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Forest Hill Knife Man Shouted “Go back to Syria, Death to Muslims”

It is reported from multiple British newspapers that a man stabbed a passenger on a train, near a station in South London, before chasing people and shouting “ I want to kill a Muslim”, witnessed have said. Witnesses on the train have said that the knifeman stabbed up a man while he was sitting with his… Read More ›

London’s Child Marriages, 1500-1800s

Kaleef K. Karim   Child marriages has been happening from the ancients of times. Although girls (or boys) who hit puberty weren’t classed as a child when they hit“ puberty”, from the 20th century on-wards things changed. As puberty was the factor for someone to get married, from the 20th century on-wards it was decided… Read More ›

Leytonstone Underground Station Attacker Had “Mental Health Problems”

DTT: As usual the main stream media peddle lies and misinformation. The man who stabbed few people in London, few days ago shouting “this is for Syria”, we find out he has mental health problems. He has been in hospital a number of times. These things don’t get reported in the main press. Their aim… Read More ›

Police Appeal For Witnesses To Alleged Islamophobic Assault On South London Bus

  The Independent reports on an appeal for witnesses by the Metropolitan Police Service after officers were called to an alleged Islamophobic attack on a woman on a bus near Elephant and Castle tube station. The paper reports that officers were alerted to the incident by passengers on the number 63 bus after a Muslim… Read More ›

Muslim Man Intervenes Where Woman Is Groped In London Underground

In recent weeks we have seen attacks on Muslim women by racists on the public transport. Many people witnessed these incidents but stood by and shamefully did not intervene . Below is a video clip of a Muslim man, Mohammed Ibrahim (in the blue shirt with black rucksack) who courageously stood up in the face… Read More ›

VIDEO: Pregnant Muslim Woman Verbally Abused On London Bus

A shocking video has emerged of a pregnant Muslim woman being verbally abused on a London bus. The woman – as well as several other Muslim women on the bus – are called “ISIS bitches.” The pregnant woman is also called a “dirty whore” and told to go back to where she came from. The… Read More ›

Passenger In Black Cab Racially Abuses Driver In South West London

  The Daily Mail reports on the uploading of video footage showing a man racially abusing a taxi driver in south west London in a row over fare. The male passenger was picked up by a black cab driver in Camberwell New Road and driven towards Fulham when he started becoming abusive towards the driver…. Read More ›

London Primary School Bans Fasting During Ramadan

A primary school in East London has banned fasting during Ramadan, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.  Barclay Primary School made the announcement in a letter to parents yesterday, although a paragraph at the end of the letter hints that there may be exceptions to the rule. After announcing that the school appreciates that this is a… Read More ›

Muslim Mother’s Hijab Pulled Off – Repeatedly Punched And Kicked In the Face

DTT: A Muslim mother waiting to pick up her kids from a private school was attacked today in London. According to the victim, she states that she was waiting to pick her kids up when few women came up and asked her if she feels hot wearing the ‘Hijab’ (head-scarf). While replying back to their… Read More ›

Muslim Hate Crime ‘Rises 65%’

The BBC has reported today that, “Muslim hate crime ‘rises 65% in London’”. I am not surprised. The Anti-Muslim, Anti-Islam agenda, hate fuelled propaganda the Media spreads. Thanks to the media, spreading lies on Muslims, Muslim women get attacked, abused by cowardice racist thugs on a regular basis. Many of these women stay at home,… Read More ›