America: Muslim Woman Files Lawsuit For Being Forced To Remove Hijab After Arrest

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DTT: The Police need train their officers that they are not allowed to ask the removal of a Muslim’s woman’s Hijab. Such orders should be only dealt with women officers.

By Samer Hijazi / Arab American News

DEARBORN —On Thursday, May 28, the Arab-American Civil Rights League held a press conference regarding a federal complaint filed by a Muslim American woman against the Oceana County Sheriff’s Department, for forcing her to remove her hijab when she was falsely arrested.

34-year-old Fatme Dakroub, a Dearborn Heights resident, was vacationing at the Lake Michigan Sand Dunes with her children and other relatives on May 17 when a sheriff’s deputy pulled her over while she was driving a rented vehicle. The family was located in a parking lot designated for tourists.

The officer claimed she was speeding and questioned her UAE driver’s license. Dakroub had often traveled back and forth between the UAE and Michigan in recent years. Her Michigan driver’s license had expired, but under state law, she was still able to operate a vehicle with a UAE driver’s license. She had rented the vehicle in Oceana County, using that same license.

A deputy questioned a ticket Dakroub had received in the county in 2011, claiming it was unpaid. She told the officer that she had paid the ticket years ago.

The deputy arrested Dakroub while her daughter, niece and cousin, ages 13-15, were in the rented vehicle. Dakroub said she felt panicked because she didn’t want to leave the children behind.

One of the children contacted Dakroub’s brother, who was also on vacation with the family, but separated from them for a few hours.

During the arrest process, officers also contacted the immigration department, despite the fact that Dakroub is a U.S. citizen.


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