John Tomlin Who Threw Acid On Two Muslims Followed Anti-Muslim Facebook Pages

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Two cousins Jameel Muhktar and Resham Khan were left with ‘life changing’ injuries at around 9 o’clock in the morning, last week Wednesday as the pair were celebrating Resham’s 21st birthday.

A 24-year-old man, by the name of John Tomlin is wanted by the Police. The Metropolitan Police have warned the public not to approach him.

The two cousins report that they were at the traffic lights in a car when they were approached by John Tomlin. He then proceeded to throw acid in their faces. The perpetrator went around the car and attempted to throw more acid at Jameel Mukhtar before he ran off.

Binded by the acid, a shocking state, Jameel drove his car into a barrier before seeking help.

Jameel Mukhtar had an interview with Assed Baig. Jameel Mukhtar said there is no doubt that this attack was a “hate crime” and “Islamophobic”. In Jameel’s own words (courtesy of Channel 4 News):

I genuiney think it’s something to do, it’s defintely a hate crime.I believe it’s something to do with Islamophobia.. maybe. I don’t know if people are trying to retaliate, but I mean we’re innocent people, we didn’t desrve that. It was my cousin’s 21st birthday. He just squirted this clear liquid over us, which I thought was water until my cousin started to scream. I was watching her burning. Next thing you know, I’m burning. Out of panic I…I… I have stripped naked. I have stripped her as much as I could. I am dragging her, she is screaming and screaming. I am screaming, I am kicking on people’s doors, banging on doors, crying, screaming, she is screaming.

People are coming out I am telling them ‘Listen we have just been attacked with acid.’ Yeah? Obviously I knew by that time this has got to be acid. They are throwing buckets of water over her, they are throwing buckets of water over me, somebody came out with a hosepipe. People are coming out left, right and centre. When I went to the hospital, they had to jet wash me, with water to get the acid off. It was excruciating pain, I was screaming like a baby.

We were in Newham General at the time she didn’t want to leave me because she’s from Manchester. She is petrified. So they brought both of us here, um… [Crying]. I have never seen this guy in my life. I don’t have any problems with anybody. cousin’s 21. She is a business student. I mean, why would anyone do that to us? And I honestly feel that if this was a white person that got attacked by an Asian person he would be caught within 24 hours, it would be all over the news, there would be a national man hunt. I have been left here, and my cousin’s been left here to just shrivel up and wait. All I want to is it is dangerous for everybody out there. Not just Muslims, everybody. We had this problem with London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, and this problem at Finsbury Park Mosque. And now there is these acid attacks going on. I mean, me and my cousin, I mean, I haven’t done anything nor has my cousin to anybody. We are not terrorists. This guy tried to kil us. I am lucky I am alive.

John Tomlin seems to have been radicliased by online anti-Muslim material. In one post, John Tomlin shared a meme from a anti-Muslim Facebook page,

John Tomlin (Facebook)

“English and Proud” have almost 300 thousand Facebook followers. Many of their posts are Anti-Islam,  Anti-Muslim and anti-refugee. They constantly ask their followers to join “Knights Templar’s” to be a member to join their cause, in their own words,

“Today the free world is fighting a life and death battle against liberalism, militant Islam and lawlessness. The only solution is for good men and women to stand up against evil.”


“English and Proud” also follow several pages which are clearly anti-Islam, Anti-Muslim and anti-refugee on Facebook. They follow “Stop Islamization of the world”, “BNP” (British National Party), “UKIP”, Jihad Watch (run by Robert Spencer), and Britain First. Britain First have been provoking Muslims and entering Mosques with their shoes on. They have a reputation of spreading hate against the Muslim community. Last year this time, Thomas Mair cold-bloodly murdered MP Jox Cox in broad daylight, whilst shouting “Britain First”. Three eye-witnesses testified that they heard the murderer shouting “Britain First”.

Update: We have been informed by few people online that “British and Proud” is allegdly run by “Britain First” people.

Whilst roaming on “English and Proud” Facebook page, I came across a post that was shared by their admins today. It was in relation to innocent Muslim worshippers praying in France, being rammed over delibratelly by a anti-Musim bigot:

“Proud and British” Facebook

Notice the laughter emojis, happy that innocent Muslims have been attacked in France. The comment section was littered with comments praising the attacker. Here are just some of those,

Clive Mcnaney This kind if thing is gaining momentum. If you remember, I said some time ago that the tide would turn, and there would be a rebellion. Start worrying terrorists.

Susan Stevens Im sorry to say but what goes around comes around now western countries have had enough and standing up for themselves and country and i for one say good on them we have all had enough of everything going their way and now its back firing on them its only what they deserve there is no place in western countries for all these mosques we wouldnt be allowed to build even one christian or catholic church in a muslim country the mossques should all be flattened.

Geoffrey Warren Praise The Great Spirit, the infidels are hitting back.

Robert Nicholls Pay back time.

And this one,

The British Government needs to treat this case with upmost urgency and declare it an act of terrorism against the Muslim community. These type of hate pages can not remain on Facebook. Urgent action needs to be taken against those who are spreading hate against Muslims in Britain.

The British community as a whole, from all backgrounds, races and religions need to all come together today and unite against violence, hate and the rising extremists, far-right, and Neo-Nazi groups.

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John Tomlin (Facebook)

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  1. A muslim man and muslim woman get acid thrown on them by a white man… which is perfectly acceptable? But if the reverse happens… Then it’s classed as a terrorist attack?


  1. A Psychological Analysis of the Perpetrator in the East London Acid Attack – TheCentreofAdvice

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