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3 New Proofs, Thomas Mair Shouted ‘Britain First’

The past few days Britain First and other right-wing media outlets have gone into overdrive to silence, to accuse witnesses of being liars and make up things to show a mythical, untrue event to the murder incident of Jo Cox. Britain First, which is a far-right organisation have for the past few days denied that… Read More ›

Cumbria Police Investigate Race Hate Attack At Indian Restaurant In Carlisle

Cumbria Police and the News and Star report on a police investigation into an alleged incident of racially-aggravated harassment towards a staff member at an Indian restaurant in Carlisle. The incident was caught on CCTV and involved a group of young males who were shown banging on the window of the Indigo restaurant at approximately 9.30pm on… Read More ›

Muslim Men And Kids In Double Digits

Some of the weekend papers (Daily Mail,Daily Telegraph, Daily Express) covered the second reading of Baroness Caroline Cox’s Arbitration and Mediation Bill in the House of Lords last Friday headlining with the peer’s incendiary remark that ” in some [Muslim] communities with high polygamy and divorce rates, men may have up to 20 children each.” The… Read More ›

Jay Smith’s Racist, White-Supremacist + Xenophobic Links Exposed?

Yahya Snow writes: “I hope our allies at Unite Against Fascists can keep an eye on Jay Smith’s ‘apologetics’ group he calls the Pfander Centre for Apologetics (co-founded by Beth Grove). Folk have been linking Islamophobes with racists, fascists and xenophobes here in Europe and beyond for a while. Well, Jay Smith dropped his guard… Read More ›

Five Arrested At Britain First “Mega Mosque” Protest In Burton

  The Burton Mail reports on five arrests made by police at the Britain First demonstration against a “mega mosque” in Burton last weekend. Britain First announced plans to protest against the “mega mosque” on its website in September. The protest on Saturday 17 October saw around 210 far right protestors attend a rally in… Read More ›

Britain First: The “Most Dangerous Far-Right Party”?

Britain First are far-right political party who say they want islam to be banned and would hang their enemies if in power. The group have more followers on Facebook than any other political party in the UK and have just announced their leader is running for Mayor of London. The anti-racism group Hope Not Hate… Read More ›

Is This Britain’s Sickest Nazi?

Meet David Wright from Barnsley in South Yorkshire. He runs the ‘Yorkshire Infidels’ a tiny gang of wannabe Nazis who spend most of their time in the pub and on Facebook promising to do all kinds of things to little kids. This morning, David posted a beheading video on the group’s facebook page. It was… Read More ›

Muslim Viciously Beaten By Gang While Shopping In Stockport

  Manchester Evening News reports on a Muslim nurse who was viciously beaten by a gang whilst shopping in Stockport late last week. Qaiser Ahmed was shopping in Stockport town centre with his wife, Farah, last Friday when he stepped out of a shop to use his mobile phone. As he did so, a young… Read More ›

Bradford School Refers Member Of Staff’s “Tasteless And Offensive” Facebook Post To Police

  Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus reports on an investigation launched by South Yorkshire police after staff a member at Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College allegedly shared a “tasteless and offensive” post from the far right group, Britain First, on her Facebook page. The post, which shows an image of women in niqab and states “share… Read More ›

Neo-Nazi Hacked Sikh Man With Machete Because He thought He Was Muslim

DTT: Poor Sikh man was attacked because this neo-Nazi thought he was a Muslim. The victim was attacked because he was mistaken for a Muslim. Attacker yelled ‘White Power, this is for Lee Rigby’ whilst attacking him with a machete. “Had the racial disposition of this case been reversed this would have been reported as… Read More ›