Muslim Woman Allegedly Abused In Hospital Maternity Ward

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Facebook post published on Tuesday describes how a Muslim woman in a niqab was allegedly abused by a man while she was working in the maternity ward at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.

The post by Zahid Akhtar described how his wife was verbally abused while she was busy working at the hospital. Akhtar claimed that his wife was “called a ‘Paki’” as her aggressor pushed her “to take her Niqab off.” The alleged incident took place at approximately 1.10pm on 3 November 2015.

Mr Akhtar goes on to explain: “He was very intimidating and aggressive. His excuse for being Islamophobic was that he hasn’t slept for three days!”

In his Facebook post Akhtar discloses his wife’s fears that the man would pull off her niqab while noting that the security guards did little to stop the man from abusing his wife. He wrote: “Security guards were useless, the midwives did a better job than them. They were questioning the guards why he was so close to her!”

Mr Akhtar’s wife managed to record the man as he was escorted outside by security guards who allowed the man back into the maternity ward after having words with him.

Mr Akhtar states his wife will report the incident to the police.

Source: MEND

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