4 Suspected Terrorists Arrested Planning To Bomb Muslims And Refugees

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DTT: Right-wing terrorists strike again! This time round, thank God nobody got killed.

4 people have been arrested  planning attacks on Mosques and asylum seekers accommodation in Germany.

Prosecutor’s stated that the four suspects obtained explosives to carry out terrorist attacks in small groups targeting  mosques, accommodation for asylum seekers, and Salafis.

According to prosecutors, the four are identified as German citizens. They are, 56-year old Andreas H., 39-year old Markus W., 22-year old Denise Vanessa G. and 47-year old Olaf O.

I wonder if they will be labelled as ‘terrorists’ in the main stream Media or ‘mentally unstable’? I guess it will be the latter, since they’re not ‘Muslim’.

CNN reports:

(CNN) Four people have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning attacks on mosques, Salafist Muslims and asylum seekers’ hostels, according to the federal prosecutors’ office.

Authorities say the four — three men and one woman — are all German nationals and had formed an extremist right-wing terror group called the “OldSchool Society.”

Authorities say they also uncovered explosives during searches of the suspects’ homes and other properties.

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Reuters :

(Reuters) – German police have detained four people suspected of setting up a new right-wing extremist group calling itself the “Old School Society” with the aim of carrying out bomb attacks on mosques, Salafist Muslims and shelters for asylum-seekers.

“Investigations show the group’s goal was to carry out attacks in Germany in small groups against notable Salafists, mosques and asylum-seekers’ shelters,” said the German public prosecutors’ office in a statement.

“To this end, from what we know so far the four people detained obtained explosives for possible terrorist attacks by the group,” said prosecutors, adding that it was not yet clear whether they “already had specific targets or dates in mind”.

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