Canada: Shocking Case Of Racist Vandalism In Hamilton

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DTT: The daily hate spewed about Muslims, manifests itself at the end in violence against innocent Muslims.

Mr. Sulaim does not have any problem with anyone. Yet, his care was vandalised smashed to pieces. It is claimed that his car was targeted because of him being Muslim.


It is shocking case of racist vandalism in Hamilton’s east end. Someone targeted a man’s car, damaging it inside and out.

There isn’t much room for doubt or debate – given what the vandal spray-painted across the side of the car. Police are approaching this as a hate-crime.

Sulaim Muhaden just dropped by to see his parents last night, but this morning, he couldn’t go home. Someone, demolished his car. Broken windows, flat tires, and an obscene, hate filled message – scrawled across the exterior.

Read the rest and watch the video here…

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