to recite Bible passages — this is what a nine-year-old boy said he had to endure at an illegal shelter.” India. 8th January 2016

95. LINK – Hate crime. Man who wore Jewish yarmulke skullcap shot at Muslims, said he had a hatred for Muslims. He murdered one innocent person and wounded few others. The gun-man Identified his faith as being Jewish and Christian. NAME: Anthony Torres. 9th January 2016

94. LINK – Trump supporter charged in plot to bomb Muslims: ‘I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world’. NAME: William Celli. 21 December 2015

93. LINK – FBI Foils KKK Plot To Build “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” To Kill American Muslims. NAME: Glen Crawford and Eric Feight. 17 December 2015

92. LINK – Suspect in Meriden Mosque Shooting Charged With Hate Crime. NAME: Ted A. Hakey Jr. 18 December 2015

91. LINK – LATEST: CCTV released after IED planted in shopping centre. 17 December 2015

90. LINK – White terrorist in Sweden kills three in racially-motivated sword attack on school. NAME: Anton Lundin-Pettersson. 4th December 2015

89. LINK – FBI anti-terrorism unit busts racist ‘hit group’ leader buying machine guns to ‘execute’ Jews and blacks. NAME:  Shane Robert Smith. 2 December 2015

88. LINK – Planned Parenthood calls Colorado shooting ‘domestic terrorism’. (FAITH: Christianity) NAME: Robert Lewis Dear. 29 November 2015

87. LINK – FBI arrests Stanwood man with possible link to domestic terrorism. NAME: Schuyler Barbeau. 9th December 2015

86. LINK – Man Charged with Using Explosive Device at Falls Church Mosque. NAME: Chester H. Gore. 23 November 2015

85. LINK – A member of far-right group United Patriots Front has been charged with illegally possessing weapons and a bomb-making manual days before an anti-mosque rally in Melbourne. NAME: Phillip Galea. 19 November 2015 (Faith: Christian)

84. LINK – Surprise! Another Christian Terrorist. Name: Richard White. 21st March 2015

83. LINK – Federal agents bust up plot by Virginia white supremacists to shoot up black churches to start a race war. NAMES: Robert Doyle, Ronald Beasley Chaney and Charles Halderman. 10 November 2015

82. LINK – Former Pembroke man sentenced for domestic terrorism. NAME: Robert James Talbot Jr. November 7, 2015

81. LINK – A man with a prior criminal record will spend five years in federal prison after confessing to detonating a pipe bomb early this year outside a Colorado Springs building housing an NAACP office and a hair salon. NAME: Thaddeus Cheyenne Murphy. 5 November 2015

80. LINK – In Freital – a trouble in recent weeks where right-wingers even tried to assassinate a left-wing politician with a car bomb because of his support for a local refugees at his home town – there was another firebomb attack against an apartment building housing eight migrants. The bomb exploded against the bedroom window of a resident who was wounded with shrapnel in the face. November 2, 2015 (VICTIM: Left wing politician Michael Richter).

79. LINK – Confederate flag lover throws bomb inside Walmart after online threat: ‘No messing around anymore’. NAME: Marshall W. Leonard. 02 NOV 2015

78. LINK – 13 Far-Right Terrorists in Custody in Germany in Plot to Attack Refugees. 22 October 2015

77. LINK – Swedish school killer watched Nazi videos before attack. Channel 4 reports that the terrorist “selected the victims. Those who had darker skin were subjected to the attack.” In fact those killed in the attack, two of them were Muslim. NAME: Anton Lundin Pettersson.  23 October 2015 (Sweden)

76. LINK – How Hindutva Terrorist Men Treat Hindu Women as Property, Muslim Women as Property and Muslim Men as Criminals. (POINT 8). October 5, 2015

75. LINK – 4 California high school students arrested over plot to ‘shoot and kill as many people as possible’ on campus. Notice, no names or pictures because they are juveniles. I have seen a lot of Black “JUVENILES” names and pictures posted in the media for wrong doing. 4th October 2015 (Raw Story).

