Debate: Which Is The True Path For Salvation? Islam Or Christianity – Br. Ijaz vs Rev. Steven

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Br. Ijaz Ahmad of MDI UK versus Rev. Stevens of Canada, meet in the Caribbean to discuss one of religion’s most important subjects.

So many Christians were shocked to learn about Paul’s manipulating, misquoting and changing of Old Testament quotes to prove his doctrine of salvation by faith alone…



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  1. I wonder how under the guise of “Discovering the Truth”, you people are engaging in godless debates, even relating to Salvation. Isn’t the Bible, the Word of God, sufficient to guide us into all truth? And how’s it that you allow an unconverted Muslim to promote his biased views relating to Salvation? In what way, any Islamic junk can be the source of truth. Is it from God, who gives the breath of life, to allow the unconverted to talk about theological issues relating to Salvation, etc. It’s all a waste of time that leads to nowhere other than to promote one’s scholarly acumen to engage in baseless debates. I pity the organisers to allow unsaved unbelievers to discuss about issues such as Salvation not knowing that everyone one of us will have to give an account of every idle word that we speak, which edify none but only feed one’s ego with false pride and vanity. God forbid it all for his Name’s sake. Amen!

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