Nottingham Citizens Report On Rise In Racial & Religious Hate Crime

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Local paper, the Eastwood Advertiser, reports on hate crime statistics in the Nottingham region as analysed by the local chapter of Citizens UK, Nottingham Citizens.

According to a report by Nottingham Citizens, the vast majority of hate crimes are motivated by race and religion indicators with 80 per cent of attacks meeting this profile; 44% of attacks being race-based and 36% religion-based.

Statistics released under a Freedom of Information request to Nottinghamshire police found that over a six month period in 2013, 342 hate crimes were recorded by the police. In the same six month period in 2014, the number of hate crimes rose to 425, a rise of almost 25 per cent.

The local paper notes an upsurge in hate crimes following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in May 2013, when “hate crimes spiked from the weekly average of 11 to 26 in a week. The most attacks on a single day was nine – on the Saturday following the attack.”

The paper notes that there was “no significant rise after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris on January 8.”

According to the Home Office report on hate crimes in England and Wales in 2013-2014, religious hate crimes rose by 45% and race hate crimes by 4% on the previous year. From our own FOI request to Nottingham Police, we found that of the 32 recorded religious hate crime incidents 6 were Islamophobic incidents and of the 576 race based hate crimes, 76 involved victims of Pakistani or Bangladeshi ethnic background.

The report by Nottingham Citizens further notes that while the number of recorded hate crime is rising, it still accounts for a small proportion of the total with only one in five hate crimes being reported to the police in 2014.


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