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Turkey questions Canada on Quebec headscarf ban

DTT: The Turkish government questions Canada on Quebec headscarf (Hijab) ban. The hypocrisy here is astounding. Not long ago these individuals were discriminating against Muslim in Canada for wearing Hijab. Yet they have the cheek to tell Turkey to uphold human rights laws, and not discriminate against minorities, while they themselves were currently discriminating against… Read More ›

Cases of ‘hijabaphobia’ increasing in Quebec

DTT: The Land of the free. The land of democracy. Sorry, it is not. Muslim women have been discriminated against as a result of them wanting to freely wear a piece of cloth on their Hair. 50 years ago if you wore more clothes it was seen by the wider society as someone who is… Read More ›

Attacks on halal butcher, mosque shock Quebec community

DTT: When the Canadian environment gets poisoned with words by some politicians and media outlets this is the result you get. A Halal butcher shop and a mosque was vandalised in Quebec, Canada. One must remember, a person at home does not all of a sudden wake to hurt or break another person’s property because… Read More ›