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Right-Wing Supremacist (Aryan) Planned Terror Attack Against Ethnic Minorities And Prince Charles

DTT: There is a terrorist attack committed every week/Month or so and the vast majority of these terrorist attacks executed in the west (Europe and America) are done so by non-Muslims. Yet, any violence done so by a Muslim is sensationalized, highlighted in such way that the viewers will remember the latter above all else…. Read More ›

Danish Culinary School Fined For Forcing Muslim Student To Taste Pork

DTT: Muslim women face discrimination in all walks of life in Europe. This Muslim woman was forced to taste food which are forbidden in Islam. The Danish school thought they can get away with it. Luckily enough she recorded the whole conversation to be used in court as evidence against them. RT.com reports: A Danish… Read More ›

Judge Jails Muslim Woman For Wearing Headscarf To Court

DTT: Disgraceful behaviour from this judge. Every person has the right to wear what she/he wants. Lisa Valentine should sue this judge and get him fired. By Daniel Nasaw / The Guardian A city judge in Georgia has in the past eight days barred two Muslim women wearing Islamic headscarves from entering his courtroom, jailing one,… Read More ›

Quebec Judge Wouldn’t Hear Case Of Woman Wearing Hijab

DTT: Sadly the environment today even Muslim woman are not safe from discrimination. It is claimed that a judge in Quebec, Canada, would not a hear a case unless the Muslim woman removed her Hijab. Would such a judge tell another woman to remove some clothing otherwise he would not hear a case? I bet,… Read More ›

Mark Colborne – Appeared At Magistrates’ Court Charged With ‘Preparing A Terrorist Act’

A college student plotted to kill non-Aryans in a cyanide attack, a court has heard. Mark Colborne, 36, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London charged with preparing a terrorist act. The charge follows an arrest and searches at his home on Butts Road, Sholing, Southampton. Mr Colborne spoke only to confirm his name, age… Read More ›

Former nurse and soldier, Joanne Morris, admits bomb-making charges and possessing shotgun

By Brett Gibbons Birminghammail.co.uk  Largest haul of explosives and ammunition uncovered in region during last decade found at home of Joanne Morris A transgender former nurse from Walsall has admitted bomb making charges after the largest haul of ammunition and explosives discovered in the West Midlands in the past decade was found at her home. Ex-soldier Joanne… Read More ›

Ergun Caner Loses ‘Fair Use’ Lawsuit In Failed Attempt To Silence Critics

By Brian Tashman rightwingwatch.org Ergun Caner has lost his lawsuit against a blogger who criticized the Religious Right figure as a fraud, with a federal judge ruling last week that Caner’s case had no merit. After the September 11 attacks, Caner built a career around his purported conversion from Islamic extremism to Christianity, but his testimony was later exposed… Read More ›

The Bolton News: JAILED: Iain Merrick

Jailed: ‘Obsessive loner’ who planted bomb in postbox and sent child porn to schools

By Miranda Newey AN “obsessive loner” has been jailed for planting a homemade bomb in a post box and sending child porn to schools in Bolton. Iain Merrick, aged 39, waged a long-running harassment campaign against the Royal Mail because he believed his mail was being sent to other addresses. The grudge against the postal… Read More ›

German Princess appears in court accused of threatening to kill Muslims and attacking fellow revellers at a posh Scots party

By MICHAEL ALEXANDER BAVARIAN royal pleads not guilty to nine charges with rap sheet also claiming that she shouted homophobic abuse and called police officers paedophiles at the exclusive Oktoberfest bash in St Andrews. A GERMAN princess appeared in court yesterday accused of threatening to kill Muslims and calling police officers paedophiles at a posh… Read More ›

Ali Aboubaker

Muslim-American man wins $1.2 million in job discrimination case

By Tresa Baldas His co-workers may have not seen past his beard, but the jury did. A Muslim American man from Ypsilanti has won a nearly $1.2-million jury award after successfully arguing he was harassed, taunted and discriminated against at work because of his religion, race and appearance — most notably, his long beard. Ali… Read More ›