Video: Israeli Police Invade Party And Demand All Non-Whites Produce Their Visas

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Africans minding their own business at a party, all of a sudden Israeli Police officers descended on the premises and demanded all non-whites produce their Visas. Yes, you heard it right, “non-whites” only! All the white people that were there weren’t asked to show their Visas.

This is the society of Israel, racism is rife. Palestinians get it the worst there. But the main stream media have stayed silent and have ignored it.

It was not long ago Israelis, on Facebook were cheering on the death of African refugees who were killed by ISIS.

Richard Silverstein commenting on the video on his Facebook page:

At a party celebrating the college graduation of Israeli Darfur refugee, Israeli police and immigration police invade premises & demand all non-white guests show their visas before exiting.

Note the latex gloves worn by police officer frightened he will catch AIDS from these African “animals.” Busha v’cherpah!!

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