Muslims Face Worst Employment Discrimination In Australia

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DTT: Australian employers are choosing people based on whether or not they have foreign name, with Muslims suffering the most.

I am really not surprised at all. This is been happening for many years all over the World where Muslims are a minority.

This has happened to many other minorities. Example, in America, a group send out letters for job applications. All they did was, change the names. The names that sounded African -American were less likely to get a job interview, whereas those with white English names, were two to three times more likely to get a interview for a job.


By Kaitlin Thals / The New Daily

Australian employers are choosing candidates based on whether or not they have a foreign name, with Muslims suffering the most, researchers say.

A Muslim professor told The Australian there was evidence of religious discrimination, and studies were pointing to employment bias against foreign-sounding names in job applications, particular Middle Eastern names.

The International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding director Riaz Hassa said figures from the 2011 Census revealed, in the prime employment age group of 25 to 44-year-olds, 7.4 per cent of the Muslim population was unemployed, compared with 3.8 per cent unemployment for the general population.

“There is clearly institutionalised discrimination in the labour market in Australia,” Professor Hassan said.

Professor Hassan said he cited a study by Australian National University economists that involved sending out 4000 fake employment applications and gauging the call-back rate based on race.

That study found people with Anglo-Saxon names had significantly higher call-back rates and people with Middle Eastern names the lowest, he told The Australian.

One well-qualified Muslim woman had applied for junior positions using her real name. When she reapplied using an anglicised name, she received a call back in 30 minutes.

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