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Australia: Anti-Racists Outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s Hate-Rally

DTT: Anti-racist protesters outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s hate-rally. I worry about events such as these happening in multiple locations around the world where Muslims are a minority. Few days ago was a hate-rally in Texas, where many bigots came out wielding military rifles at innocent Muslims at the mosque. I am quote sure all these hate-rallies are… Read More ›

Phoenix Mosque Hate-Protest Organizer Wants $10 Million

DTT: The bigot who staged a hate-protest front of a mosque, wielding guns at innocent people now wants 10 Million dollars for his safety. The minute this individual said he had to go into hiding, my gut feeling was telling me there was something up. That he is a fraud, just wants 10 minute fame… Read More ›

Nigel Farage Says UKIP Would Scrap Race Discrimination Laws

  The Guardian and Independent front pages yesterday reported on comments Nigel Farage is said to have made in a documentary fronted by former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, and due to air on Channel 4 next week about scrapping race discrimination legislation in the UK and referring to Muslims… Read More ›

Israeli Scholar Mordechai Kedar says, Raping Palestinian Women Would Deter Attacks On Israel

By Bob Pitt – Islamophobia Watch Mordechai Kedar, a lecturer at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University who likes to be introduced as director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (which is still “under formation”, despite having been first announced back in 2011), is a popular figure among US Islamophobes. In 2011 Kedar wrote an article for Daniel… Read More ›

The court was told police found nine partially-assembled petrol bombs, firework powder and weapons at Michael Piggin's home in Loughborough

Michael Piggin terror trial: ‘New Columbine’ planned

An 18-year-old Leicestershire man, charged with two terrorism offences, planned a Columbine-style massacre, an Old Bailey jury has heard. Michael Piggin, who denies the charges, was 17 when arrested and could not be named until the start of the trial. Prosecutor Max Hill said police made a “startling” discovery when they seized nine partially assembled… Read More ›

Salman Lone stands in front of the fire damage at Stevenage Central Mosque on Varden Lane

Possible arson attack on Stevenage Mosque

By Oliver Pritchard A possible arson attack was carried out on a mosque this week causing extensive smoke damage to the building. The incident occurred at Stevenage Central Mosque, Vardon Road, sometime between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning when an extractor fan in the mosques toilet’s was smashed and flammable liquid was poured in and… Read More ›

Encounters of an “Invisible” Muslim with intolerance

By Meaghan Seymour People are quick to judge or categorize each other based on looks. So as a freckle-faced Anglo-Canadian girl, I experience a lot of “shock factor” moments whenever someone finds out, for the first time, about my religious identity. On days when I covered my hair, I was most often mistaken for an… Read More ›

Anti-Muslim messages found in books left at Bothell mosque

Christine Willmsen Worshipers at the Islamic Center of Bothell are fearful of what may happen next after discovering 10 books with hate-motivated language in the mosque’s parking lot Saturday. Bothell police are investigating the incident and other incidents that have happened at the mosque in recent months. Sunday, the Washington chapter of the Council of… Read More ›