Muslim Man Loses Job For Sporting A Beard, Termed As A ‘Terrorist’

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DTT: A hard-working MBA graduate man was sacked after coming back from Hajj (Pilgrimage) with a beard.

He has said that he was discriminated against and that his beard was termed as a ‘terrorist’.

Zeshan Ali Khan

Pooja Mehta / DNA India

Days after Mumbai-based MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan was allegedly denied a job for being Muslim, Kolkata –based man has lost his job for allegedly sporting a beard.

Md. Ali Ismail, a resident of Picnic Garden had been working with Adhunik Group of Industries for the past six years. Ismail, working in the capacity of General Manager – Mines, with the group had gone for Haj in May, 2014 and returned sporting a beard.

Since then, his salary was slashed to half and was paid the other half in kind. The stand-off between Ismail and the company continued till March, until he sought an appointment with the Managing Director of the Company Manoj Agarwal.

During this meeting, Ismail allegedly demanded his pending dues but was thrown out by security guards and was termed as a ‘terrorist’ by Agarwal for sporting a beard.

“As soon as I returned from my Haj pilgrimage, I had been sporting a beard. The MD of the company said that I was trying to threaten him and termed me a ‘terrorist’. It was extremely saddening to hear that I was termed as a ‘terrorist’ on my own soil,” claimed Ismail.

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