Tajikistan’s Secularist Government Trying To Implement Bill Banning Arabic Names

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DTT: Secularism supposed to be an idea that the State should prevent discrimination of all its citizens.

However, no such thing is implemented or abided by Tajikistan’s Government. They discriminate against Muslims on a daily basis.

First, was the story of Police dragging Muslim men by their beards of the street and make them shave it off.

Then there was the case where a bigot politician who stated that those women wear Hijab (Head-scarf for women) are ‘prostitutes’.

Recently, the secular Tajik Government has been trying to implement a bill in parliament in which they want to ban Arabic names.

Not much media attention is given to Tajik’s Government fascist policies aimed at minority Muslims.

Eurasianet.org reports:

In the ongoing battle that could be known as Tajikistan vs. Islam, Islam has taken some low blows lately: police nabbing bearded men on the street and submitting them to the razor; state television instructing viewers that women who wear hijab are prostitutes.

The latest target in the Muslim-majority country is Muslim-sounding names.

Under instructions from President Emomali Rahmon, Tajikistan’s rubberstamp parliament is considering a bill that would forbid the Justice Ministry from registering names it thinks sound too Arabic, the deputy head of the ministry’s Department of Civil Registry, Jaloliddin Rahimov, told Interfax on May 4.

“After the adoption of these regulations, the registry offices will not register names that are incorrect or alien to the local culture, including names denoting objects, flora and fauna, as well as names of Arabic origin,” Interfax quotes Rahimov as saying.

Though the law would not apply to existing names, only to babies born after it is signed, Interfax suggests some parliamentarians are demanding everyone with an Arab-sounding name pick a new, more Tajik-sounding one.

If parents cannot come up with a name on their own, the Justice Ministry is preparing a list of recommended names. It’s unclear if there will be a list for minorities, such as ethnic Uzbeks, who make up approximately 15 percent of the population.

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