A Scary Facebook Reaction To A Girl Wearing American Flag

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Some of the vilest comments you will ever read. Somehow an American woman can wear an american flag bikini, but this girl wearing it on her head is blasphemy.

It is sad that people are so blinded by hate.




One comment made by ‘Onenine’ suggests to people that they ‘burn the bitch’ and another person offers a different strategy by strangling the girl with the scarf…






And it continues…

Out of all this some people responded to these hate-filled individuals. Big respect to those who stood against these online thugs. It gives us a glimmer of hope for humanity.

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  1. This is what call inhumanity! !people who does terrorism, go and fuck them!!
    pure Muslim follows Quran and Quran doesn’t allow the killeth of innocent people …
    people who does terrorism, they are not Muslim.
    The word ‘ISLAM ‘ means ‘peace ‘

    And this is just rediculous! This women did nothing and she has been called terrorist. ..doesn’t make sense and people using this word against her doesn’t have common sence

    • Don’t**


    • So many of them are making threats against her and then have the nerve to call Muslims terrorists. I wonder how many of these dumb ass red necks have the American flag hanging on their porch, and do not bring it in when it rains or at night, as one is supposed to do. And if it drags the ground you’re supposed to burn it. What I see here is a hijab with the American flag print which to me, is no different than any other article of clothing as the flag. These people are just getting their panties in a wad because a Muslim woman is showing her American patriotism.

    • The Myth:

      Lesser educated Muslims sometimes claim that the root word of Islam is “al-Salaam,” which is “peace” in Arabic.

      The Truth:

      An Arabic word only has one root. The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.” There is no disagreement about this among Islamic scholars. al-Silm (submission) does not mean the same thing as al-Salaam (peace), otherwise they would be the same word.

  2. Im ashamed of Americans.. How can u speak like that? How can u behave like terorrists. U say she did something wrong, call her bitch. I can see stupid simple minded people in u. U say to do bad things to her. So where is the justice of american people? The land of freedom…. America? huuh where is the american dream? Arent u now worst then muslims hiding behind Quran verses or Mohammad? Isnt it that Jesus said if they hit u in ur face show them the other….????!!!! I dont thing he said us to be same bad behaving people… is this what u do christianity? and if so whats difference between u and terorrists? i can see no difference.

  3. Faces of terrorist coming out from all the hate comments against this woman, the world can now see who the real terrorists are. Islam and people following its teachings can never be terrorists!!

  4. why do you people take offence in this woman? when the same flag is used for G strings, bikinis and your caps. why do you find fault in her for wearing the very same flag on her head when you are not saying anything to does that wear it as underwear?

  5. The simply truth is those hateful people are NO.1 ANTI ISLAMISTS. PERIOD.

  6. Let’s not judge all Americans here. I am sure that a vast majority of Americans will smile at her and LOVE that scarf. Good for her! She is a true patriot! God bless her and God bless America 🙂
    (Also, she should report this to the police because a lot of that stuff are very very serious threats)

    • OMG THAT IS SO TRUE cause im American and now im not so proud because of these people but hey I love the people who do smile and love that scarf and her for wearing it 😀

  7. It’s very easy to call Americans racist but that wouldn’t make you any better. It would be the same as calling all Muslims terrorist. I know that there are decent people out there who don’t instantly judge someone based on what clothing they wear and what religion they believe in. Much like the terrorists of this world this response represents just a small percentage of people.

    Also if you look closely that picture is posted on a facebook page called ‘BAN ISLAM’. I for one never expected any sympathetic responses from the kind of twats that a page like that attracts.

    Pay no attention to these bigots. What cannot be cured must be endured.

  8. It’s a shame people enjoy hating. The world today is full of hate, selfishness. I’m not surprised. It’s simply the fulfilment f prophesy from the bible. The spirit of hate that overtake people’s souls these days is the work of the devil. Anyone who hates his fellow Hunan is of the devil and the child of the devil. Period.

  9. I am honestly disgusted. You guys think that you can call this girl a ” Bitch” just because she’s wearing the American flag as a HIJAB?! She is wearing it on the highest part of her body! What every happened to FREEDOM OF RELIGION AMERICA?! I’m ashamed to call my self American.

  10. What sad comments over a piece of material. The thing is motorcycle gangs wear the stars and stripes on their heads! Since the comments by the haters show where their heart is, why not sign up to fight terrorism.

  11. I don’t get how wearing underwear with the American flag on it, which undoubtedly gets at least traces of shit and piss on it due to it’s intimate placement, is acceptable when this isn’t? Oh dear extremists on both sides of the fence disgust me. However I don’t appreciate the “when will white people…” comment on the tumblr post, just as the vast majority of muslims are not terrorists the vast majority of white people are not complete freaking morons. Sadly the loudest tend to be the most ridiculous. The ones who made the comments on Facebook need to learn to zip their mouths and not to repeat the same drivel that everyone around them says, but some, few, of those against it need to learn not to fight fire with fire.

  12. This is evidence of radicalization here in America. Those who are shouting for violence against this woman who has done nothing wrong, are evidencing terrorist inclinations. This should show us how easy it is for folks on “one side” to get incensed against “the other side.” We should then realize, that “others,” even those such as ISIS, are people, just like us. We should then come to the conclusion that we should never engage in hostilities, as we are against ISIS, without presenting a way toward peace, without there being a way to engage in peace negotiations, without considering that peace should be sometime a goal to be worked toward by all parties involved, and so terms of peace should be presented, whether or not either side is ready now to make peace. Because sometime, we must work toward peace or perpetual war will be the result.

