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Christmas Bully Smashed Bottle Over Muslim Woman’s Back

Here is the video footage of the 33-year-old Australian Muslim, mum of four who had a beer bottle smashed over her back in an unprovoked attack outside of a Perth Coles, in Australia, on Friday night. Islamophobia Register Australia facilitated this case so it can be appropriately reported in the media. It is really important… Read More ›

Right-Wing Australians “wishing that Muslims were burnt to death” in Mosque

  A suspected arson attack was reported by 7 News Melbourne. 7 News Melbourne posted the details in regards to this arson attack on their Facebook page. They said that vandals had torched an Islamic centre in Melbourne’s north, on Lowson Street in Fawkner and sprayed words on the building. Many comments left on the Facebook… Read More ›

Halal Has No Links To “Terrorism”

Australia: An inquiry launched by Senator Cory Bernardi into Halal food certification has found it has no link to terrorism or organised crime. 1. LINK – No ‘direct linkages’ between halal certifiers and terrorism, inquiry hears. (The Guardian). 2. LINK – No halal link to terror, inquiry told. (Yahoo Australia). 3. LINK – No halal link to terror,… Read More ›

Muslims Thwart Attempted Robbery In Australia (VIDEO)

DTT: Citizens arrest! These brave Muslim men and women in the community came together to stop criminals and made a citizens arrest during a robbery of a jewellery store on Sydney Road, Coburn, in Australia. ‘Good Samaritan’ is the best term that they came up with for such a brave and heroic act, by the… Read More ›

Perth Truck Driver’s Racist Attack On Woman

A Perth TNT truck driver has been filmed launching a racist/Islamophobic attack on a woman. A New Zealand woman subjected to a shocking racial tirade during a road rage attack in Perth says she has been racially abused the whole time she has lived in Australia.   Source: Jepum Joseph

Muslim Woman Assaulted By Man At Rockdale Intersection In Sydney

DTT: Islamophobia Register Australia which records anti-Muslim incidents posted on their Facebook page the story of a Muslim Hijabi woman being assaulted by a man in Sydney. The victim was left distraught and shaken of the attack and nobody came to help her. It is said that the incident all started when the victim drove her… Read More ›

Australia: Anti-Racists Outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s Hate-Rally

DTT: Anti-racist protesters outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s hate-rally. I worry about events such as these happening in multiple locations around the world where Muslims are a minority. Few days ago was a hate-rally in Texas, where many bigots came out wielding military rifles at innocent Muslims at the mosque. I am quote sure all these hate-rallies are… Read More ›

Muslims Face Worst Employment Discrimination In Australia

DTT: Australian employers are choosing people based on whether or not they have foreign name, with Muslims suffering the most. I am really not surprised at all. This is been happening for many years all over the World where Muslims are a minority. This has happened to many other minorities. Example, in America, a group… Read More ›

Heroic Man Punched In The Face For Standing Up For Muslim Women Who Were Abused On Train

DTT: It’s really sad to see this in this day and age! Not every single Muslim you sit or stand or walk past is an extremist. When is this going to stop!? Disgraceful behaviour from this racist/bigoted men for abusing women for being Muslim. Respect to the man for defending those women from the bullies. Tammy Mills… Read More ›

Australia: Muslim Bride Interrupts Wedding Day To Lay Bouquet In Tribute To Dead Hostages

DTT: The mentally disabled shooter who killed two innocent people, shocked the Muslim and non-Muslim community in Australia. Here, two Muslims, interrupted, stopped their wedding to pay respect to the innocent that were killed. They laid flowers where the innocent were killed. By Chris Richards – Mirror.co.uk Manal Kassem, 23, laid flowers at the site… Read More ›