6 Facts About Munich And The Killer David S.

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6 Facts About Munich And The Killer David S.

1. German authorities and newspapers have identified the killer as David S. David is his first name. His full name is David Ali Sonboly, who was born and bred in Germany, has a Iranian descent.

SkyNews Twitter

SkyNews Twitter

His friend who was interviewed said that he is from a Romanian family, maybe his father or mother is married to a Romanian.

Screenshot credit: New York Daily News Youtube video

Andres Breveik, Screenshot credit: New York Daily News Youtube video

2. ‎Munich‬ police have said that the gunman had ‘link’ to ‪Far-Right‬ Norwegian killer, Anders ‪Breivik‬.
Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Breivik’s terrorist attacks in Norway, which killed 77 people.

The gunman who killed nine people in Munich was obsessed with mass shootings and had an obvious link to Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, German police say.”

The Mirror have reported that the Munich killer David S. had picture of Anders Breivik as his Whatsapp profile.

The killer Ali Sonbaly, 18, had a picture of Anders Breivik as his Whatsapp profile, according to reports.
BILD newspaper has spoken to a schoolfriend who said he was a “fan of mass murders”.

3. He has a history of depression and had been in psychiatric care, receiving treatment for his depression.

4. The German Police have ruled out Terrorism. Police spokesman Peter Beck said officials “don’t yet know what triggered the crime” but that there was no clear political motivation. They have confirmed that the Munich gunman who killed nine people ‘obsessed with mass shootings’, and most likely a far-right, right-wing sympathiser.

5. The New York Correspondent Rukmini Callimachi, she reported on twitter that David Ali Sonboly was bullied in school. Few months down the line, David Sonboly had an altercation with another person he had threatened to “go on a shooting rampage.”

One 14-year-old resident of the building who went to the same high school as the shooter said that he had been severely bullied in school.
She claims that he had an altercation several months ago with a classmate at school and threatened to “go on a shooting rampage.”

6. Vast Majority of those killed were most probably Muslims. Three victims are from Turkey, three more are from Kosovo, one from Greece. The rest of the victims we don’t know much about. Turkey and Kosovo are majority Muslim countries, most likely the victims are Muslim.

“The three Turks killed by an 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman were named as Sevda Dag, Can Leyla and Selcuk Kilic by the minister on NTV television.”

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  1. Supremacist ideologies are toxic, be they based on religion (like Islam, Christianity etc.k), race or nation.

    In most of cases these killers are driven by supremacist ideologies.

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