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Muslim Man Loses Job For Sporting A Beard, Termed As A ‘Terrorist’

DTT: A hard-working MBA graduate man was sacked after coming back from Hajj (Pilgrimage) with a beard. He has said that he was discriminated against and that his beard was termed as a ‘terrorist’. Pooja Mehta / DNA India Days after Mumbai-based MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan was allegedly denied a job for being Muslim,… Read More ›

France: Muslim French-Women Discriminated Against Daily

DTT: A day does not go by without hearing horrible stories from France, where Muslim men, women and children are discriminated against and even attacked physically all because of being Muslim. The daily hate spewed by right-wing media outlets, gets innocent Muslims targeted, verbally, and physically. Even though many of the Muslims are born and… Read More ›

Muslims Face Worst Employment Discrimination In Australia

DTT: Australian employers are choosing people based on whether or not they have foreign name, with Muslims suffering the most. I am really not surprised at all. This is been happening for many years all over the World where Muslims are a minority. This has happened to many other minorities. Example, in America, a group… Read More ›

US Court Ruled In Favour Of Samantha Elauf Who Was Denied Job Because Of Her Hijab

DTT: Good news from the Supreme Court today in America. A Muslim woman was denied a job at Abercrombie & Fitch Co clothing store in Oklahoma because of her Hijab. It was clear discrimination. After a long battle, taking them to court for discriminating against her, she finally won her case. It is a right of… Read More ›

Indian Company Says To Job-Seeker, “We Hire Only Non-Muslim Candidates”

MUMBAI: About 15 minutes after applying for a job at a multinational company in Mumbai, MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan received a reply that left him in utter disbelief: “We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.”  Khan along with two of his non-Muslim friends applied for a marketing job with a multinational exports company, Hare Krishna… Read More ›