74. LINK – Details emerge about Oregon killer — a self-described conservative who loved guns and conspiracy theories. NAME: Chris Harper Mercer.  1st October 2015

73. LINK – Neo-Nazi says he had ‘good intentions‘ for Jewish community center killings during start of trial: ‘I had good, moral reasons’. NAME: Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. 25 August 2015

72. LINK – Kansas abortion clinic linked to George Tiller evacuated after man brings in ‘active’ bomb. 18th August 2015

71. LINK – New York white supremacist blows off his own leg while making bombs at his house: prosecutors. NAME: Michael O’Neill. 06 August 2015

70. LINK – FBI: Men Arrested For Making Explosives To Resist Government. 3 August 2015

69. LINK – Liam Lyburd admits having pipe bombs, explosives, a 9mm handgun and expanding ammunition, but denies intent to endanger life. 23 July 2015

68. LINK – Two Teenagers Plot To Bomb Buckingham Palace & Houses Of Parliament Foiled. 23 July 2015

67. LINK – Neo-Nazi Hacked Sikh Man With Machete Because He thought He Was Muslim. 14 July 2015

66. LINK – Charleston massacre was a hate crime, a terrorist attack — and part of a pattern. NAME: Dylann Storm Roof, 23 June 2015

65. LINK – Two teenagers’ plot to make bombs and blow up Buckingham Palace was foiled when they were rumbled by one of their mothers, 22 June 2015

64. LINK – Terrorist Robert Doggart Arrested For Planning To Massacre NY Muslim Community, 17th May 2015

63. LINK – Right-Wing Supremacist (Aryan) Planned Terror Attack Against Ethnic Minorities And Prince Charles, 14th May 2015

62. LINK – 4 Suspected Terrorists Arrested Planning To Bomb Muslims And Refugees in Germany, 6th May 2015

61. LINK – Far-Right Extremist Jailed For Threatening To Blow Up Newspaper Offices, 9th May 2015

60. LINK – Christian Militia Rape And Kill Muslim Children In Central African Republic (TERRORISM), 22nd April 2015

59. LINKMilitia Christian Tarok ethnic group killed over 600 Muslimsin Nigeria in 2004.

58. LINK – Imbonerakure youth group from the country of Burundi, who defend Christian president Pierre Nkurunziza, the group have been labelled as terrorists because of the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. Imbonerakure, is active group formed in 2010. HRW states:
“Members of the imbonerakure—the youth league of the ruling National Council for the Defense of Democracy-Forces for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD)—committed acts of violence, including killings, beatings, rape, threats, and extortion against their perceived opponents and other Burundians.”

55. LINK – Georgia ‘Patriot’ Plants Bombs And Fake Evidence Trying To Blame The Muslim community, 25 March 2015

54. LINK – KKK Member Facing Trial For Anti-Muslim Death Ray Is Too Poor To Be A Terrorist, Attorney Claims, 2nd April 2015

53. LINK – “Between 2004-2013, the UK suffered 400 terrorist attacks, mostly in Northern Ireland, and almost all of them were non-lethal.” – BBC. 20th January 2015

52. LINK – France: Atheist Jailed For Using Grenades To Attack A French Mosque, 7th January 2015

51. LINK – Thaddeus Murphy Arrested For January Colorado Springs NAACP Bombing, 20th February 2015

50. LINK – Nail Bomber David Copeland In Solitary ‘After Brutal Attack On Fellow Prisoner’, 24th Janaury 2015

49. LINK – Twenty-six mosques around France have been subject to attack by firebombs, gunfire, pig heads, and grenades as Muslims are targeted with violence in the wake of the Paris attacks. 14 January 2015

48. LINK – The Right-Wing Terror Plot You Didn’t Hear About This Week, 7th January 2015

47. LINK – Christian Militias In CAR Have Carried Out Ethnic Cleansing Of The Muslim Population, (FORCED CONVERSION) 13 Janaury 2015

