Bradford School Refers Member Of Staff’s “Tasteless And Offensive” Facebook Post To Police

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Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus reports on an investigation launched by South Yorkshire police after staff a member at Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College allegedly shared a “tasteless and offensive” post from the far right group, Britain First, on her Facebook page.

The post, which shows an image of women in niqab and states “share if you find this offensive” was allegedly shared by a member of the college’s support staff, Angie Dunn.

Dunn claims her social media account was hacked and police are said to be investigating this claim too after the incident was reported by the college.

Principal, Jen McIntosh, in a letter sent to parents of pupils at the school stated, “Prejudice and racism in any form is not acceptable in or out of our college and any such behaviour is taken very seriously. That is why the matter has been reported to the police for investigation as a hate crime.”

The College has not made any statement concerning Dunn’s status as enquiries get underway.

Police have confirmed the parallel investigations to the Telegraph and Argus.

The paper further notes comments by Councillor Mohammed Shafiq of Bradford City Council who said he had received ten calls within the space of an hour from worried parents.

He said: “I’m pleased that the school has launched a full investigation to look into this matter and the priority remains the education of our children. I’m sure once this investigation is concluded, the school will inform councillors and parents of the outcome.”

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