Forest Hill Knife Man Shouted “Go back to Syria, Death to Muslims”

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It is reported from multiple British newspapers that a man stabbed a passenger on a train, near a station in South London, before chasing people and shouting “ I want to kill a Muslim”, witnessed have said.

Witnesses on the train have said that the knifeman stabbed up a man while he was sitting with his wife.

The victim is in his 40s, he has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The attacker was chasing people and suddenly came to face to face with a Hijabi woman. Some witnesses told reporters they heard him ask the Hijabi Muslim woman, “where is your man?”.


Other witnesses have said he was chasing people non-stop looking to stab any Muslim.

One witness reported that the knifeman had hatred towards Syrian refugees:

“He was walking towards me and he was shouting stuff like “Death to Muslims” and “Go back to Syria”.

The victim’s wife, Kulsuma, has also spoken about this ordeal on the train. Kulsuma said the attacker kept stabbing her husband, Muhammed Askar, in the head and chest, at the same time shouting “Go back to Syria“.

Shellby Curry, from Forest Hill, London, was with her one-year old child when she saw the knife man “waving what looked to be a knife in his hand” near the station and screaming words like:

“Muslims f***ing hate them, kill them all”.

This is no doubt this was a terror attack on another human being as a result of him following a religion. What will happen in the coming days? Here are some of the things that are predicted:

1. The mainstream media and politicians will not take any responsibility for the poisonous environment they have created in the UK.

2. The media in the UK will show caution in how they cover the subject at hand and label the killer as having “mental health” issues.

3. The police will not label it a terror attack because this would mean that there are non-Muslim terrorists. Just as they did not label Jo Cox’s murderer, Thomas Mair, who cold bloody slaughtered a politician in broad daylight shouting “Britain First”. [1] [2] [3] [4]

4. Anti-Muslim and anti-Syrian refugee poison will continue on the social media by far-right, and neo-nazi groups.

What makes a man go out of his home and randomly attack innocent Muslims? Is the media to blame? Are some politicians to blame for creating anti-Muslim, anti-Syrian refugee environment? Are far-right groups to blame for creating this toxic environment of hating Muslims and refugees fleeing war?

This type of attack(s) will continue if the government does not pass laws to protect the Muslim community and refugees from the poisonous environment far-right and neo-Nazis have created online.

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[1] “MP Louise Haigh ‘facing death threats’ after proposing debate on Britain First”
[2] “Female MP received death threats for calling for ban on Britain First”
[3] “Labour MP reveals the sick death threats she received for proposing a ban on Britain First”
[4] “How Britain First Pays Facebook To Push Anti-Islam Videos Into Your News Feed”

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