Muslim Girl Punched In face In Birmingham For ‘Wearing A Hijab’

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DTT: Disgusting and cowardly act! Typical behaviour from Neo-Nazi scum who only attack those who are most vulnerable in society.

Never seen these cowards do these to men their size. They always go for the weakest to feel good about themselves.

A man punched a young 18-year-old woman for being a Muslim.

A young Muslim sister wearing Hijab, walking in Birmingham town centre was going to meet her friends when she was shoved by a man, when she turned around to see who it was, she was punched in her face.

Birmingham Mail reports:

A Muslim woman wearing a hijab was brutally punched in the face in Birmingham city centre in what is thought to be an Islamophobic attack.

Miss Choudhury, 18, who did not want her first name published, said she had been left shocked after the assault which happened as she was walking along New Street.

Her attacker, who was wearing a grey hooded top, just came up to her and punched her in the street.

Police have appealed for witnesses to the attack, which happened at 7.30am on Monday, November 23, and said they were treating it as a ‘hate crime’.

Miss Chaudary who is a student said the traumatic experience means that she is now scared to walk through the city centre by herself.

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