82-Year-Old Sikh Man Beaten With A Pipe Because Attacker Thought He Was Muslim

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DTT: An 82 year old Sikh man was preparing free meals for the homeless when he was attacked because the attacker thought he was Muslim.

As I have said many times before, this hate doesn’t just come from nowhere. This hate is manufactured and spread by the media and certain groups to divide communities. When hate is spread against a minority, this is the result. Many innocent people get attacked and even killed because they happen to look different.

What is mind boggling about some of these cases is the perpetrators have never even spoken to them victims. How could you hate someone who you have never spoken too, or know of?

The thug who attacked Mr. Piara Singh is facing 13 years in jail.

By Jin Zhao / Raw Story


The man who committed a hate crime against an elderly man in California is believed to have misidentified the victim’s religious identity, KFSN reports.

Gilbert Garcia, Jr., a resident of Fresno, California, bashed 82-old Piara Singh two years ago. He has admitted to his crime but his sentencing has been delayed three times.

“It’s not acceptable to attack an old, 82-year-old, person minding his own business outside our temple,” said Sikh community advocate Ike Grewal.

Garcia had used a metal pipe to beat the elderly man just outside his Sikh temple in Southwest Fresno, where he’d been preparing free meals for the hungry. Garcia was silent during the attack, but according to investigators, he had shouted that he hated“those people” and wanted to bomb their temples after being arrested, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The attack left Singh with two dozen stitches on his head, a punctured lung and broken ribs. The physical injuries have healed but Singh is still dealing with the mental trauma left by his attack.

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