Leytonstone Underground Station Attacker Had “Mental Health Problems”

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DTT: As usual the main stream media peddle lies and misinformation. The man who stabbed few people in London, few days ago shouting “this is for Syria”, we find out he has mental health problems. He has been in hospital a number of times.

These things don’t get reported in the main press. Their aim is only to demonize Muslims. Before even any facts had been made, the press’ front page shouted “TERROR“.

Some of the newspapers even changed the attacker’s weapon from carrying a small knife to carrying ‘machete’. If anyone were to check the video captured one will see that he had a knife, was no more than 6 inches long.

When Zack Davis, a neo-Nazi hacked a Sikh man with a machete shouting “White power”, the newspapers didn’t make much fuss. In fact it didn’t even make it on British TV. Some of the press went out of their way to even change machete to “knife”, making the crime look like less serious to readers.

Here is channel 4 news interviewing the brother of the attacker. He explains that since 2007 he has had mental health problems.

Source: Channel 4 News

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