Right-Wing Supremacist (Aryan) Planned Terror Attack Against Ethnic Minorities And Prince Charles

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DTT: There is a terrorist attack committed every week/Month or so and the vast majority of these terrorist attacks executed in the west (Europe and America) are done so by non-Muslims.

Yet, any violence done so by a Muslim is sensationalized, highlighted in such way that the viewers will remember the latter above all else.

If you don’t believe what I have said in the above statement, then click on this article here where I have documented terrorist attacks by non-Muslims. Most of them were carried out recently and you most probably haven’t heard about them in the media.

A right-wing Neo-Nazi ‘aryan’ supremacist has been caught planning  “terror” attacks against ethnic minorities

What is the excuse given to this sick “terrorist” Mark Colborne by the Media, for attempting to murder Prince Charles and ethnic minorities? His ‘hair’. You heard it right! His ‘hair’ made him do it.

It is sickening how British newspapers are trying to downplay this. They claim this man had a ginger hair that is why he wanted to murder Prince Charles and ethnic minorities. In sum, his ginger hair “made him do it”.

Another thing I have noticed, most of the articles published on Mark Colborne from Newspaper websites has not been published on their Facebook pages for people to read.

BBC reports:

A man who likened himself to mass murderer Anders Breivik wanted to “put a bullet” in Prince Charles’ head, a court has heard.

Mark Colborne, 37, wrote he would sacrifice himself to “get a shot” at the prince, the Old Bailey was told.
Jurors have been told he plotted a mass cyanide attack as he felt “belittled” for being white and ginger-haired.
Mr Colborne, of Butts Road, Southampton, denies preparing terrorist acts.

During the opening of Mr Colborne’s trial, jurors were told he had written of his hatred for ‘non-Aryans’ and compared himself to right-wing extremist Breivik, who shot 77 people dead.

Read the rest here…

The Guardian:

A man plotted a cyanide attack from his bedroom because he felt “belittled by society” for being a white, ginger-haired male, a court has heard.

Mark Colborne, 37, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of preparing terrorist acts for months before his arrest on 3 June last year. Colborne denies the charge.

On Monday the court heard that his half-brother had alerted police after he uncovered chemicals and papers detailing Colborne’s racial hatred stashed amid the clutter of his room at the family home in Southampton.

Prosecutor Alison Darlow QC told the court that the defendant had trawled the internet for explosives and poisons and bought books on the subject.

He acquired chemicals online which formed the essential ingredients for the deadly poison cyanide as well as stockpiling dust masks, metal filter funnels, plastic syringes and latex gloves, jurors were told.

Darlow said: “Colborne’s ideology and aims are visible through a series of handwritten notes and diary entries which were recovered from his bedroom in the home he shared with his mother and brother in Southampton. In these notes, he referred to his racial hatred for those who are non-Aryans – whom he refers to as ‘blacks and Caucasian idiots’ and his hatred of the prevailing system and organs of the state.”

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RT (Russia Today):

A right-wing ‘Aryan’ supremacist was allegedly plotting terror attacks to cause a “major dent in England” because he was marginalized by society for being ‘ginger’, or red-haired, a court heard.

Mark Colborne, 37, told his mental health social worker he was thinking of “killing a large proportion of the population.”

Colborne bought poison ingredients and small spray bottles intended to target his victims. He gathered a collection of items including dust masks, funnels, syringes and medical latex gloves to make the poisons in his room.

He claimed he felt “marginalized by society” because of being white and ginger, and compared himself to mass murders Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh.

Colborne’s hostile feelings towards society fuelled him to plan attacks on “non-Aryans,” which would leave a “major dent” in England.

However his plans were soon uncovered when his younger half-brother found disturbing notes and lethal ingredients hidden in his bedroom at his home in Southampton.

His room was also filled with books about explosives and poisons titled ‘Silent Death’ and ‘Assorted Nasties’.

Read the rest here…


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