Muslim Woman Assaulted By Man At Rockdale Intersection In Sydney

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DTT: Islamophobia Register Australia which records anti-Muslim incidents posted on their Facebook page the story of a Muslim Hijabi woman being assaulted by a man in Sydney.

The victim was left distraught and shaken of the attack and nobody came to help her.

It is said that the incident all started when the victim drove her car and merged into the attacker’s lane of traffic.

This angered the Caucasian man – it is said that he came out of his Toyota car and started verbally abusing and attacked her physically.

Picture of the man inside his car who allegedly attacked the Muslim Hijabi woman.

Islamophobia register a

Picture of the man inside his car who allegedly attacked the Muslim hijabi woman: Pic from Facebook Islamophobia Register Australia

Below is the statement from ‘Islamophobia Register Australia’ of the incident:

An Australian Muslim woman wearing hijab was allegedly assaulted by a man at a busy Rockdale intersection in Sydney on Tuesday around 1 pm.

The victim was driving with two other female passengers in the car at the time.

We believe that the man was frustrated by the fact that the victim had merged into his lane as her lane was ending.

Whilst both cars were then waiting at a red light, the man (pictured above) allegedly got out of his car and approached the victim and a heated exchange followed in which he used several profanities including allegedly calling the Prophet (PBUH) names.

The man then pushed and shoved the victim before returning to his car. The victim, quite distraught, is very disappointed that hardly any witnesses came to her aid during the incident.

We have been in contact with the victim and the incident has been reported to Police and the matter is currently being investigated.

Where you at the incident? Did you see what happened? Please call your local Police station in Sydney with any information that could help.

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