Australia: Anti-Racists Outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s Hate-Rally

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DTT: Anti-racist protesters outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s hate-rally.

I worry about events such as these happening in multiple locations around the world where Muslims are a minority. Few days ago was a hate-rally in Texas, where many bigots came out wielding military rifles at innocent Muslims at the mosque.

I am quote sure all these hate-rallies are carefully manufactured and funded by certain groups of people to make minority Muslims lives hard to live in the West.

By Benjamin Millar / The Age

A violent scuffle broke out on the steps of Richmond Town Hall on Sunday afternoon as rival rally groups clashed during an anti-extremist protest.

About 70 supporters of the far-right United Patriots Front attempted to storm the town hall but their efforts were thwarted by hundreds of counter-protesters.

No serious injuries were reported and no arrests were made, but a police spokeswoman said a man is expected to be charged on summons for weapons offences after being caught carrying a knife.

Campaign Against Racism and Fascism counter-protest supporters began gathering at the town hall from noon, chanting “no Nazis, never again”.

About 12.30pm United Patriots Front leader Sherman Burgess and supporters arrived at nearby Citizens Park.

Flying Australian flags Flying Australian flags and some in t-shirts sporting swastikas, they launched into speeches railing against the assembled “left-wing traitors”, halal certification and the Islamic terror threat.

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  1. Thankfully a lot of good people out there.

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