VIDEO: Hindu Leader’s Men Tell Indians To Rape Dead Muslim Women

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“Indian member of parliament Yogi Adityanath’s men terrorises minorities by calling Hindus to rape Muslim dead bodies.”

Where is the international outcry? Imagine if a Muslim had made such a sadistic claim the whole world would be up in arms.

Excerpt from the video:

We have taken the mission that * audio not clear* and our youth have taken up the task that until every masjid minar from siddhant (or siddhart audio unclear) nagar does not echo the sound of “jay jay mahadevta” instead of “Allahu akbar” we will not rest.

The day this country becomes a Hindu nation, respected and honoured Sir Adtiya naath * audio unclear* then the condition of Muslims in India will be as dreadful as the conditions of Hindus are in Pakistan. In Pakistan, our temples and religious institutions are used to tie livestock ….. we will open pig farming here (on Muslim lands) .
And when this country becomes a Hindu nation, Muslims will become low class or secondary citizens and then we will snatch his right to vote and participate in elections and when this happens no political leader will lead the Hindu people and society astray by falsely pretending to support Muslim cause so as to win their votes.

[Reporter] Hindu yogi aditya naat here can be seen in this sector the members of “Hindu yuva wani “ movement can be seen armed in the open spreading chaos and terrorising people (Muslims).

Reporter : What is your name?

Student : sarat (or saraj) singh ravat
Where are you from?

Student : * audio unclear*

Interviewer : Which class do you study in?

Student : In inter (school)

Interviewer : then why have you this sword in your hand?

Student : When the (Muslim) terrorist attack on my land so I have this as a precaution
At time stamp 2:43 – A police man can be seen standing at the stage along with those who are instigating others via their speech.

Man on the stage : The history of Muslims is so vulgur that he hasn’t been loyal to His mother, father, fellow men, sister, brother in law, grandparents , relatives and others then they will never be loyal to you my fellow Hindus

Today the need has come wherein we remove their mother , sister, daughters from the grave and rape them [People men and women applauding]


If you want to see what a terrorists looks like then watch this video:


Read further from India Times.

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