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Muslim Man Loses Job For Sporting A Beard, Termed As A ‘Terrorist’

DTT: A hard-working MBA graduate man was sacked after coming back from Hajj (Pilgrimage) with a beard. He has said that he was discriminated against and that his beard was termed as a ‘terrorist’. Pooja Mehta / DNA India Days after Mumbai-based MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan was allegedly denied a job for being Muslim,… Read More ›

Texas Judge Rapped For Disparaging Comments About ‘New York Jews’ & ‘Muslim-Looking’ Beards

JIN ZHAO / Raw Story   A Texas judge has been reprimanded for showing bias against Jewish and Muslim people, KCBD reports. A complaint was filed against Judge Carter Schildknecht, 74, and submitted to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct last year. The commission signed a sanction last week, which finds that the judge violated… Read More ›

Tajikistan’s Secularist Government Trying To Implement Bill Banning Arabic Names

DTT: Secularism supposed to be an idea that the State should prevent discrimination of all its citizens. However, no such thing is implemented or abided by Tajikistan’s Government. They discriminate against Muslims on a daily basis. First, was the story of Police dragging Muslim men by their beards of the street and make them shave it… Read More ›

Why are Sikhs exempted for having beard in armed forces, while Muslims are not?

DTT: The double standards are clearly seen here.   The advocate representing National Cadet Corps (NCC) was literally left speechless on Wednesday when Justice Anand Byra Reddy’s simple enquired, why are only Sikhs exempted for having beard in armed force, while others are not? The Central Government advocate representing the Ministry of Defence said he… Read More ›