Mosque, Houses Torched, Muslims Attacked And Displaced

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DTT: Many people in the West may not be aware, but there are many right-wing militant groups who go out and target minority Muslims, daily. Many Muslims have been killed as a result of their faith.

The government needs to take action against these criminals, for the area to be safe.

By The Siasat Daily

Faridabad, May 29: More than 500 Muslim men, women and children, residents of Haryana’s Faridabad district have been taking refuge at Ballabgarh police station since Monday evening in midst of violent attacks.

The attack was allegedly carried out by the majority Jat community following a dispute over the construction of a mosque.

The mosque was burnt, homes were torched and belongings were abandoned. Muslim residents of Atali village have fled for their life, abandoning their homes and their return simply didn’t seem possible.

“We had just begun praying when the attacks started. They came in groups of 10 and attacked each house,” Isal, a showroom owner, located directly opposite the under-construction mosque, told.

“Bricks and gas cylinders were thrown, hurled inside the houses. They attacked us with baseball bats and sticks. We tried to escape by locking ourselves inside our homes.

“That was when they started dousing our homes with petrol and setting them on fire,” he added.

Atali Muslims claimed that this selective targeting of homes during the violence was the underlying trend.

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