Cases of ‘hijabaphobia’ increasing in Quebec

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DTT: The Land of the free. The land of democracy. Sorry, it is not. Muslim women have been discriminated against as a result of them wanting to freely wear a piece of cloth on their Hair. 50 years ago if you wore more clothes it was seen by the wider society as someone who is modest. Modesty these days in the eyes lustful men is if a woman reveals her flesh more then she is “liberated”. Every woman should have a right to wear what they like. Why is always men have to dictate what a woman can wear or not? Why can’t you men just leave woman alone to wear what they want to wear? Leave them alone.


by Aalia Adam / Global News

MONTREAL – More and more Muslim women are coming forward about being victims of what’s being called “hijabaphobia.”

A teacher at Université de Sherbrooke conducted an anonymous online survey that found an increase of violence and intolerance towards women wearing the hijab.

Geneviève Pinard Prévost surveyed 388 Muslim women.

 88% of Muslim women said they no longer feel safe leaving their homes

“It may not look like a lot of women in the total of Muslim women in Quebec,” she said.

“But it’s a lot of women who live with this kind of problem in the province.”

Of the women who took the survey, 88 per cent said they no longer feel safe leaving their homes.

They especially feel scared taking the bus and metro by themselves.

What the survey revealed is that the violence comes in many different forms, and the women noticed that the increase was linked to the province’s proposed charter of values.

Everyday acts of violence
Daycare worker Hanadi Saad has been threatened, intimidated and physically attacked in the past few months.

She told Global News that she feels she has seen and heard it all.

“‘Terrorist go back home,’ ‘you will get out of your veil, terrorist,’ all this kinds of stuff,” she said.

“And then he was taking off his pants.”

This occurred as she was heading out of a grocery store.

On a another occasion, she found her car vandalized in a parking lot.

“After September 11, there was a little of tension but it wasn’t like this,” she noted.

“Now it’s the worst and it’s getting worse and worse.”

Another Montrealer, Sama Al-Obaidy, has also been harassed for wearing the head scarf.

“It was a rush hour and she tried to remove my hijab from me, so she tugged at it a few times till eventually I had to stop her.”


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