Terroristic Threats Against Couple In Car Motivated By Bias

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DTT: Peaceful Muslim couple were waiting to pick-up their son when they were terrorized at gunpoint by a thug whose name is Nancy Kay Knoble.

This is the reality of hate spewed by some of the media, at the end it gets people like her to do something she wouldn’t have done, if some of the newspapers weren’t spreading misinformation and hate.

Not much coverage is given in mainstream media on this case, since the victims are Muslim.

By Minnesota CBS Local

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Brooklyn Park woman is facing charges for threatening a couple with a pellet rifle as they waited to pick up their son. And one Minnesota organization claims the incident was motivated by bias.

Nancy Kay Knoble, 48, was charged with one count of terroristic threats and reckless disregard.

According to the criminal complaint, on Friday, May 22, the couple had driven to Brooklyn Park to pick up their son from a friend’s home.

When they arrived at the home, they waited outside for their son. While waiting Knoble approached the car on the passenger side and demanded to know what they were doing in the neighborhood.

According to the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Knoble said the couple, who are Middle Eastern, looked “suspicious.” The wife was wearing a hijab in the car.

The criminal complaint states Knoble was yelling at the couple when the wife noticed she was holding some sort of gun. The husband identified it as a dark colored rifle.

The husband said to Knoble that they were only there to pick up their son and were willing to show her which house so that she would believe them.

Knoble continued to yell at the couple, and demanded the husband get out of his car. When he did, she pointed the rifle at his back.

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