46. LINK – Newcastle University student Vladimir Aust jailed over bomb scare. 17 October 2014

45. LINK – American Christian Man Arrested For Alleged Plot To Bomb Muslim Holy Sites, 9th December 2014

44. LINK – Britain First Group Are Liking Facebook Comments Encouraging ‘Dynamiting’ Mosques, 19th April 2015

43. LINK – Video: Hindus Train Young Girls To Bomb, Shoot And Murder Muslims, 8th December 2014

42. LINK – Men Fined For Threatening To ‘torch’ And ‘Blow Up’ Mosque On Facebook, 8th December 2014

41. LINK – Austin Gunman Linked To Extremist Christian Group, Police Say, 6th December 2014

40. LINK – Zionist Fanatic Who Beheaded Maid Wanted to Join Israeli Fight Against Hamas, 11 th December 2014

39. LINK – Racist Letter Bomb Duo Tried To Send Explosives To Halifax Solicitor, 5th December 2014

38. LINK – Transgender Ex-Soldier Hoarded Stash Of Military Grade Explosives & Ammunition, September 2014

37. LINK – Neo-Nazi Accused Of Planning Cynanide Attacks, 22 August 2014

36. LINK – Australian Police Investigating ‘Terror Maps’ Found In A House, 21st ugust 2014

35. LINK – Four Arrested For Sending Letter Bombs, 21 August 2014

34. LINK – Joseph Caleca Yelled “Anti-Muslim” Remarks Before Hitting Sikh Man With His Truck, 20th August 2014

33. LINK – Mark Colborne – Appeared At Magistrates’ Court Charged With ‘Preparing A Terrorist Act’, 2nd July 2014

32. LINK – 2 Jewish Defence League Members Jailed For 2012 Attempted Bombing, 30th June 2014

31. LINK – If the Las Vegas Killers Were Muslims We’d Call Them Terrorists, 10th June 2014

30. LINK – Ray Lengend charged in firebombing of mosque found fit to stand trial, 9th June 2014

29. LINK – Former nurse and soldier, Joanne Morris, admits bomb-making charges and possessing shotgun, 7th May 2014

28. LINK – ‘Evil’ Terrorist who plotted to bomb mosques plays computer game in a Nazi Hat. NAME: Ian Forman, 1 May 2014

27. LINK – Jailed: ‘Obsessive loner’ who planted bomb in postbox and sent child porn to schools, 19th March 2014

26. LINK – A 55-year-old Man Arrested After ‘Explosives’ Found, 8th March 2014

25. LINK – An 18-year-old Leicestershire man, charged with two terrorism offences, planned a Columbine-style massacre, an Old Bailey jury has heard, 4th March 2014

24. LINK – FBI: Men planned guerilla war against federal agencies,  22 february 2014

23. LINK – Another non-terrorist non-Muslim Plane Hijacker: The Sochi Plot, 8th February 2014

22. LINK – Neo-Nazi cell survivor in dock for biggest German terror trial for decades. NAME: Beate Zschäpe. (Commentary: This woman killed many Turkish Muslims in Germany). 6 May 2013

21. LINK – White supremacists accused of planning for ‘race war’ in Florida, 8th May 2012


19. LINK – For the past 18 years a rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has abducted more than 20,000 children. One and half million civilians have been displaced and an estimated 100,000 people killed. But while the Ugandan government says it can defeat the rebels using the gun, others hope for a more peaceful resolution. 25 October, 2004

18. LINK – Neo-Nazi jailed for planning racist bombing campaign

17. LINK – Neo-Nazi Ian Davison (and his son) jailed for 10 years for making chemical weapon and trying to murder Muslims.  14 May 2010

16. LINK – Many Christians cringe when Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik is described as a “Christian terrorist.” But that is what he is. 27/07/2011

15. LINK – The Cross and The Sword The Making of Christian Taliban in Ukraine,  18. 03. 2015

14. LINK – Northern Ireland solicitor gets 10 years for inciting loyalist terrorists to murder. Name: Manmohan “Johnny” Sandhu, 5 June 2009

