Muslim Viciously Beaten By Gang While Shopping In Stockport

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Manchester Evening News reports on a Muslim nurse who was viciously beaten by a gang whilst shopping in Stockport late last week.

Qaiser Ahmed was shopping in Stockport town centre with his wife, Farah, last Friday when he stepped out of a shop to use his mobile phone. As he did so, a young woman started verbally abusing him about his beard. The girl’s male friends, around nine of them, then started physically assaulting Ahmed punching him repeatedly.

Ahmed was left with cuts and bruising to the face and needed hospital treatment for a deep gash to the nose sustained in the assault.

Ahmed said the assault was “definitely racially motivated, they kept mentioning my beard, my wife was wearing a headscarf and they kept using the P-word.”

The attack has left him psychologically scarred. He told the MEN: “I got punched by one of them and I tried to defend myself then they were all hitting me – I took lots of blows.

“The shop was covered in blood as I was bleeding all over the place. It was completely unprovoked.

“I don’t feel good and I don’t want to go back to Stockport. I have been really affected psychologically and struggle to go out of the house.”

A number of incidents involving extreme violence against Muslims in public places have come to light in recent weeks with reports of a man who killed a Muslim in Gateshead over a cigarette, an Asian dentist, Dr Sarandev Bhambra, who was brutally attacked with a machete in a supermarket after his assailant mistook him for a Muslim, a Muslim store worker who was slashed in the neck with a knife by a man who railed about “”f****** foreigners”, a man who stabbed two Muslim shopkeepers in north London saying he “wanted to kill a Muslim” and a woman who tasered a Muslim shopkeeper in a racist attack in Kent.

Source: Mend

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