    • I call these people who are threatening this poor women just bwcause of the simple of the eAmerican flag as a HIJAB. Isn’t a crime to threaten someone? what a hypocrite people. Ignorant, delusional, and classless they are. Seach for a American flag skimpy bikini worn by a white trash women and compare who is wearing it respectfully.
      if you have a brain at all then respect all human, all women, and all race.
      Stupid morons.

    • When a non-Muslim wears a U.S. Flag head scarf e.g. bikers, no one has a problem with it. Talk about a double standard and obvious bigotry.

  13. If there are upset at a lady wearing a flag as a hijab….then I guess they would be ready for war about this:


  14. All white people are trashy they belong in their trailers… how do you like that for being racist … ? Does that burn a little ? Stupid racist people grow up

  15. I understand the article intends to condemn hatred, that’s important and worthy of coverage. Editor, please note: wearing a flag whether as a bikini, cape, or as a hijab remains poor decorum. Please educate others with kindness.

    Ҥ 8. Respect for flag

    (d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free.” – U.S. Flag Code http://www.legion.org/flag/code

    Some of the disapproving responses probably come from people who served in uniform and are keenly familiar with the code and deeply wish to respect how it’s upheld for what it stands for.

  16. And then you have the tumblr post says “this is why I’m ashamed of America”, because of a handful of people’s opinions? You’re doing the same thing the angry commenters are by generalizing an entire group of people. Not all Americans are assholes like them, not all Muslims are terrorists. Chill the fuck out, people can have their own opinions either way.

  17. wow really didn’t realize all the hate just seeing and reading this makes me want to cry and pray for these cruel ppl

  18. U.S. flag underwear, shirt, etc.. is okay, but Hijab not? So much for U.S. being the land of the free; NO more freedom of expression and speech.

  19. I think she is cool for wearing the American flag! Forget those haters girl! I am an American and I am honored that you want to wear our flag! I don’t know if you are an American or not but thank you!

    -Benjamin from Texas

  20. I am an Arab American Muslim, wear a hijab, love my religion and my country. I have had (and still have) hatred comments set towards me and my hijab pulled off. I have noticed that most of these people r not ignorant bc they r white, Asian, etc. They r ignorant bc they don’t know about true Islam. Please, for every person who says Islam is about terror, just read it and then judge. Peace be upon all religions 💚

  21. First of all, using all of this demeaning, disgusting language shows the lack of upbringing that many people have. I am a white female whose great-grandparents were German immigrants. I am also a convert to Islam. I don’t expect “white people” to be any different than what they have been for the past years since they first came to America and desecrated the “native” people of this land. Their form of racism has been rampant since that time and probably will continue to the end of time. However, what I find ironic is the fact that people such as African American’s are also very racist towards Muslims. So many of them make racist comments, and tell “us” to go back our country. Out of curiosity, I wonder where they think they came from??? Racism needs to end. For those white people that claim to be Christians…we all came from two people, Adam and Eve, unless you think God made a mistake. For those people that are other faiths or none at all, racism kills your belief in humanity and goodwill towards all men.

  22. That page is apparently very biased from the beginning, attracting this kind of mentality by its mere title. Their response is nothing significant, and that guy who interrupted the girl shouldn’t be either. The American flag is being humiliated very well already.

  23. That’s just mean even if it offend someone you don’t have to be so spiteful. Do on to others as you wish done on to you, do I wish i could tell those people that. She is amazing, no if’s and’s or but’s about it let her wear what she see fine.

  24. I dont see the problem? I see her giving more respect by using her countrys flag to cover her dignity, were most of your woman use a few colours of the flag on there chest to cover there nipples.

  25. I’m not Muslim but am smart enough to know there is a certain faction of Muslim extremists that make all Muslim people look bad. Not all Muslims are bad. There are a certain few terrible people in ALL walks of life, religions, races, etc that people judge the rest of them on. None of us are exempt of this.
    As far as the girl wearing the American flag as a hijab? Was she properly displaying the flag, no she wasn’t. My first impression of her was someone proud of the Red, White, and Blue, and was trying to get the message across that she was proud of her country!
    So all you nay-sayers…please don’t be so quick to hate others.

  26. many places across UK and US i were shook that footwear have flag of nation among which America most seems attractive so dear Brothers nd sisters and,, and Americans pull the American flag on your legs yeah say honestly respect,, haann say how loyal we are respect to American flag bcoz we find its place not on head it should be on legs,,under foot,, say again honestly we love nation so we pull it in our legs and pants we dont like to take it on head. hhhann dats respect sorry,,,,///

  27. she is wearing it on her head – there is nothing wrong in that. ALL YOU SO CALLED NURDS should be ashamed to even think that it is disrespectful – GROW THE FUCK UP. leave her be – u white ASSHOLES – u know that white gets dirtier QUICKER than Black – GUESS U ARE SO BUSY BRINGING DoWN OTHERS THAT YOU DO NOT SEE THE crap/shit ON YOU.

  28. First of all. Big props to her for being inclusive! Second of all, How can you tell the ethnicity of this woman from this picture? because I cant. I reacon shes a white American out shopping and an Asian lady walks past her at the time the picture was taken. Its just pure hate filled propaganda! and it worked. Very sad. Dont believe the hype people

  29. racist people they have nothing better to do she could be from America an never been over in any other country before so to say anything negative about what she wear is none of you all business half of the comment if you seen her you would do nothing u would say shit so stay behind ur computer talking shit an go back where u came from you are the terrorist in reality

  30. I see Nothing wrong, How many Bandanas you see Bikers wearing and many others and Americans burning there own flag thos the ones to curse.

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