Racist Women Urinated In Front Of Praying Muslim Family

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Claire Farrell on the left and Natalie Richardson on the right (Picture: Plymouth Herald)

If a guy were to do what they had done, urinating front of kids he would have automatically been added to the sex offenders register list. And he would have been sent to jail.

I find it saddening that these two Anti-Muslim bigots who traumatized a family would get off from being sent to jail.

The Mirror reports:

Two women who urinated in front of a praying Muslim family have walked free from court.

Natalie Richardson, 32, and Claire Farrell, 36, squatted in front of a Syrian family praying in a park and their own children and urinated while drunkenly hurling racist abuse.

The family included two children aged eight and 10.

Mother-of-three Richardson even shoved away a bystander who tried to intervene.

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