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Under New Anti-Terrorism Law, UK Schools Target Muslim Students

Back in 2010, Representative Louie Gohmert spoke out on the House floor about an overlooked threat to American national security: “terror babies.” Muslim infants born in the United States to immigrant parents, he believed, would be taken overseas and radicalized. “And then one day, twenty, thirty years down the road,” he said, “they can be sent in to… Read More ›

BNP Candidate Faces Possible Teaching Ban For Anti-Muslim Remarks In The Classroom

  BBC News returns to the inquiry by the National College of Teaching and Learning into the alleged remarks of a BNP affiliated teacher who is alleged to have made anti-Muslim remarks in the classroom. Reverend Robert West, who is also standing for the BNP in the parliamentary seat of Boston and Skegness, was found guilty… Read More ›

Britain First (BF) Leader Threatens To “Bury A Pig” On Dudley Mosque Site

  ITV News, the Daily Mirror and Birmingham Mail all report on the weekend’s protest in Dudley by far right group, Britain First. Just last week, the Chief Constable of West Midlands police, Chris Sims, briefed council staff of the costs to the force of policing repeat protest by far right groups against plans to construct… Read More ›

Right-Wing Supremacist (Aryan) Planned Terror Attack Against Ethnic Minorities And Prince Charles

DTT: There is a terrorist attack committed every week/Month or so and the vast majority of these terrorist attacks executed in the west (Europe and America) are done so by non-Muslims. Yet, any violence done so by a Muslim is sensationalized, highlighted in such way that the viewers will remember the latter above all else…. Read More ›

Darren Fletcher kitted out in KKK costume(Facebook)

Far-Right Extremist Jailed For Threatening To Blow Up Newspaper Offices

DTT: Here we go again, another a white-supremacist threatening to blow up others. If this had been a Muslim threatening to blow up the offices of a newspaper or hoping ISIS murdered the police, this would have been front-page headline news all around the world. Since he is white and non-Muslim, shhhhhh lets put this… Read More ›

Man Sentenced For Stabbing Muslim Shopkeeper

  The Islington Gazette reports on the sentencing of Michael O’Leary, who was on trial for an attack on a Muslim shopkeeper in north London last year. O’Leary, who attacked Samsul Islam at his convenience store on Holloway Road, was cleared of attempted murder at Blackfriars Crown Court last week. Samsul Islam told the court… Read More ›

MEND Statement On Sunday Telegraph Article By Andrew Gilligan

  Peter Oborne, former chief political commentator at the Daily Telegraph, in a sequence of articles for Open Democracy has shed significant light on the demise of standards at the Telegraph titles drawing attention to the paper’s refusal to publish his investigative pieces on the behaviour of the Charity Commission towards British Muslim charities and the paper’s… Read More ›

BNP Protests Against Mosque In Bromley

  The local paper News Shopper and This is Local London draws attention to a BNP protest against the conversion of a former Methodist church in Keston, Bromley into a mosque. The former reports that the British National Party (BNP) staged a demonstration against the plans outside the mosque last weekend handing out leaflets. Signs… Read More ›

Jewish Defence League UK Extremists Sentenced For Assault On Palestine Activists

By Asa Winstanley / Electronic Intifada Two thugs affiliated with the Jewish Defence League UK were sentenced Monday to 150 hours of community service each and £1,140 ($1,700) in fines between them. Roberta Moore and Robert De Jonge assaulted two people at a Palestine literary festival in London in September. Last month a judge found… Read More ›

Nottingham Citizens Report On Rise In Racial & Religious Hate Crime

  Local paper, the Eastwood Advertiser, reports on hate crime statistics in the Nottingham region as analysed by the local chapter of Citizens UK, Nottingham Citizens. According to a report by Nottingham Citizens, the vast majority of hate crimes are motivated by race and religion indicators with 80 per cent of attacks meeting this profile;… Read More ›