13. LINK – Racist who had bomb kit jailed for campaign against couple. Name: Nathan Worrell, 13th December 2008

12. LINK – Teenager convicted of ultra rightwing terror plot. Name: Nicky Davison, 30 April 2010

11. LINK – South Sudan (Christian) army raped then burnt girls alive: UN. June 30, 2015

10. LINK – Hindu holy man reveals truth of terror attacks blamed on Muslims. (The Independent) 12 January 2011

9. LINK – Convert or we will kill you, Hindu lynch mobs tell fleeing Christians. 19 October 2008

8. LINK – White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States. Jun 24, 2015

7. LINK – Burma’s Million-Strong Rohingya Population Faces ‘Final Stages of Genocide,’ Says Report.  Oct. 28, 2015

6. LINK – The two weeks that shattered the capital. NAME: David Copeland.

5. LINK – US government agents say they have thwarted a plan by two conspirators to kill the White House front-runner and shoot or decapitate 102 black people. NAMES: Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman. 27 Oct 2008

4. LINK – Rachelle Ranae “Shelley” Shannon (born March 31, 1956) is an anti-abortion Christian right terrorist from Grants Pass, Oregon. She shot George Tiller in both arms outside his abortion clinic in Wichita on August 19, 1993

3. LINK – Timothy James McVeigh (April 23, 1968 – June 11, 2001) was an American terrorist who detonated a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.

2. LINK – Soldier jailed for making nailbomb avoids terror charge. NAME: Ryan McGee. 28 November 2014 (EDL Member)

1. LINK – Man arrested over Harwood bomb incident. (Bolton).  14 January 2013

1. LINK – Is the Burmese Military Keeping Rohingya Women As Sex Slaves? From the news article:
“The evidence I obtained during my week in Sittwe strongly implies that the Burmese military is imprisoning Rohingya women from the Arakhan region and using them as sex slaves.” 12th April 2013

1. LINK – “Christian militia members held for plot to kill policeman and bomb funeral” 30th March 2010

1. LINK – “A former DUP council candidate has been sentenced to eight years for his part in a “naked sectarian” pipe-bomb attack on one of his Catholic Polish neighbours.” NAME: John Smyth Junior. 18th April 2013



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Americans are 4 times more likely to say “killing civilians is sometimes justified” than Muslims in Middle East (GALLUP Survey)

Muslims Less Likely to Support Violence Than Other Religions, Says Research (Nonprofitquarterly.org)

New Report Claims Many Boko Haram Members Are Christians (Nigerian Newspaper, Naij.com)

270 Million lie  Or this Link -([K. S. Lal’s] work has come under criticism by historians such as Simon Digby (School of Oriental and African Studies) and Irfan Habib for its agenda and lack of accurate data in pre-census times.
(…) Disputers of the “conversion by the sword theory” point to the presence of the large Muslim communities found in Southern India, Sri Lanka, Western Burma, Bangladesh, Southern Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia coupled with the distinctive lack of equivalent Muslim communities around the heartland of historical Muslim empires in the Indian subcontinent as refutation to the “conversion by the sword theory”. The legacy of the Muslim conquest of South Asia is a hotly debated issue and argued even today. Different population estimates by economics historian Angus Maddison and by Jean-Noël Biraben also indicate that India’s population did not decrease between 1000 and 1500, but increased by about 35 million during that time. (Online Source) (1)

The Myth of Destroyed Hindu Temples and Forced Conversion of Hindus by Historical Muslim Rulers of India ()



Israel Fire: Police Deny Claims That Blazes Were Caused by ‘Terrorism’” 29th November 2016 (Haaretz.com)

India Muslim women ‘raped’ in fatal attack ‘over beef’” (1, 2)

What Aurangzeb did to preserve Hindu temples (and protect non-Muslim religious leaders)” Historian Audrey Truschke’s new book examines one of the convenient myths imposed by India’s colonial rules. (* * *)

One in three terror suspects in the UK is white, far-right extremism grows” (INDEPENDENT.CO.UK) (* *)


People Killed By Terrorism Per Year In Western Europe 1970-2015” (* *)

– “[Archives] The Mughals came to India as conquerors but remained as Indians not colonists. They subsumed their identity as well as the group’s identity with India and became inseparable from it, says professor Mukhia, giving rise to an enduring culture and history.” (“No, Mughals didn’t loot India. They made us rich” [16th September, 2017] https://www.dailyo.in/politics/mughals-contribution-indian-economy-rich-culture-tourism-british/story/1/19549.html )

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  1. the first link i checked, from russia today, about Boko Haram being (to quote you) “mostly Christian”, doesnt actually support your claim. are your other links more trustworthy?


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