German Interior Minister, ‘Evidence That Shooter Converted To Christianity’

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The narrative that was pushed for the past 24 hours that the Munich shooter being falsely portrayed as an Iranian “Muslim/Jihadi terrorist”, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, based on a pseudo and unverified story, contradicts all the evidence that has come to light from the German authorities.

The Police see an “obvious link” between Friday’s killings and Andres Breivik’s massacre of 77 innocent people in Norway on the exact day five years ago.

Andres Breveik, Screenshot credit: New York Daily News Youtube video

Andres Breveik, Screenshot credit: New York Daily News Youtube video

German authorities have found evidence that he was a right-wing sympathiser, who had the killer Andres Breivik on his Whattsapp, as his profile picture. He was a German nationalist who followed and searched about Andres Breivik on his computer. He was described as being ‘obsessed with mass shootings in schools’.  It has also been emerged that the gunman, researched school killing sprees before going on a rampage.

Even when the German Police and newspapers had identified the murderer as David Ali Sonboly, newspapers in America and outside Germany omitted his first name ‘David’. Deleted his first name ‘David’, and instead used his middle name ‘Ali’ as his first name. It seems as though they want to push this narrative out that he was a ‘Muslim’, when in reality the Germany’s interior minister came out today and told Berlin reporters that there is ‘evidence’ to suggest that he was a convert to ‘Christianity’. The Guardian:

Inevitably, there continues to be much speculation on social media about Sonboly’s religious background. The German interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, said there was some evidence he was a Christian.


Screenshot from DW | Politics twitter account

Screenshot from DW | Politics Twitter account

It has also been emerged that David Ali Sonboly was bullied in his school for many years and had mental health issues.

It has been reported also that David S. may have known some of the victims, he hacked into another person’s Facebook account to lure people to McDonald and shot them.

A total of nine people were shot dead and two dozen or more injured. Majority of the victims killed were from Muslim immigrant families. Three were from Turkish background, the other three were from Kosovo, one from Greece and two German.

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