Right-Wing Australians “wishing that Muslims were burnt to death” in Mosque

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A suspected arson attack was reported by 7 News Melbourne. 7 News Melbourne posted the details in regards to this arson attack on their Facebook page. They said that vandals had torched an Islamic centre in Melbourne’s north, on Lowson Street in Fawkner and sprayed words on the building.

Many comments left on the Facebook post by people, they were happy to see the mosque being burned down. Other comments left wished that innocent Muslim worshippers were inside the mosque so that they could be burned alive. Although some people tried to counter the hate comments, unfortunately, the hatemongers were a lot more in numbers. The positive comments were drowned by the right-wingers spewing hate.

Islamophobia, anti-Muslim hatred is very widespread in the Western World. Politicians need to take action that this type of behaviour is not acceptable. The media have for far too long being complacent given a negative picture of the Muslim community. So much so, they actively dehumanise Muslims as if they are not humans.

These are just some of the screenshots I have taken from the Facebook post:





This is what happens when the media and some politicians openly dehumanise and spread hate against Muslims.


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  1. If there are any good muslims about, they need to step up their game and actively participate in routing out the reasons why so many people are becoming anti muslim. More and more people are islamaphobic everyday. Why is that?

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