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“White Supremacist” Shouted “Get Out Of My Country” Before Shooting Two Indian Men

A 51-year-old man, Adam Purinton, a resident of Olathe, Kansas is allegedly accused of shooting three men who were having dinner and drinking in a very busy, and crowded bar. Witnesses heard the “white-supremacist” Adam Purinton shout, “get out of my country” This was shortly before shooting the two men he thought were from the Middle… Read More ›

Hindu Extremists Force Muslims To Eat Cow Dung (VIDEO)

A video has emerged of two Muslims bruised and beaten up. The two victims are seen sitting on the floor,  in the background Hindu extremists shout and demand they eat cow dung. It seems from the video and information given by DOAM that the two individuals on the floor were suspected of being transporters of… Read More ›

200 Thousand Christian Children Were Married Before 10 In India

Nearly 200 thousand Christian children were married before the age of 10 years in India, reveals an Discover The Truth analysis not long ago released, census data from Government Of India – Ministry Of Home Affairs. The biggest group of a particular faith married off were Hindus, according to the data available it said that… Read More ›

Alleged ‪RSS‬ Member In ‪Burka‬ Caught Redhanded Throwing ‪Beef‬ Into Hindu Temple

Caught redhanded while throwing ‪#‎Beef‬ into a Hindu Mandir (temple) in Azamgarh, the ‪#Muslim‬ lady tried to escape gathering her long burka round her ankles as she ran. The thought of upsetting peaceful Hindu’s, causing maximum offence and injuring their sentiments with her highly treacherous actions brought a wry smile across her obscured face as… Read More ›

VIDEO: Muslim Customer Saves Shopkeeper From Machete Attack In India

A Video footage of a Muslim man defending a shopkeeper from a vicious sword attack has gone viral. The incident took place this week In Mumbai, India. The Family of the shopkeeper described the Muslim man as an ‘angel’. The Muslim hero told NDTV News that he was not scared of confronting the sword-wielding thug… Read More ›

Muslim Family Paid Price For Buying House In Hindu Area

A family in Katghar area in Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad town denied entry to newly-bought house by their neighbours merely because they were Muslims. Shahana Bi and her family had no idea about the difficulties she was going to face. When the family reached their house on Wednesday night, they were not allowed by her Hindu… Read More ›

Shocking Video: Hindu Extremists Repeatedly Beat Muslim Man

By Janta Ka Reporter Shocking videos of brutalities against a Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar have emerged on social media platforms. Videos posted by a website beyondheadlines.in show a Muslim man, called Riyaz, mercilessly being thrashed allegedly by the members of Bajrang Dal. Riyaz, who’s seen bleeding profusely is being paraded by the group of… Read More ›

VIDEO: Hindu Leader’s Men Tell Indians To Rape Dead Muslim Women

“Indian member of parliament Yogi Adityanath’s men terrorises minorities by calling Hindus to rape Muslim dead bodies.” Where is the international outcry? Imagine if a Muslim had made such a sadistic claim the whole world would be up in arms. Excerpt from the video: We have taken the mission that * audio not clear* and… Read More ›

Muslim Man Loses Job For Sporting A Beard, Termed As A ‘Terrorist’

DTT: A hard-working MBA graduate man was sacked after coming back from Hajj (Pilgrimage) with a beard. He has said that he was discriminated against and that his beard was termed as a ‘terrorist’. Pooja Mehta / DNA India Days after Mumbai-based MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan was allegedly denied a job for being Muslim,… Read More ›

Mosque, Houses Torched, Muslims Attacked And Displaced

DTT: Many people in the West may not be aware, but there are many right-wing militant groups who go out and target minority Muslims, daily. Many Muslims have been killed as a result of their faith. The government needs to take action against these criminals, for the area to be safe. By The Siasat Daily… Read More ›