Neo-Nazi Hacked Sikh Man With Machete Because He thought He Was Muslim

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neo nazi zack davies

Neo-Nazi Zack Davies

DTT: Poor Sikh man was attacked because this neo-Nazi thought he was a Muslim.

The victim was attacked because he was mistaken for a Muslim. Attacker yelled ‘White Power, this is for Lee Rigby’ whilst attacking him with a machete.

“Had the racial disposition of this case been reversed this would have been reported as an act of terror with a wider media coverage.”

The brother of Dr Sarandev Bhambra, who was attacked with a claw hammer and a machete by neo-Nazi extremist Zack Davies, made the above statement after Davies is found guilty of attempted murder.

He makes a valid point. Race hate crimes by white people against ethnic minorities seem to be ignored by the media but if it’s the other way around it gets a lot of coverage. Especially if it was carried out by a Muslim.

If the roles were reversed there would have been wall to wall media coverage worldwide and this would’ve been labelled as a terror attack.

The Mirror reports:

A man laughed and shouted “This is for Lee Rigby” as he attacked an innocent customer with a 12 inch machete and claw hammer because he “looked Asian”.

Zack Davies, 26, from Mold, Flintshire, followed Dr Sarander Bhambra into Tesco in the town and carried out a “brutal and unprovoked attack”.

Mold Crown Court heard the newly qualified dentist’s hand was almost severed from his arm.

Davies, in whose house white supremacist and Nazi material was found, claimed to have gone to the Post Office in Mold first to attack his mother’s boyfriend, but turned on his victim when he could not find him.

The jury heard the defendant would have succeeded in killing him but for the brave intervention of a former soldier who persuaded him to drop the weapons.

Davies was said to be laughing and shouting “White supremacy”, “This is revenge” and “This is for Lee Rigby” as he launched the attack.

Read the entire article here…

Channel 4 News:

A young neo-Nazi extremist who was radicalised online is found guilty of attempted murder at a court in North Wales. Zack Davies tried to decapitate a man because he was Asian.

Zack Davies posted an image of himself in a balaclava with a large knife and the flag of the far-right group National Action hours before he carried out his violent racist attack.

The 26-year-old went to his local Tesco on 14 January, where he used a claw hammer and machete to attack Dr Sarandar Bhambra, shouting: “This is for Lee Rigby.”

During the frenzied attack he repeatedly hacked at his victim, who used his arm to defend his neck from the blade – leaving him with life-changing injuries. A soldier intervened to stop the attack and save the man’s life.

Read rest of the article here…

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