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Canadian Imams Condemn Orlando Shooting – Their Prayers And Thoughts Are With Victims And Their Families

DTT: Islamic religious leaders, the Imams in Canada have come out to strongly condemn the barbaric killing of innocent people in Orlando. Their prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families during these hard times. Canadian Council of Imams statement: The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) strongly condemns the mass shooting in Orlando… Read More ›

The Niqab Is Dominating Canada’s Election

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was floundering in the polls until he turned the niqab into a hot-button issue. Some say he’s distracting voters from his poor management of the economy, his war on the environment and his anti-refugee policy. Correction: Zunera Ishaq won her case in the Federal Court of Appeal, but the Canadian… Read More ›

Canada: Shocking Case Of Racist Vandalism In Hamilton

DTT: The daily hate spewed about Muslims, manifests itself at the end in violence against innocent Muslims. Mr. Sulaim does not have any problem with anyone. Yet, his care was vandalised smashed to pieces. It is claimed that his car was targeted because of him being Muslim. By CHCH.com It is shocking case of racist… Read More ›

Jewish Defense League (JDL) In Canada Threaten To “Derail” Conference

By Asa Winstanley / ElectronicIntifada.Net   The Canadian branch of the Jewish Defense League has threatened to “confront” and “derail” a conference on Christian Zionism this weekend. The comments, made on the extremist organization’s website, raise the specter of anti-Palestinian street violence, something the JDL is synonymous with. Taking place in Vancouver, this weekend’s conference… Read More ›

Canadian Defense Minister Tweets Hoax Photos From Anti-Muslim Hate Sites

By Ali Abunimah / Electronic Intifada Muslims in Canada have strongly condemned their country’s defense minister for tweeting hoax photographs purporting to depict enslavement and oppression of women and girls by Muslim men. This comes amid accusations that the government is deliberately stoking anti-Muslim sentiment in the country. The National Council of Canadian Muslims said… Read More ›

Debate: Which Is The True Path For Salvation? Islam Or Christianity – Br. Ijaz vs Rev. Steven

Br. Ijaz Ahmad of MDI UK versus Rev. Stevens of Canada, meet in the Caribbean to discuss one of religion’s most important subjects. So many Christians were shocked to learn about Paul’s manipulating, misquoting and changing of Old Testament quotes to prove his doctrine of salvation by faith alone…    

Anti-Muslim Vandals Strike Fort Saskatchewan Home Twice

By Andrea Huncar – CBC News Members of Fort Saskatchewan’s Muslim community are once again cleaning up after a home that they use for prayer was vandalized with anti-Islam insults twice in the past week. Waseem Akhtar, who lives in the home, awoke to the sounds of something striking the side of the building early Monday morning. “They… Read More ›

Anti-Muslim Graffiti At Thornhill Islamic Centre

Police are investigating a possible hate crime after offensive comments were found scrawled outside a mosque and community centre in Thornhill. York Regional Police responded to a vandalism call shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday night at the Jaffari Community Centre on Bathurst Street, near Rutherford Road, where they found “messages of a hateful nature” spray painted on the sidewalk, as… Read More ›

Wilders’ inflammatory speeches against Islam in Australia, have triggered protests from Muslims in Australia.

Australia’s Anti-Islam Party Draws Criticism

By OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – The launch of a new anti-Islam political party in Australia has sparked condemnation from leaders of the Muslim community and major Australian parties as fueling racism and bigotry against the sizable Muslim minority. “Extremism often leads to strife,” Warren Truss, the leader of the National Party of Australia in… Read More ›

Cases of ‘hijabaphobia’ increasing in Quebec

DTT: The Land of the free. The land of democracy. Sorry, it is not. Muslim women have been discriminated against as a result of them wanting to freely wear a piece of cloth on their Hair. 50 years ago if you wore more clothes it was seen by the wider society as someone who is… Read More ›